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Author Message
Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 183 results  PostPosted: May 10, 2017 - 02:34 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 342
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 183
Monterey Performing Arts Center
Monterey, CA
Referee = Tom Foley (he w/ the quick fuse for disqualifications)

Jimmy Valiant v Wahoo McDaniel: Wahoo spoiled the debut of the Boogie Woogie Man, dominating the match and earning 6 pin/sub attempts to 1 for Valiant. McDaniel executed a Body Slam, Indian Leg Lock, Suplex, Indian Sleeper, Gutwrench Suplex, Apache Backbreaker and finished the match w/ Tomahawk Chops and a pin. 11 min 25 secs

Jimmy Snuka & Mil Mascaras v Jake Roberts & Rick Rude: the heels attacked Snuka pre-match on MD 177 w/ Mascaras making the save. Short bout, w/ Rude hitting a DDT early and Mascaras an impressive Superplex. After Roberts tagged in and nailed a Fist Drop, Foley caught Rude battering Mascaras and called for the bell. DQ! 4 min 6 secs

The Crusher v The Sheik: Sheik injured Crusher on MD 176 when he attacked him during his tag team partner Larry Zbyszko’s match. Crusher dominated, performing a Press Slam and Full Nelson, and getting the submission w/ a 2nd Full Nelson. ENDs at the time of the sub were Crusher -2 and Sheik -12. 9 min 45 secs

Magnum TA v Jerry Lawler: the King earned some heat when he tore up a child’s “Go Magnum” sign, which had a nice drawing of MTA in a red Ferrari, while making his way to the ring. Lawler opened w/ a Blatant Choke, earning a DQ pt, and followed up w/ a Powerslam. After a Piledriver, Lawler applied a Figure 4, but MTA broke the hold. Lawler hit a Fist Drop from the 2nd Rope, exhausting Magnum. MTA was thrown outside the ring and attacked by Jake Roberts, but he managed to fight him off, pumping up himself and the crowd (add 3 to END). Lawler reached into his bag of dirty tricks and bashed MTA w/ a Cattle Prod, earning a 2nd DQ pt. Less than a minute later he performed another Blatant Choke. Foley had seen enough, called for the bell and disqualified the King! 8 min 42 secs

Hulk Hogan v Big John Studd w/ manager Bobby Heenan: in the latest episode of this feud, Studd and his cohort King Kong Bundy attacked Hogan immediately prior to the Hulkster’s 3-month suspension match w/ Bret Hart on MD 180. Here, Hogan applied a Bear Hug early and Studd landed a Heart Punch. After 6 minutes the match was even at -2 END. Heenan distracted Foley, allowing Blackjack Mulligan to enter the ring and double-team Hogan (-5 END). Hogan applied another Bear Hug and a Full Nelson, then earned a pin attempt after a Running Clothesline. The crowd anticipated the Leg Drop but instead Hogan battered Studd w/ some Hulked Up Punches. He covered, Foley gave the quick count (pin 1-7, rolled 7) and Hulk got the pin and victory. Andre the Giant, Hogan’s tag team partner, joined him in a post-match beating of BJS. 11 min 44 secs

# 1 CONTENDER FOR WHC TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Antonio Inoki v The Ultimate Warrior v Lou Thesz: the Warriors dominated the opening 6 mins of the bout, performing an incredible 11 maneuvers, including a Gorilla Press Drop on EACH of his opponents, a Warrior Splash on Thesz (Inoki broke up the pin) and a Superplex of Inoki. Thesz rallied with 5 straight moves, including a Double Wrist Lock on Warrior and a Bridging German Suplex on Inoki, with Warrior breaking up the subsequent pin attempt. The Warrior hit another Gorilla Press Drop on Thesz and followed it up w/ another Warriors Splash. Thesz rolled out of the ring, exhausted. Warrior executed a Vertical Suplex on Inoki. Inoki responded w/ a Big Slap. Warrior then hit a Gutwrench Suplex on him. Thesz returned to the ring, only to be greeted w/ a Vertical Suplex and Piledriver by Warrior. Thesz kicked out of the pin attempt. Thesz exhausted Inoki w/ a Belly-to-Back Waist-Lock Suplex, and Inoki rolled out of the ring. The Ultimate Warrior saw his chance and wasted no time, hitting yet another Warrior Splash on Thesz. He covered, 1-2-3, and Warrior became the # 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. At the time of the pin ENDs were Warrior +1, Inoki -9 and Thesz -20. 15 min 40 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 184 results  PostPosted: May 12, 2017 - 10:25 AM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 342
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 184
Kezar Stadium
San Francisco, CA
Referee = Rudy Charles etal

