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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Dunn’s Transmission & Gingiss Formal Wear presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (Early 1980’s)
Mid-South Coliseum – Memphis, TN Att: 10, 136

Commentators; Lance Russell & Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Charlie Rentrop
Ring Vitamin Flintheart & Buck Laughlin

Prior to the start of the matches Andy Kaufman enters the ring to a chorus of boos; “Hello my name is Any Kaufman and I am from Hollywood where soap is used to clean ourselves. Soap is a small square that comes in various colors and smells nice. I know that you sometimes may wash-up usually on your birthday or during the Annual Possum Festival but you need to bath more than once a year. Everyone in the audience will be given a bar of soap on your way out of the arena tonight. As a special bonus you will be given a roll of toilet paper so you can save the pages in the Montgomery ward Catalog. Thank You Very Much.” The fans were booing at a pitch that was making it hard to hear any announcements for several minutes.

1. Cocoa Samoa; Superfly Smash Pin over Sexy Ron Sexton. Sexy Ron was showing off to the fans when Cocoa entered and stopped Ron’s dancing around the ring. Sexton got angry and it seemed to throw off his game plan. He was able to get a few two counts by using a Flying Elbow Smash and then had a Hidden Foreign Object that was kicked from the ring by Samoa. Cocoa followed with a Crushing Headbutt and then the Superfly Smash for the Pin. 4:16

2. Dizzy Bill Smithson; Running Body Slam Pin over The Hollywood Hippie. The Hippie had a few chances at a pin, the best chance was by Grabbing the Tights but he was caught with the illegal move by Referee Charlie Rentrop. Then Hippie almost had another pin by Using the Ropes for Leverage. After the action went OOR Smithson took over. He crashed a Vendor Tray over Hippie’s head. Back in the ring Smithson set up the finish by Biting Hippie’s Arms and Legs when Referee Charlie Rentrop was distracted. Smithson finished the match with a Running Body Slam. (Dizzy later wrestled as Moondog Spike in Tennessee and Texas. He was not part of the famous Moondog team in the WWF). 4:46

3. Intergender Title - Andy Kaufman and Clara Ann Willis; No Contest. Andy had the best of the match although he was warned several times by Referee Jerry Calhoun about pulling Clara’s hair. Jerry King Lawler wandered to ringside and started yelling at Andy; “Why don’t you get in the ring with a man? Why don’t you let me pick the women you fight?” Kaufman got distracted and protested when Jerry entered the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun had no choice but to call the match a No Contest. 3:26

4. Steve Travis won by DQ over Sonny King. Sonny was able to gain a slight advantage by using Vicious Eye Rakes and Rope Burn moves. Steve turned the tide of the match with a Flying Body Press and a Top Rope Knee Drop. Sonny was dazed but he managed to bail from the ring. It didn’t take long for Sonny to re-enter the ring carrying a Chair. Referee Charlie Rentrop called for the DQ. 9:53

5. The Midnight Express (Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey) with Randy Rose beat The Blond Bombers (Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham) with Nightmare Danny Davis. Referee Jerry Calhoun allowed a lot of leeway in this match. The OOR action was vicious as expected with the Bombers who have torn up many arenas. The teams used Chairs, Tables, pieces of the Guard Rails. Randy Rose got into the action when he was attacked by Danny Davis. Back in the ring Dennis Condrey used a Facebreaker on Ferris and Norvell Austin was on the Top Rope to perform a Moonsault. Larry Latham was busy trying to help Danny Davis and was not aware that Wayne was in trouble. 19:25

6. Jerry “King” Lawler; Crown Drop Pin (Fist Leap) over Dirty Dutch Mantel with Jim Cornette. Dirty Dutch offered Lawler a handshake but Jerry was not fooled and answered with a Smashing Forearm. Cornette was calling for a DQ. The match was fairly even with both wrestlers using regular wrestling moves. The exception was when Dutch tried several times to choke Jerry using Shoo Baby (the Whip). Referee Charlie Rentrop confiscated Shoo Baby and gave it to Lance Russell to hold. Andy Kaufman came to ringside and was told to leave. Jim Cornette said that Kaufman was now part of Cornette’s stable and had papers saying he could be at ringside. Referee Rentrop kept the match going and took Cornette’s word. Unfortunately for Dutch, Andy had a Steel Plunger. He swung it at Jerry and missed hitting Mantel in the head. Dutch crumbled to the canvas. Jerry Lawler climbed the Turnbuckle and performed the Crown Drop. 15:45

7. Southern Heavyweight Title – Austin Idol Challenger) with Sherri Martel (Martine); Running Knee Drop Pin over Terry Funk (Champion)with Jimmy Hart). V.P. Chick Donovan was not allowed at ringside during this match. Lots of Boos and Cups Thrown when Funk and Hart were introduced. Funk was able to daze Idol with a Punch to the Throat and a Backward Head Slam. Idol hooked in the Vegas Leglock but Hart was able to somehow break it up. Hart also tried to Hold the Ropes for Leverage but he got a Spray of Perfume from Sherri for his troubles. Eventually a Popsicle Vendor came by the ring. He threw his Tray down and grabbed the XX Ranch Branding Iron. He got on the ring apron and swung at Austin as sherry push his legs. The Vendor (who was V.P. Chick Donovan) hit Funk with the Branding Iron. Terry was KO’d as Austin used a Running Knee Drop for the Pin. Jimmy Hart protested that this should be a DQ for Funk because Sherri interfered. Referee Jerry Calhoun ignored The Mouth of the South. Austin Idol is the NNNNNNNNNEWWWWWWWWWWWWW Southern Champion. 16:23
Rocky’s Corner & Bleu Monkey Grill presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980’s)
Convention Center – Hot Springs, AR Att: 5,574

Commentators; Boyd Pierce and Ed Capral
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Dave Patterson
Ring; Queenie Martin & Danny Vermin

1. The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Eddie “Dizzy” Hogan. The Machine had a great promo with Queenie Martin probably because of Cornette who seems to hold a certain fascination for the fans. The Dream Machine controlled the match eventually using a Knee Lift to the Groin as the set up to the Swinging Neckbreaker Pin. 4:09

2. Gypsy Joe with Jimmy Hart and VP Chick Donovan pinned Jerry Barber. Joe came out with a bandanna around his head and a shirt with puffy sleeves. He looked more like a Caribbean Pirate but who is to argue when his association with Hart’s family has led to several wins. The Gypsy resorted to Rope Burns and Eye Rakes to wear Barber down but Barber got the upper hand in this match and had a Pin with a Roll-Up. Jimmy Hart distracted Referee Dave Patterson while Vice President Chick Donovan ran in the ring and slugged Barber with a Roll of Coins. Donovan turned the bodies over just before Referee Dave Patterson turned to see Gypsy pinning Jerry. 5:36

