POTG Tennis 2017 Year Books Released

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Posted by Downey Games on Jan 23, 2018 - 09:32 PM

Downey Games is proud to announce the release of the 2017 Men's and Women's Tours for Player of the Game Tennis.

The year books features the top 216 players on the Men's or Women's Tours. Also included is a complete schedule.

The E-Books are available here:

The Printed Year Books are available here:

Player of the Game Tennis is much like our other games in the Player of the Game lineup. It plays rapidly, but offers enough detail and action to give you the story of the match.

In Player of the Game Tennis, each player is individually rated for their service game both first serves and second serves; their complete ability when receiving (again how they handle the opponent's first serve or second serve); ability to hit game winners or game losers in some cases. Other factors, like a player's fitness, whether he is a favorite, ability to handle adversity, major and minor injuries are all included. Did we mention that all of the factors above are broken down by playing surface? All aspects of a tennis match are covered.

Player of the Game is easy to learn and easy to understand. You'll be playing in no time. Each match will unfold in front of your eyes at a brisk pace. A full match in Player of the Game tennis take no longer than 10 minutes. Most matches will be completed in 5 minutes!

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