Rick Martel v Larry Zbyszko w/ manager Paul Dangerously: the Sheik’s inevitable involvement occurred in the 8th minute when the action spilled out of the ring and Charles was about to count both wrestler out. The Sheik KOd him and the match continued w/ Mickey Jay as referee. Martel dominated the rest of the way, performing 8 consecutive moves, including a Spinning Spinebuster, Airplane Spin and Slingshot Splash. Martel got the 3-count after a Flying Body Press. 11 min 41 secs

John Cena v Jack Brisco: on MD 181 Brisco was DQd after whacking both Cena and the ref w/ a Steel Chair. Brisco was in control of this one, having performed a pair of Body Slams, a Hip Toss, and an Indian Deathlock, and was leading +3 to -4 END, when he was inadvertently whipped into Jay. The referee called for the bell and disqualified Brisco! Jack didn’t respond well to that and beat Jay senseless, necessitating a 3rd referee Joey Morella, who would in fact make it through the evening. 7 min 36 secs

Bobo Brazil v Sgt. Slaughter w/ manager Alfred Hayes: each has won a match against the other and this one demonstrated how close the 2 are as it was even throughout. Slaughter hit a Cannon Ball and Cobra Clutch, tiring Brazil. Shortly after, Brazil performed a Shin Breaker and Coco Butt, tiring Sarge. Slaughter exhausted Brazil w/ a Blatant Low Blow, and Brazil exhausted Slaughter w/ a Hit w/ Chair. Brazil earned pin attempts w/ a pair of Forearm Smashes to Back. At the 9:30 mark the match was tied at -11 END. Bobo went to the Chair again after Hayes pulled him out of the ring, and after the bash Brazil rolled Slaughter back into the ring. Bobo covered, Morella made the count, 1-2-3, victory! 10 min 54 secs

The Road Warriors w/ manager Paul Ellering v Doom: Doom attacked pre-match, Animal caught Ron Simmons clean in the jaw w/ an Uppercut, rendering him unconscious, and Doom could not make it to the ring. Count-out! The extremely competent and comely Dr. Brenda Buttons would examine Simmons, thoroughly, and found his jaw would need 3 weeks of her undivided attention to recover.

Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Studd and KKB attacked Hogan before his 3 month suspension match. Bruno Sammartino was ringside for this one pre-match, and he distracted KKB (-3 END). The action went outside the ring right away w/ both wrestlers making use of the Ring Steps. Morella eventually had enough and started the count. Hogan made it back and Bundy just about put his hands on the apron when the ref reached a count of 10 (count-out 1-5, rolled 5). Count-out! 2 min 24 secs

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: The Ultimate Warrior v Champion Andre the Giant: the Warrior had the advantage early after Slamming Andre into the Ring Steps and performing a Warrior Atomic Drop. The tide turned when Butch Reed from Doom handed the champ a Roll of Quarters, which he used on Warrior (-6 END)! Andre executed a strong sequence (Bear Hug, Sitting Splash, Knife-Edge Chops, Butt-Smash in Corner) but somehow couldn’t get the pin on the exhausted Warrior. Minutes later a 2nd set of Knife-Edge Chops resulted in the pin and victory for Andre the Giant. Then the most stunning turn of events in the illustrious history of the Retro Wrestling Federation occurred – Commissioner Buttons came out and ordered Andre to defend the title immediately against…Hacksaw Duggan!!!