3. Jerry Jarrett won by DQ over Jim “Claw” Mitchell. Mitchell was being interviewed by Danny Vermin when Jerry interrupted. Mitchell felt he would have points added to his total so he got upset. It carried to the ring and he actually had points deducted. Jarrett and Mitchell have had a long feud that resulted in Jerry getting seriously injured. Jarrett is back and wants revenge. The Claw performed his usual moves; Kicking, Biting, Eye Rakes, etc. Jerry countered with a Skull Crusher and an Armbar Submission Hold. Mitchell was saved when he reached the Ropes. The Chaw had a Hidden Sharp Foreign Object that he pulled from his boot. Referee Jerry Calhoun spotted the object and called for the DQ. (Note – Mitchell once had a Tag Team with Ox Baker called the Raiders. They were eventually unmasked by Crusher and Bruiser in the Mid-West. Mitchell used the name Tom Andrews back then). 7:12

4. Jackie Fargo won by DQ over Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart and VP Chick Donovan. Jesse attacked with a Folded Chair before the match. Jackie grabbed the Chair and slammed it over Chick’s Head and then over Jesse’s. Jimmy hart was screaming that Fargo should be DQ’d but Referee Dave Patterson wpould have nothing to do with it. The fans were really enjoying the match and it hadn’t even begun. The match belonged to Fargo who used an Atomic Drop and then a Bulldog that had Jesse totally dazed. Jimmy wasted no tom in calling for some help. The Cuban and Iranian Assasin ran to the ring and entered. Referee Dave Patterson called for the DQ. 6:13

5. Wildfire Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell with Jim Cornette; No Contest. Cornette had a trap set for Wildfire in order to prevent Landell current winning streak from ending. When Rich came out of the Locker Room he was ambushed by Tom Pritchard (unmasked Apocalypse) and The Dream Machine. The Machine held Tommy while Pritchard slammed a Shovel to Wildfire’s head. Tommy was KO’s and left lying in the corridor. Buddy Landell meanwhile was in the ring expecting to be rewarded with a “No Show” win. Dave Patterson came to the ring and said something to Jerry Calhoun who in turn sain something to Ring Announcer Queenie Martin. Queenie announced that the match was ruled a No Contest because of an attack on Tommy Rich. –:--

6. The House of the Orient (Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita) with Tojo Yamamotto bear The Fabulous One (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) with Jackie Fargo. Steve Keirn was struggling early in the match after Masa Fuchi Spit Asian Mist into Steve’s eyes. The Fabs fought back in this see-saw battle and controlling much of the match. After a Brain Basher and a Neckbreaker Vice on Mr. Onita by Steve the match seemed over. Lane was trying to get to a tag but was being held back by Referee Dave Patterson. Jackie was fighting with Masa Fuchi OOR. Tojo entered the ring with a Kendo Stick and slammed it over Keirn’s back. Mr. Onita covered Steve as Referee dave Patterson turn to see the action. 18:16

7. Southern TV Title – Lord Humongous with Downtown Bruno; Choke Slam Pin over Terry Taylor. The popular Terry had a big ovation as he came down the aisle. He slapped hands and handed out glossies. Lord Humongous was quiet. He doesn’t seem to be disliked but most fans are scared of his presence. During the match Terry used his speed for High Dropkicks and Body Presses. Humongous countered with power moves; Slams and Bashes. Terry caught Humongous in a Sunset Flip but Referee Jerry Calhoun was dazed from a collision. Terry could have had the pin and the belt. Downtown Bruno found a Hockey Stick under the ring and after entering he used it to slam Terry. Humpngous picked up the near KO’d Taylor in a Choke Slam as Calhoun turned to see the action. Lord Humongous retains the Southern TV Title. 16:55
Good Time Charlies & The Pretzel Twister presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980’s)
The Arena – Tupalo, MS Att: 8,412

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Tommy Sloan & Jerry Usher
Ring; B.O. Plenty & Honey Talk Nelson

1. Rick Morton; Top Rope Dropkick over The Enforcer. The Enforcer talked a big game prior to the match. He grabbed B.O. Plenty’s microphone and yelled for the young punk to come out if he has the guts to face a real man. Morton ran to the ring while the fans cheered his entrance. Rick used his speed to offset the Illegal moves of the masked Enforcer; Smash with a Loaded Mask, Rope Burns and Kick to the Groin. The Enforcer was able to hook in The Claw but Rick was able t0o reach the ropes. Morton used a Diving Cross Body to set up his Top Rope Dropkick for the Pin. (Note – The Enforcer is another masked wrestler who has the fans wondering about identity. Names that have come up are Bob Roop, Guillotine Gordon and Clyde Steeves who was Mr. Atomic. Most think that Steeves id probably the guy because he once tagged with Bull Bullinski and Bullinski is in ICW. 6:06

2. The Angel (Frank Morrell) and Pretty Boy Carl Fergie; Double Count-Out. Fergie who has gained few if any fans was not greeted well for this match. The Angel, billed from This Side of Heaven, has become a fan favorite and received a nice ovation. This match was destined for OOR and it didn’t take long. Fergie took most of the punishment and was seriously beaten on after he got tangled in the TV Cords. To add to his woes, The Angel grabbed a Trash Can and put it over Carl’s head. The Angel could have made it back to the ring but he decided to sign some autographs. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 4:13

3. Crusher Broomfield with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan and King Cobra; Time Limit Draw. Jimmy Hart seemed to have a plan for winning this match but things went wrong. He distracted Referee Tommy Sloan while Chick tried to hand Crusher a Chain. Rick Morton came to ringside and stopped Donovan. Hart pointing at Morton protested and wanted Morton sent away. Referee Tommy Sloan sensing some illegal action on Jimmy’s part chose to allow Morton to stay in King Cobra’s corner. Every attempted interference from then on by Hart or Donovan was stopped by Morton. Cobra was able to kook in a Cobra Bite (Neck Clutch) and it was deadly. Br0oomfield was fading as the bell rang. The match was declared a Draw. 10:00

4. Rougeau/Taylor (Jacque and Terry); beat The Assassins (Cuban and Iranian) with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan. Rougeau and Taylor had a fabulous interview with Honey Talk Nelson on TV for up & coming shows. Ticket sales will be hot. Rougeau and Taylor were awarded extra points on their total while Jimmy Hart protested that his family was never given a chance at the interview. The Assassins used rough moves; Eye Rakes, Rope Burns and Rubbing Face to mat to try and get an edge but Jacque and Terry were able to counter; Cross Bodies, Whips & Flying Body Presses. The match ended with Jacque Rougeau hitting The Iranian Assassin with a Diving Elbow Drop followed by Terry Taylor’ Sunset Flip. 13:11

5. Roy Rogers won by DQ over Kimala with J.J. Dillon. The fans gave Rogers a big ovation. Rogers, who wrestled for a while as Johnny Rich, is an Alabama native but for Tupalo fans that is close enough to make him a home town favorite. Kimala tried to use his weight to push Rogers around but Roy was able to avoid serious problems. Rogers used a Flying Elbow that had Kimala dazed. J.J. Dillon tried to help the Ugandan by swinging a Bottle of Jack Daniels at Roger’s head. Referee Tommy Sloan saw the incident and ruled a DQ. J.J. jumped in the ring and pushed Sloan complaining that there was no infraction. J.J. with Kimala backed off as several wrestlers; Morton, The Angel, King Cobra came to prevent any harm to Referee Tommy Sloan. (Roy Rogers eventually went back to the Johnny Rich name and Kimala was change to Kamala in other Federations). 7:42

6. Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant with Bugsy McGraw won by DQ over Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan. Jimmy immediately protested the match claiming that Bugsy had no right to be in Boogie’s corner. Referee Jerry Usher held up 2 fingers in one hand and one finger in the other shoeing the advantage to the Hart Family. Jimmy used standard moves that made the match look somewhat normal. Abdullah tried to use his weight advantage to gain the edge. The match went OOR where Jimmy was thrown into the Steel Steps. Bugsy and Donovan were fighting into the aisles. Boogie countered by whipping the Butcher into the post Head First. Abdullah was bleeding as they re-entered the ring. V.P. Chick Donovan frustrated grabbed a Monkey Wrench he found under the ring. He tried to enter the ring to use it. Referee Jerry Usher saw the infraction and called the match a DQ. Abdullah was trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes. Boogie grabbed Jimmy hart’s Megaphone and smashed it over Chick Donovan’s head. Chick crumbled to the canvas. Bugsy grabbed Jimmy hart OOR and poured a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup over his head. Jimmy ran from ringside up the aisle to the locker area as Bugsy was ripping open a feathered pillow. Chick Donovan was KO’d in the ring so The Assassins came down to help him get back to the back stage. The fans were cheering. 11:21

7. Southern Tag Title – The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) (Challengers) with Lord Jonathan Boyd won by Count-Out over The Gibson’s (Ricky and Robert) (Champions). The Sheepherders had fun arguing with the fans during their entrance. Butch and Luke seem to have a good time maintaining a rough heel image while Lord Jonathan Boyd is a bit more serious. Their style is to say the least rough. The Gibson’s used speed and aerial moves to stay in command though both felt the effects of Corner Splashes and Battering Rams. Eventually the match went OOR where The Kiwi’s are in their element. They slammed chairs and Trash Cans to the Gibson’s. Several Vendor Trays were used as weapons. Lord Boyd smashed a flag Pole to Ricky. Butch used part of the Guard Rail to choke out Robert. It was mass confusion OOR. Luke slipped back in the ring as Referee Tommy Sloan counted 10. The Sheepherders were awarded the match by Count-Out although the legal man was in question. The Gibson’s retain the Southern Title although the Sheepherders marched happily up the ramp. 17:31
The Melting Pot & Seasons 52 presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
U.S. Airway Center – Phoenix, AZ Att: 15,680

Commentators; Booker T & David Otunga
Referees; John Cone & Charles Robinson
Ring; Greg Hamilton

Note – This is the same card that was run on 3-21-15 at The U.S. Airway Center in Phoenix. The only change is the Champions in my Federation are different than they were in real life and of course the match results may be different. The actual cards are listed in Pro Wrestling Illustrated each month.

1. Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter; Red-White-Blue Bomb Pin over Adam Rose with The Bunny. The two wrestlers would have to go it alone this match because Zeb and The Bunny began to irritate each other immediately. The Bunny was more at fault and Zeb made the mistake of reacting. As a result Referee John Cone banished both from ringside. Zeb stormed off while the bunny stopped to greet some of the younger fans. The match was back and forth with Adam using a Headrammer and a Death Valley Driver but unable to get a pin. Swagger performed a Corkscrew Dive but also was unable to get a pin. A Diving Knee Smash by Jack followed by a Red-White-Blue Bomb finally got the job done. 5:26

2. R-Truth won by DQ over Fandango with Rosa Mendes. Fandango and Rosa danced down the ramp to the ring. The fans seemed to enjoy the Ballroom Brawler’s dance moves or maybe it was the music ChaChaLaLa by Jim Johnston. R-Truth waited patiently for Fandango to finish his entrance. Fandango immediately attacked R-Truth with a chair but the move got reversed. Fandango was slammed over the head with the Steel Chair. R-Truth stay in charge throughout the match with Fandango avoiding a pin. R-Truth used a Corkscrew Kick and a What’s Up (STO) that seemed curtains. Rosa Mendes immediately tried to hit R-Truth with a Microphone but was caught by Referee Charles Robinson. Robinson called for the DQ. 6:52

3. Erick Rowan; Full Nelson Slam Pin over Bo Dallas. Bo pranced around the ring yelling for the fans to “Bo-lieve in Bo.” Bo had points added to his total but was unable to generate enough moves to gain the edge. Bo performed a Bo-Dog (Bulldog) yet could only get a 2 count. Rowan countered with a Big Boot and a Full Nelson Slam for the pin. 5:45

4. WWE Tag Team Non-Title Match – The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) won by Count-Out over WWE Tag Team Champions The Brass Ring Club (Cesaro and Tyson Kidd). Most of this match was an OOR Brawl with brutal moves; Choke on the Guard Rail, Slam to the Post and Steel Steps, Crush a Trash Can over the Back. Each team took turns at using an Illegal Weapon. Finally Konner slammed a Chair over Cesaro’s Skull. Cesaro crashed to the floor. Viktor slipped back in the ring and accepted the Count-Out win. Viktor was not the legal man. 14:08

5. Goldust; Final Cut (Suplex) Pin over Stardust. Stardust seemed to be in control and after a Diamond Dust Bulldog the match seemed over but Goldust was able to kick out. The Stardust used a Dark Matter (STO) and Goldust kicked out once again. Goldust countered with a Diving Cross Body and then finished the match with Final Cut (Suplex). It seems as though the two brothers will not end this feud. 8:31

6. Paige and Nikki Bella; Double Count-Out. These two women gave their best in this match. Some hard feelings preceded their meeting tonight. Nikki performed a Rack Attack (Backbreaker Drop) that should have had a pin but Referee Charles Robinson was out of place and missed what should have been a 3 count. Then Paige performed a Ram-Paige (DDT) and the same thing happened. Robinson was having a hard time following the two speedy ladies. After the match went OOR, Brie Bella ran down to help Nikki then Emma ran down to help Paige. They were all fighting in the 4th row when Paige and Nikki were Counted-Out. 10:04

7. World Title – Rusev (Challenger) with Lana; Bul-Plex (Suplex) Pin over Ryback (Champion). Ryback had Rusev in trouble after a Boulder Holder (Stunner). It was going to be light’s out but Referee John Cone was dazed from a collision and was laying on the canvas. Lana ran in the ring with a can of Oven Cleaner and sprayed Ryback in th eyes. Rusev tried to make the comeback legitimate in case Referee Cone woke up. Rusev used a Jawbreaker on the blinded Rybak. Of course the fist was Loaded with a piece of lead. Rusev finished the match with the Bul-Plex. The fans were booing and throwing cups as Referee Cone counted. Rusev is the NNNNNNNEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW World Champion. 12:34

8. Seth Rollins with J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble); Curb Stomp (Boot to the Back of the Head) Pin over John Cena. Cena had a brilliant promotion earlier and was awarded extra points. These were offset by J & J Security who constantly interfered and at one point threw a cup of Beer into Cena’s face. Cena was able to perform an Attitude Adjustment but was stopped when Joey mercury ran in the ring during a distraction and slammed Cena in the head with a Wrench. This allowed Seth Rollins to perform the Curb Stomp and get the Pin. 12:53
Kick Back Jack & The Wicked Cow presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15) Actual 3-22-15
Citizens B.B. Arena – Ontario, CA Att: 10,276

Commentators; Michael Cole & Tom Phillips
Referees; Derrick Moore & Drake Wuertz
Ring; Eden Styles

This was the actual program from 3-22-15 in Ontario, CA. I only adjusted the actual Champions and my Federation Champions.

