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Ultra Quick Wrestling

Jeff Downey introduced the gaming world to Ultra-Quick Wrestling last summer. In the world of faulty mail services and UPS not getting stuff to you in a timely matter, the idea of sending games by way of email was a godsend....actually I had Kevin Taylor send me a soccer game all the way from England in this form a few years back. I purchased the game and I got it in my e-mail box within 5 minutes. Within 10 I printed the game out.

For the value, the game rates an A. The cards were neatly laid out and the charts easy to read. Once I printed, it was down to playing a few test matches. A 6 card wrestling show took me all of 15 minutes to complete, going from filling out the scoresheets to all the notetaking and finally finishing up. I was completely satisfied and the results were true to life. Those that dominated did and those that jobbed, jobbed.

After playing about 50 wrestling matches, various, one thing stood out to me: This is a mini-game version of Face To The Mat. Instead of the move-by-move, pin attempte, kickout, pin, victory game, all that was capsuled in a few rolls......what move dictates, who gets the pre-match adjustments and the event, the result and the type of ending and event, if any. Real simple.

Wrestlers are rated overall and get upgrades for various moves (cheat, savvy, speed, etc) plus the adjustments for some types of matches. Those grades are compared and a chart dictates on who wins the match.

Storylines and events play a good part of the game which I liked, however in the original game, there were too many injuries. Like Jeff said, if there is something that you need to change, by all means do it.

One great plus to the game is that you can set up tv bouts and the endings to the matches are identical to what you see on the wrestling tv shows, and the ppv bouts give you the endings that normally happens. Other results charts are for matches that are no-dq matches, specialty matches and so on. Some matches will result in rare events some will not.

In the recent set that Jeff did, 1973 Eastern Territories, he skewed the main charts to reflect the era. He did a great job with that set. Only thing that I did not agree on was that matches were stopped when a wrestler was too bloody to continue. I never really seen that as a result to a bout back then, if one or both were bleeding real bad, the match continued. So I just penciled in that the opponent was pinned but was bloodied in the process. No real biggie.

In all honesty, the game is one of Jeff's best. Only negative, and a minor one, is that he rates wrestlers for particular seasons. I for one would like the wrestlers rated on their career rather than just one year.

For the price, and if you are a wrestling fan, this game is a must for you.

Added:  Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Reviewer:  Edward R. Meek
Related web link:  Downey Games Web Site
hits: 14332


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