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Hacksaw Duggan v Champion Andre the Giant: Andre began the match at -1 END, a significant disadvantage. It proved costly. Duggan dominated a short match, hitting his finisher, the 3-Point Stance Clothesline, 3 times on the big fella. The 3rd time was the charm, as Hacksaw covered and got the 3-count from Morella. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, shockingly, inexplicably, is the new Retro Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion! 5 min 15 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 185 results  PostPosted: May 15, 2017 - 02:05 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 342
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 185
Avalon Ballroom
San Francisco, CA
Referee = Nick Patrick (heel ref)

Argentina Rocca v JBL w/ ally Stan Hansen: this feud is tied at 1 win for each. After a pair of Backbreaker Racks and a Clothesline from Hell, JBL was leading +2 to -8 END. Inexplicably, he blatantly used a Steel Chain on Rocca, leaving no choice for Patrick but to disqualify him. Rocca suffered an injury to his back (Dr. Brenda Buttons, adviser to the Superstars, estimated he would need 3 weeks to recover). Rocca vowed revenge. 7 min 42 secs

Pedro Morales v Pat Patterson w/ Crash Test Dummy Patrick: great entrance for the heel w/ the crowd really on him for his his dummy (+2 heat). Patterson earned an early DQ pt for a Front Choke Hold. Morales performed a Release German Suplex. Patterson then caught Morales in his own submission hold, the Boston Crab, Morales couldn't escape, the dummy Patrick looked on from ringside and Nick Patrick called for the bell and rewarded the match via submission to Pat Patterson. 4 min 20 secs

Lex Luger v Mad Dog Vachon: on MD 179, in a bout for the US Championship, Luger distracted the ref, allowing Flair to hit MDV w/ a Horseshoe and get the pin soon after. Otto Wanz joined Luger here for his entrance (+1 END). Vachon landed a Running Clothesline, Body Slammed Luger through a Table, Hit him w/ a Chair and pinned him after a nasty Piledriver. 5 min 29 secs

Jimmy Snuka v Kurt Angle: each had a pin move early but after 6 mins this one was tied at +1 END. Snuka dominated the remainder of the match, applying the Brain Claw on 3 different occasions, nailing a Missile Dropkick, and getting the pin after a crowd-pleasing Superfly Splash. Angle lost his temper post-match over remarks made by the ringside commentator, smashing him w/ a Steel Chair. Pedro Morales reappeared and issued a challenge to Angle. 16 min 30 secs

Sting v Dick the Bruiser: Sting controlled the opening 8 mins in this one, executing a pair of Gutwrench Suplexes and Scorpion Deathdrops as well as applying the Scorpion Deathlock, but Bruiser hung in there. The tide changed when Dick KOd the ref and performed a series of illegal moves (Top Rope Knee Drop, Choke) before Patrick recovered (-10 END). 2 minutes later an Atomic Drop resulted in a quick-count pin (pin 1-9, rolled 9)(thanks heel ref!) for Bruiser. ENDS at the end were Sting -12 and Dick -26. Bruiser got a little of what he deserved when Crusher joined Sting to deliver a post-match beating. This was Sting's 3rd consecutive loss. Dick ended a 4-match losing streak. 11 min 40 secs

STIPULATION MATCH -winner gets World Tag Team Championship opportunity - Magnum TA and John Cena v The Blackjacks w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Magnum executed a Back Body Drop early and the faces combined for a Double Back Drop soon after Cena Slammed Mulligan through the Announcer's Table then clobbered him w/ a Chair. Lanza caught MTA in the Claw Hold and hit a Running Back Elbow. Cena returned and hit 7 straight moves, including a Gutwrench Suplex, Running Clothesline and Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Mulligan connected w/ a Jumping Back Elbow and Double Axe Handle on MTA. The faces dominated the end of the match, earning 5 pin attempts in the final minutes. It was a Belly-to-Belly Suplex by Magnum on Lanza that decided this one, as MTA got the 3-count at 23 min 24 secs. Cena and MTA improved their tag team record to 10-1. They will face the Sheik and Larry Zbyszko for the World Tag Team Championship on MD 189.
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 186 results  PostPosted: May 15, 2017 - 02:58 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 342
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 186
Pauley Ballroom, University of California
Berkeley, CA
Referee = Tommy Gilbert