1. Dean Ambrose; Dirty Deeds (DDT) Pin over Bad News Barrett. Barrett tried to get an early advantage by slamming a Trash Can over Dean’s back. Ambrose lost points from his total. Barrett used a Flying Skull Crusher and a Guillotine Leg Drop that came close to gaining a pin. Ambrose roared back with a Torpedo launch and then finished the match with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose who had been hearing the boos is now hearing some cheers. The fans are liking his odd ways as a loose cannon. Barrett on the other hand has gone from Wade to Bad News and he is trying to uphold the sour image. 10:18

2. Tyler Breeze won by Count-Out over Finn Balor. Balor was in charge in the match and was about to get a pin after a Running Shoulder Smash and a Head Rammer. Breeze had enough energy to bail from the ring. Balor followed and was cut by a Sharp Object that Tyler had hidden. With blood blinding him Balor could not see Breeze perform a Beauty Shot (Kick). Balor was unable to find his way back in the ring. 7:42

3. Natalya; Sharpshooter Submission over Cameron. Natalya attacked Cameron before the match began giving her an edge. Cameron was able to fight back and was even in control. Natalya went down after a Turnbuckle Smash and seemed helpless as Cameron used a Top Rope Head Roller. Unfortunately for Cameron she missed and crashed to the canvas. Natalya used a Spine Smasher and then the Sharpshooter Submission that Uncle Bret taught her. There was no escape. 8:16

4. The Miz with Summer Rae; Skull Crushing Finale Pin over Jimmy Uso. During the action Jey Uso came to ringside to prevent Summer Rae from further infractions. During one of the preventions Jey’s hand hit Referee Drake Wuertz’s ankle. Referee Wurtz turned to talk to Jey and send him back to the locker area. Jimmy Uso was on the top turnbuckle getting ready to perform a Superfly Smash. Summer took advantage of the distraction ran over and pushed Jimmy’s leg with a broom handle. Jimmy fell to the canvas rather than perform the Splash. As he came down The Miz used a Gut Wrench. Then the Miz finished the match with a Skull Crushing Finale. 6:17

5. Roman Reigns won by DQ over Bray Wyatt. Bray came to ringside in the dark with his eerie entrance. During the entrance he was pushed by someone unknown. He finished his entrance and after getting in the ring blamed Roman Reigns for setting someone to do this. After Reigns was introduced he denied interfering in Wyatt’s entrance. During the match Bray performed a Backward Head Slam and a Skull Smasher that came close to a Pin. Reigns countered with a double Ax Handle and a Falling Hammer. Wyatt was being set up for a Spear as he got to his feet. Bray saw the danger and grabbed Referee Derrick Moore for protection. Moore immediately called for the DQ. As Wyatt was leaving up the ramp, Commentator Tom Phillips mentioned that a hooded fan near the ramps edge looked a lot like Erick Rowan. When Michael Cole looked in the monitor the fan was gone. 10:54

6. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) and J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble); Double Count-Out. Both teams used aerial moves to try and get the advantage. With Los Matadores gaining the advantage Jamie Noble bailed from the ring. The Bullfighters were more than willing to have the action OOR. All four were fighting near the pit below (used for Orchestra during stage shows). Los matadors tried a Double Piledriver on Noble when Mercury hit the three with a Missile Spear. All four wrestlers fell into the pit. The count wouldn’t have been high enough to get anyone back to the ring. The EMT’s with Stretchers & Gurney’s were called. 13:56

7. WWE Heavyweight Title – Dolph Ziggler (Champion); Zig Zag (Bulldog) Pin over Luke Harper. Luke used a Vicious Eye Ripper to temporarily blind Dolph. Luke who has been cheered as of late was pulling out a move that he left behind after leaving The Wyatt’s. Harper came close to a pin with a Truckstop Slam. Commentator Michael Cole kept saying that he thought a three count was close. Ziggler slammed Harper’s head to the Turnbuckle then hit Luke with a Running Jackhammer. The Zig Zag (Bulldog) got the Pin. Dolph Ziggler retains the WWE Heavyweight Title 11:29

8. Chicago Street Fight – Daniel Bryan pinned Kane. This was Kane’s size and weigh vs Bryan’s Skill and technical ability. They fought all over the arena witheach trading pin attempts in the Boiler Room, Locker Room and in the Food Court. Somehow Bryan was able to get Kane on the Burger Grill and try a Pin. Finally Kane tried to Spear Bryan. He lined up at the far end of the Front Foyer and ran at full speed toward Daniel. Bryan was able to step aside and Kane crashed through the plate glass window onto the from lawn 2 floors below. Bryan slowly walked down the stairs and out the door. Kane was out cold. Bryan pinned him. 23:38
Barry Dyngles & Margherita’s Grille presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
Replay of actual program from 3-8-15
Covelli Center – Youngstown, OH Att: 6,012

Commentators; John Bradsahaw Layfield & Jerry Lawler
Referees; Scott Armstrong & Jason Ayers
Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Adrian Neville; 450° Splash Pin over Heath Slater. Slater used a Falling Face Wrecker and a Double Axe Handle to nearly get a pin but Neville was able to recover. Neville set up the finish with a Gut Wrench Suplex and then the 450° Splash. 6:49

2. Emma; Emma Lock (Muta Lock) Submission over Naomi. Naomi used her speed to gain an advantage and was in control of the match. Eventually she climbed the ropes for finishing Moonsault. Emma moved out of the way and Naomi crashed onto the canvas. Emma used a Brainbuster to set up Naomi for the end when she locked in the Emma Lock. 6:15

3. The Uso’s (Jey and Jimmy) beat The Miz and Damien Mizdow) with Summer Rae. The Miz and Damien like to call themselves The Moneymaker and The Stunt Double as they prance around bragging about their exceptional ability. The Miz, the obvious leader, did his best to gain an advantage over the talented Uso’s but Jay and Jimmy answered all the moves. Mizdow tried to copy his leader but got in trouble with the Uso’s Doubleteaming. Summer rae tried to help as Mizdow was tagging to The Miz but she missed with some Spray Perfume. The Miz get it in the eyes. The Uso’s reacted immediately with a Double Diving Splash on The Miz and then a Alley-Us (Team Samoan Drop). Jimmy pinned The Miz. 17:07

4. Sami Zayn; Reverse STO pin over Kevin Owens. Sami was cheered by the fans and he responded by slapping hands and signing a few autographs. His concentration was on this match which is a continuation of a long feud that is not likely to end soon. After some time Owens gained the advantage then used a Headcracker and a Corkscrew Splash that seemed like a pin. Referee Jason Ayes signaled a two count several times. Owens got frustrated and was arguing with Referee Ayes when Sami ran over and used a Helluva Kick then immediately followed with the Reverse STO. This time Referee Ayes counted to three. 8:55

5. Non-Title NXT Match – The Vaudvillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)(NXT Tag Champions) beat Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara). The Dragons used aerial moves to control the match and excellent teaming that had The Vaudvillians confused. Just as the match seemed over their was confusion with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn still yelling at each other in the back of the arena so Simon took advantage. He grabbed a Flood Lamp from The Vaudvillian promotions and slammed it the Kalisto’s head. Kalisto crashed to the canvas. Aiden English pinned Kalisto yelling “That’s a Wrap.” 11:14

6. Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman and Mark Henry; Double Count-Out. Mark Henry heard some boos in the audience. Some wise-guy college students from Youngstown State were probably the culprets. Most of this match was fought OOR and neither wrestler seemed to care about getting back in the ring. Referee Jason Ayers was very liberal about his count even starting over if either of the two big men touched the ring apron. Every item that could be moved OOR was used as a weapon including the Steel Steps. Eventually both wrestlers collapsed with the Steel Steps on top of them. This time they were done. Referee Ayers counted them out. 10:02

7. WWE Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Champion) won by DQ over Big Show (Challenger) with J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble). They both used their power moves to each’s advantage yet neither wrestler was about to go down. Big E finally had an opportunity wafter hitting Big Show with a Double Knee Thrust and was getting ready to end the match with a Big Ending (facebreaker). Joey Mercury reacted immediately by trying to hit Big E with a Bottle of Wine. Referee Scott Armstrong saw the infraction and called for the DQ. Big E Langston retains the WWE Intercontinental Title 9:38

8. Randy Orton; RKO (Cutter) Pin over Sheamus. The Viper vs The Celtic King is considered the Classic of wrestling matches and these two did not disappoint. The match was back and forth with Sheamus finally getting his chance after an Atomic Spike but somehow Randy was able to kick out. Then another chance for Sheamus after a Brain Basher found Randy kicking out again. Orton caught Sheamus in a Neckbreaker Vise that daded the Celtic King. This lead to the finish with Orton performing the RKO to get the Pin. 16:46
The Melting Pot & Cooper’s Hawk Winery presents;
WWE/NXT Wrestling (2014-15) (Actual Replay of 3-5-15)
Lifestyles Community Pavillion – Columbus, OH Att: 2,190

Commentators; Corey Graves & Rich Brennan
Referees; Shawn Bennett & Ryan Tran
Ring; Jo Jo Offerman

1. Colin Cassady; East River Slam Pin over Wesley Blake. An early attack in the match set the pace and Blake could not recover although he tried his best. Big Cass, as he is becoming known, was relentless. Several slams to the Turnbuckle led to a Corner Squash and then the set up was an Empire Elbow Drop. Cass got the pin after performing an East River Slam that shook the ring. 4:07

2. Tyson Kidd; Diving Neckbreaker Pin over Baron Corbin. Corbin seemed to be in control and after a Backward Head Slam and a Guillotine Legdrop the match looked all but over. Somehow the clever Kidd was able to kick out and go on the offense. Tyson used a Bulldog Headlock that dazed Corbin. Kidd finished the match with a Diving Neckbreaker. 6:32

3. Tyler Breeze and Kalisto; Double Count-Out. Kalisto used his speed to take charge with moves like a Flying Gutbuster and a Skull Crusher. Breeze in desperation was able to hide a Foreign Object that he had in his boot. He used it for a Jaw Smash that had Kalisto dazed. Breeze then used a Cranium Cracker to injure Kalisto further. Kalisto bailed from the ring and Tyler Breeze followed. Kalisto used the Gong-Bell to KO Breeze before collapsing to the floor. Both wrestlers were counted out. 7:43

4. NXT Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks; Bankrupt (Neckbreaker) Pin over Alexa Bliss. This was for the vacant NXT Title. Alexa was able to get a near pin with a Flying Body Press. In fact this was probably a 2 ½ count. With Shasha in trouble, Alexa climbed the Turnbuckle for a Suicide finishing Leap. It was a finishing Leap after Alexa missed and was greeted with a Double Ax Handle. Shasha finished the match performing Bankrupt (Neckbreaker). Sasha Banks is the NNEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Women’s Champion. 10:21

5. Charlotte with Ric Flair won by Count-Out over Bayley. Charlotte greeted Bayley by smashing a Trash Can Lid over her head while her father was distracting Referee Shawn Bennett. Bayley responded with a Flying Jackhammer and then a Flying Missile Shot. The action went OOR where Ric was taunting Bayley. Charlotte added to the taunt with a Vicious Eye Rake. Charlotte was able to slip back in the ring while Bayley couldn’t quite make it. Referee Shawn Bennett counted Bayley out. 8:53

6. Kevin Owens; Sidewinder Suplex Pin over Alex Riley. Owens immediately attacked but fell through the ropes. He crash landed to the floor below. After getting back in the ring Kevin tried to avoid any serious action while he recovered. Riley was able to perform Blockbuster (Somersault Neckbreaker) that came close to a pin. Owens caught Riley for a Pop-Up Powerbomb and then finished the match with the Sidewinder Suplex. 6:16

7. NXT Tag Title – Balor & Itami (Finn Balor and Hideo Itami) (Challengers) beat The Vaudvillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) (Champions). The Vaudvillians tried to get the upper hand with an early doubleteam attack but Balor and Itami got the best of the action. The Vaudvillians used their rough moves; Punch to Throat, Rake Eyes and a Falling Knee to Throat but Balor and Itami were not to be denied. A Doubleteam Head Slam on Aiden and then a Doubleteam Gourd Buster on Simon had The Vaudvillians reeling. With the Vaudvillians worn down Balor & Itami finished with a diving Double Foot Stomp. Itami pinned Simon Gotch. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami are the NNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Tag Champions. 17:25

8. Adrian Neville; 450° Splash Pin over Cesaro. Cesaro had the upper hand for most of this match. A Throat Slam Suplex should have had the pin but Referee Ryan Tran was out of place. Cesaro then used a Falling Fist from the Turnbuckle to get a near pin again. Cesaro tried a Top Rope Elbow but the crafty Neville avoided yet another pin. Neville had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to smash Cesaro in the temple. Cesaro crashed to the canvas and became a victim to the 450° Splash. 14:41
Big Tide Brewing & Java Moose presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15) (replay from actual 5-3-15)
Harbor Station – Saint Johns, New Brunswick Att: 6,135