Tommy Rich v Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Bob Orton: these two are 1-1-1 in their feud with a double count-out on MD 181 after Cowboy Bob interfered and a Superplex was botched. Piper and Orton riled up the crowd pre-match, but couldn't keep the momentum going as Wildfire Rich dominated the match Tommy finished the match w/ an awesome sequence of Flying Fist Drop, 2nd Rope Body Press and Flying Fist Drop. The exhausted Piper was pinned without a fight. 7 min 42 secs

Bobo Brazil v The Iron Sheik w/ ally Stan Hansen: the Iron Sheik was injured on MD 176 after missing a Diving Headbutt and being hit by a Coco Butt. Through 5 mins this one was knotted at +1 END. In the 7th minute Brazil was distracted by a group of attractive females in the front row (subtract 1 from his control rest of match). The Iron Sheik took advantage immediately and applied his Camel Clutch, but Brazil used his ring savvy to escape. Bobo earned a pin attempt w/ a Powerbomb. The Iron Sheik used a Bullwhip tossed to him by Hansen (-4 END). A Gutwrench Suplex on the exhausted looked like the end but he kicked out. Bobo hit consecutive Coco Butts, exhausting the Iron Sheik. Brazil covered, 1-2-3, pin! ENDs were Iron Sheik -12 and Brazil -14. 11 min 24 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Rick Rude: Ravishing Rick earned some heat pre-match when he flexed and posed for the crowd. Rude applied a Figure 4 early and nailed a Stump Pulling Piledriver, while Steamboat landed a Top Rope Body Press. But a Rude Superplex went awry, everyone was knocked out, including Gilbert, and Dick Wohrle, who rushed to the ring, reached a 10-count. Double count-out! 4 min 22 secs

Verne Gagne v Gene Kiniski: the feud is tied at 1-1-1 with Gagne getting the submission on MD 181, but it wasn't clear how hot this one was getting until pre-match, when Kiniski talked trash during his promo and the usually calm and cool Gagne went berzerk on him (-5 END Kiniski)! The match proper did not disappoint. Gagne tried for the early sub w/ a Figure 4. Kiniski hit a Fireman's Carry and twice had pin attempts w/ Sunset Flips. Gagne performed a Spinning Toe-Hold. Kiniski nailed a Back Drop and earned another pin attempt w/ a Backbreaker. Verne earned his 1st w/ a Minnesota Body Slam on the exhausted Kiniski. A Canadian Press exhausted Gagne. Gagne performed the final 5 moves of the match including a Piledriver and Flying Dropkick, and got the submission w/ a Sleeper. 14 min 30 secs

UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: Dusty Rhodes v Champion Ric Flair: this one was barely underway when Mr. Saito threw salt in Dusty's eyes, giving Flair the distraction he needed to nail a Piledriver and cover for the easy pin (side note - the way I do interference is I look at past history and use the 20 sided die. Here for example I assigned Arakawa who twice botched interference attempts w/ Flair 1-5, Luger who helped Flair against MDV (and would make a heel turn if he did it again) 6-10, Stan Hansen who has had issues w/ Dusty 11-15 and everyone else 16-20. I rolled high so rolled again and used the ally chart and heat ratings. There were 4 guys who had that heat rating. Assigned each of them a sequence, rolled again and it turned out to be Saito). 1 min 52 secs

Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the feud is tied at 1 win each but you have to think Andre is more focused on winning back the World Heavyweight Championship than this battle. This one almost went the distance. About halfway through Hogan went for a pin on Bundy after a strong Bear Hug. Heenan put Bundy's foot on the ropes and alerted the ref, who had not seen him do it. At the 19:30 mark ENDs were Andre -2, Hogan -3, Bundy -2 and Studd -3. Andre smashed Studd w/ a Chair then, after Studd tried and failed to perform a Body Slam, Body Slammed Big John. If that wasn't enough to excite the crowd, Hogan soon after Body Slammed KKB! A Hogan Leg Drop looked to be the end but Bundy kicked out. From this point on the faces were in control, with the only question being whether they could get the result before the 30 minute time limit expired. A Butt-Smash in Corner by Andre in the final minute gave him the opportunity. He covered, Wohrle counted, 1-2-3, and the fans were sent home happy. 29 min 25 secs
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