Commentators; Booker T & Bryon Saxton
Referees; Danny Anfibio & Ron Zapata
Ring; Greg Hamilton Interviews; Jo Jo Offerman

1. Fandango with Rosa Mendes won by Count-Out over Adam Rose with The Bunny. Fandango had a great interview with Jo Jo and he was awarded extra points. This match was mainly OOR action. The wrestlers took turns throwing each other to the corner posts and into the Steel Steps. At one point Fandango threw Rose over the Guard Rail into the 2nd row of fans. Rosa recovered enough to make his way back but was greeted by a Microphone Smash to the Skull by Rosa. Fandango had put a Trash Can over the Bunny’s head after Rosa had smashed the furry creature with the microphone while Adam was over the Guard Rail. Fandango slipped back in the ring and Rose was counted out. The Ballroom Brawler and Rosa danced up the ramp to the music “Pena Flamenca” by Jim Johnston. 4:42

2. Stardust; Diamond Dust (Bulldog) Pin over R-Truth. Early in the match during a distraction Stardust tried a Chairshot to R-Truth but the clever R-Truth was able to reverse the move. It left Stardust dazed but unfortunately R-Truth was unable to take full advantage. A Cranium Cracker and a Guillotine Leg Drop found Stardust kicking out of near pins. Stardust Countered with a catapult Splash and then was able to hook in a headlock for the Diamond Dust Bulldog Pin. 8:52

3. A.J. Lee and Layla El; Double Count-Out. Earlier Layla El was scheduled for an interview with Jo Jo but refused. A. J. took her place and excelled. During the match A.J. had the advantage using a Brain Basher and an Atomic Spike. Layla El bailed from the ring. A.J. followed and was greeted with a Trash Can Lid Smash. A.J. had enough left in the tank to grab Layla El by the ankle. A.J. then applied a Neckbreaker Vise while Referee Danny Anfibio counted both women out. 7:54

4. Curtis Axel with Paul Hayman and Zack Ryder; Double DQ. Hayman got under the fans skin by degrading them and New Brunswick. Hayman was well aware that this would add extra points on Axel’s total. Axel used some rough moves; Grind Face to Mat and Throat Slam onto Ropes so when the action went OOR Ryder used the Guard Rail to Choke Out Curtis. Both wrestlers re-entered the ring with weapons; Chairs. Referee Ron Zapata saw enough and called the match a Double DQ. Hayman complained saying that Zack Ryder’s foot was in the ring first on the re-entry so he is responsible for bringing a Chair into the ring. The decision stood. 6:06

5. Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neill) won by DQ over The Authority (Big Show and Kane) with J & J Security. This was a fairly even match in spite of the size difference in favor of The Authority. Titus came close to a pin on Kane after a Flying Headbutt but Jamie Noble was able to break up the pin attempt. Kane responded with a Body Crusher then Big Show used a Power Slam. The Prime Time Players were able to avoid a pin. Joey Mercury, as usual, had something illegal in mind. He had a bottle of Yellow Tail Winter Red Blend Wine that he used to try and hit Darren Young in the head. Referee Danny Anfibio saw the infraction and called the match. 15:48

6. Bull Dempsey; Diving Headbutt Pin over Sami Zayn. Sami had Bull confused with aerial moves and quickness in the ring. A Spinning Back Kick and a Reverse STO should have had the pin but Joey Mercury was back at ringside complaining to the commentators and Referee Danny Anfibio, who was at the Commentator’s Table, about the last match decision. Referee Ron Zapata missed the sure pin that Sami had hooked in. It gave Bull Dempsey enough time to pulled out a Hidden Foreign Object and used it in his Loaded fist to KO Sami. A Diving Head Butt was needless but gave Dempsey satisfaction. 11:16

7. Bray Wyatt; Sister Abigail (Swinging Reverse STO) Pin over Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt entered in the dark arena holding his Lantern scaring half of the fans with his eerie smile. Bray is the pride of Snake Bight, FL. Rowan who had a falling out with Bray is looking for some revenge. Rowan had Bray reeling after using a Torpedo Clothesline and an Avalanche. Rowan went to the well once too often with a second Runaway Cannon that had Erick slamming into the Turnbuckle Post. He wobbled into Bray Wyatt’s setup of Sister Abigail that got the Pin. 9:37

8. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with J & J Security; Double Count-Out. Rollins and Reigns had a fairly even match in the ring but when the action went OOR the Brawl began. J & J Security couldn’t help but get in the action after Reigns used a Running Skullcracker on Rollins. Rollins responded with a Thumbscrew to Throat. J & J Security jumped in the action until The Uso’s (Jey and Jimmy) ran to ringside to help Roman. Time ran out as all 6 wrestlers were Brawling. 13:39
Iron Hill Brewery & J.B. Dawson’s presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15) (actual replay from 5-16-15)
Bob Carpenter Center (The Bob ) – Newark, DE Att: 5,146

Commentators; Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL)
Referees; John Cone & Dan Engler
Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Bad News Barrett; Wasteland (Carry Slam) Pin over Kofi Kingston. Kofi had Bad News in trouble after a Flying Skull Crusher and a Guillotine Legdrop but Barrett was able to recover after using a Vicious Eye Rake. Bad News used a Bull Hammer (Elbow) on Kofi who was having trouble seeing. The Wasteland (Carry Slam) was more than enough to get the pin. 5:16

2. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) with El Torito beat Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto). The Lucha Dragons gained an advantage in spite of El Torito’s constant interfering. He was warned several times by Referee Dan Engler but that seemed to only encourage the Little Bull. The Lucha Dragons used a combination DDT and Senton Bomb that had Diego pinned by Sin Cara but El Torito broke up the pin. This allowed Los Matadores to a Catapult Slingshot Splash on Kalisto and then a Double Suplex. Fernando hooked the leg for the pin. 16:53

3. Alicia Fox and Eva Marie; Double Count-Out. Alicia Fox had the upper hand in the match after using a Scissors Kick and a Somersault Leg Drop. Brie Bella came to ringside and was arguing with Alicia about settling their differences in the ring; “You have been avoiding me.” Alicia became distracted and bailed from the ring to argue face to face. Eva Marie made the mistake of following. Alicia threw Eva over the Guard rail and continued the argument with Brie. They threw a few punches as both Alicia and Eva Marie were Counted-Out. 7:46

4. Damien Mizdow (Sandow) with Summer Rae and Heath Slater; Double Count_Out. Damien almost became the victim of too much gabbing in the corner. Summer rae was talking to him when Heath ran over, threw Mizdow in the middle of the ring and performed a Sweetness (Reverse STO). Heath had several attempts at a pin but Mizdow was able to kick out. Damien countered with a Skull Crusher but could not get the pin. The action went OOR when both wrestlers used Trash Cans, Chairs and a few tools found under the ring. Neither was able to get back in the ring before being Counted-Out. 6:51

5. The Uso’s (Jey and Jimmy) won by DQ over The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor). The Uso’s had the Ascension in trouble after a Double Diving Splash and a Team Samoan Drop on Viktor. Konnor wasted no time in entering the ring with a Folded Steel Chair. Jimmy Uso grabbed the chair and slammed it over Konnor’s head. Referee John Cone called a DQ against The Ascension. Viktor who was dazed but still able to communicate stated protesting against the call. John Cone didn’t take time to explain himself. The decision seemed pretty clear. 12:07

6. Sheamus; Brogue Kick Pin over Darren Young. Young used his speed to confuse Sheamus and gain an edge. A Gut Check (Buster) and a Falling Knee Crunch came close to getting Young the pin. Shemus played possum and Young let his guard down. The Irish Celtic hit Darren with a Diving Clothes line and then as Young got to his feet it was The Brogue Kick that got the Pin. 8:48

7. Dean Ambrose; Dirty Deeds (DDT) Pin over The Miz with Summer Rae. The Miz used a Corkscrew Splash and a Headcracker that had Dean in trouble. The Miz was doing his usual bragging and strutting around the ring when Summer called him over to give him a congratulation kiss. Dean took advantage of the confrontation by running over and performing a Backroll Press. Dean then used his light’s out Dirty Deeds (DDT) to get the pin. 14:36

8. Four Corner Weapons Match – John Cena vs Kane (Lumberjacks are placed around the ring and weapons are at the Four Corners; Brass Nucks, Singapore Cane, Chair & a Baseball Bat. Lumberjacks; Bad News Barrett, Heath Slater, Big Show, Sheamus, Darren Young, Dean Ambrose & J & J Security (Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble). The Lumberjacks were picked by HHH and Stephanie. Match conclusion when one of the wrestlers cannot continue.
Kane beat John Cena. This match was obviously brutal and bloody. All the weapons were used at one time or another but Cena had the advantage as Kane was fading a bit. The Lumberjacks were fighting with each other OOR and the whole match was a mess. Referee Dan Engler got KO’d during a collision. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble jumped in the ring and started beating on Cena. The Lumberjacks were wailing away at each other OOR. Mercury, Noble and Kane had Brass Nucks and pummeled Cena who was KO’d. Referee John Cone ran down to the ring and called the match in favor of Kane. Big Show yelled; “The Authority win again.” 20:09
Cameron’s Lobster House and Vessichio Cannoli presents;
WWF House Show Wrestling (1985-86)
St. Anne Function Hall – St Anne, ME Att: 986
WCAW-TV Chan 17

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon, TV Jackie Pallo & George Vessichio
Referees; Dick Kroll & Danny Davis
Ring; Kid Twist & Janie Osgood

1. Steve Lombardi; Coney Island Slam Pin over Steve Pardee. Lombadi, who was booed during his entrance, had added to his heel persona. He wore a Longshoreman’s Cap (Flat Cap) and was smoking a cigar. Steve grabbed George Vessichio’s microphone and spoke; “It’s confidence, baby, it’s confidence.” Lombardi’s new found confidence must have worked. During the match he used a Brain Basher and a Neckbreaker Vise to set up Pardee for the Coney Island Slam Pin (Sidewalk Slam). 6:08

2. Jacque Rougeau; Quebec Crab (Boston) Submission over Gino Carebello. Gino who is gaining a reputation as a sneaky heel was able to use a Sharp Object that cut Jacque. Rougeau seemed to be in trouble and Danny Davis was watching the cut on Jacque’s forehead. Davis is not trusted as of late. He has been calling some questionable matches in favor of the heels. Rougeau must have been thinking that Davis would call the match because of too much blood. He performed a Reverse Fling Elbow that just about KO’s Gino and then the Quebec Crab. 4:56

3. The Nasty Girls (Peggy Lee Leathers and Chainsaw Liz Chase) beat Jumping J Dolls (Jill Fontaine and Jackie Bradley). The Nasty Girls had it going their way early when they rolled on the Cheat Modifier and added to their points by also rolling on Doubleteam. In spite of the advantage for the Nasty’s the Jumping J’s were able to perform Flying Body Presses and Double Drop Kicks that had The Nasty’s in trouble. Jill got caught in the corner and was held by Chainsaw Liz while Referee Dick Kroll held Jackie from entering the ring. Peggy Lee Leathers performed a Last Call (Splash) and Chainsaw Liz followed with a Super Suplex that got the pin as Referee Kroll turned to see the action. 10:41

4. Iron Mike Sharp; Loaded Forearm Pin over Kerry Brown. Brown entered the WWE after gaining a nasty reputation as ½ of The Masters of Disaster with Duke Myers. Brown became jealous of Duke’s growing popularity and bolted to the WWE. Iron Mike is very popular in Maine and the Northeast so the cheers heard actually added to his point total. Brown attacked before the match as he tried to get the upper hand. After a Vicious Eye Rake and a Choke using the Ropes Kerry attempted a Running Body Smash. It was a mistake. Brown fell through the Ropes to the floor. After re-entering the ring Iron Mike took over with a Falling Head Slam and then the Loaded Forearm for the Pin. 6:48

5. Biff Wellington won by Count-Out over S.D. Special Delivery Jones. S.D. Jones had the clear advantage in the match and would have had the pin after a Jumping Koko Headbutt. Referee Dick Kroll was dazed from a collision so Referee Danny Davis came down to take his place. Steve Lombardi came to ringside and broke up the pin attempt (actually it was at least an 8 count). S.D. bailed from the ring and stared fighting with Lombardi. Davis counted fast and ruled S.D. the loser. The fans were on their feet booing and throwing cups mainly at Danny Davis. 6:59

6. Tony Garea took over as the Referee for the last two matches. Matman & Da Duke (Robbie Ellis and Duke of Dorchester) won by Count-Out over Hard Knox (Rusty Brooks and Goldie Rogers). As expected this match was not about to be fought in the ring. Hard Knox used rough moves OOR; Choke on Guard Rail and Slam into Steel Steps. Goldie tried to hit Ellis with a Gong-Bell but the move got reversed. Goldie Rogers was KO’d and laying on the floor at ringside. It didn’t take long for Da Duke to slam a Folded Steel Chair over Rusty’s Head and then Ellis hit Rusty with a Lobster Trap. Brooks was unable to get back to the ring. Da Duke slipped back in on time. No one was sure who was the legal man but Referee Garea ruled the match in favor of Matman & Da Duke. 14:31

7. Tito Santana and Alexis Smirnoff with Frenchy Martin; Time Limit Draw. Smirnoff wanted to announce his nasty presence so he ripped up a young fans program. The fans were immediately booing although they would have probably booed the Russian who was with Frenchy Martin. During the match Frenchy was able to break up several pin attempts none bigger than the Crushing Flying Forearm that KO’d Smirnoff just as the bell rang. The match was ruled a Draw. 15:00
Pine Creek Pit Stop & Molly Cooper’s presents;
AWA House Show Wrestling (1980’s)
Wilmarth School – Ashland, WI Att: 854

Commentators; Dick Jonkowski and Donna Gagne
Referees; Wally Karbo and Gary DeRusha
Ring; Toothpick Charlie

1. Jay Strongbow Jr.; War Dance Pin over Dennis Stamp. Stamp attacked before the bell hand rung. He used a Tormnado Twisting DDT and almost ended the match in a matter of seconds but his ego got in the way and he started ‘hotdogging’ and boasting to the fans who were booing him. Strongbow Jr. had time to recover and took charge with a Flying Gutbuster and a Falling Knee to the Throat. The end for Stamp came after the War Dance. 4:58

2. Wild Bill Irwin; Superplex Pin over Lifeguard Sonny Rogers. Irwin who is ½ of The Long Riders with his brother Scott Hog Irwin is just as effective in singles matches that was his background. Lifeguard Sonny is just learning the ropes so he was up against a tall order. In spite of Sonny’s inexperience he looked like a veteran for a while and after a Gut Wrencher, Sonny looked like he may get a Pin. Wild Bill was able to kick out several times and then threw Sonny head first to the floor below. The tide turned. Sonny re-entered the ring but was greeted with a Falling Face Wrecker. Irwin finished the match with a Superplex that got the pin. 5:34

3. Ali Hassan; Ankara Scorpion Submission over El Brasarro. El Brasarro used his speed to gain the upper hand with a Top Rope Twister. El Brasarro tried to add a finishing move and climbed the ropes for a Death Leap. Ali Hassan caught El Brassaro with a punch to the gut. El Brassaro crumbled to the canvas trying to catch his breath. Ali Hassan hooked in the Scorpion Submission. 7:06

4. Woman’s Match - Bambi (Selena Majors); Stunner (Jawbreaker) Pin over The Syrian Terrorist. The Terrorist gained extra points after arguing with the fans and shaking her fist at them. Early in the match The Terrorist performed a Hair Pull DDT for a close Pin. The match was fairly even when Bambi performed a Running Jackhammer. As The Terrorist rose to her feet, Bambi used the Light’s Out Stunner for the Pin. The fans were thrilled 6:17

5. Steve “O” (Olsonoski); Olympic Roll-Up Pin over Sheik Abdullah. The Sheik, roundly booed as he entered the arena, was able to gain some momentum by kicking Steve in the mid-section and then using a Brain Basher before attempting a pin. Steve was able to recover and kick out before performing an Atomic Spike. The Sheik was dazed as he laid on the mat so Steve used an Olympic Roll-Up for the Pin. 7:21

6. Earthquake Ferris won by DQ over Wayne “The Train” Bloom. The wrestlers exchange power moves; Splash, Body Smashes, Forearms, Clotheslines but neither could get the edge. Bloom, who is ½ of the Destruction Crew Tag Team with Mean Mike Enos, got frustrated and pulled out a Hidden Foreign Object. He was severely warned by Gary DeRusha and given another chance rather than DeRusha ruling a DQ. It didn’t take long before The Train pulled out another Hidden Foreign Object and used his Loaded Fist to smash Ferris in the chops. Gary DeRusha saw the object and called the match. 9:54

7. Trooper Del Wilkes; Roll-Up Pin over Boris Zukov with Sheik Adnan El Kassie. Zukov wasted a lot of time in this match by continually conferring with Sheik Adnan in the corner. When the match continued The Trooper used moves like Top Rope Clothesline and a Crucifix Drop. Zukov was able to manage a Throat Slam Suplex. Both wrestlers were able to avoid a pin. This went to the UNUSUAL RESULT CHART. Zukov retreated to the corner again and Wilkes had enough. He ran over and used a roll-Up for the Pin. Sheik Adnan protested but Referee Wally Karbo wouldn’t listen. It was all legit with no time outs in wrestling. 12:57
Blue Ox Motel & Hassies Saloon presents;
AWA House Show Wrestling (1980’s)
Paul Bunyan Club – Brainerd, MN Att: 786

Commentators; Gene Okerlund & Roger Kent
Referees; Henry Van Loon & Prof. Toru Tanaka
Ring; Danny Vermin

1. Hans Mueller; Brainbuster Pin over Frankie DeFalco. Frankie gave a scare to Hans with a Full Nelson Mauler but the crafty German was able to slip from the hold. Hans stepped aside when Frankie attempted a Running Avalanche causing DeFalco to fall head first to the floor below. Frankie was able to climb back into the ring and avois a count out but he ran into a Swinging Neckbreaker and then a Brainbuster by Mueller that got the Pin. 4:24

2. Ben Hernandez won by DQ over King Harley Hogg. This was not a match that was expected to be settled in the ring and the expectations were correct. J.R. Hogg came to ringside and that spelled trouble. Before he could help King Harley with some double teaming, Armando Rodriguez came to help Ben Hernandez. Ben and Armando form the team of Border patrol while King Harley and J.R. are the Wild Hogs. Their last few matches against each other have ended in No Contests. Now Ben and King Harley have taken to facing each other in singles. Referee Prof. Toru Tanaka allowed a lot of leeway in this match but when King Harley and J.R. entered the ring with a Chair and a Gong-Bell, Tanaka called for the bell and ruled this match a DQ against King Harley. Commentator Roger Kent had a whistle that he blew because the Gong-Bell was in the hands of J.R. Hogg. 4:19

3. Stan Lane; DDT Pin over Timekeeper Mike George. Hans Mueller came to ringside but was stopped by Referee Henry Van Loon. Van Loon was trying to prevent the mess that happened in the last match. Steve Keirn also came to ringside while Van Loon was holding Mueller from interfering. Mike George was upset at Keirn and arguing with him from the ring and pointing at Steve. Stan lane ran over and performed a DDT on the Timekeeper. Referee Henry Van Loon turned around to see Lane pinning Mike George. 7:14

4. Luna Vachon; Lunasault (Moon) Pin over Dazzler Cindy Austin. Cindy received the Paul Bunyan Good Sportsmanship Award prior to the match from Sheriff Marge Gunderson. Luna got sick of the pre-match ceremony, ran over grabbed the plaque and threw it to the floor breaking it in half. After the match started Cindy had a good start and almost got a pin with a Flying Body Press. A Top Rope Jump proved to be he undoing as Luna moved and Cindy crashed to the canvas. Luna performed a Luna Eclipse (Splash) before finishing the match with the Lunasault. 4:12

5. Long Riders (Scott “Hog” and Wild Bill Irwin) beat Top Guns (Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes). The Guns had extra points added to their total after a Great Promotion for TV with Gene Okerlund. The Guns then used great double teaming that had The Riders confused. Double Dropkicks and a Top Rope Leap looked like the end for Wild Bill but the pin was broken By Scott who also used a piece of Chain to smash Derrick Dukes in the chops. Wild Bill used a Superplex on Dukes that got the Pin. 13:13

6. Big Scott Hall and Kim Duc; Double Count-Out. Kim Duc was caught with some Nun-Chucks and was seriously warned. The two big men had an even match until Scott used several Knee Lifts to the Chin causing Duc to bail from the ring. Hall followed Duc but was immediately double teamed when Buddy Wolfe, disguised as a Security Guard helped Kim Duc beat on Hall. Neither wrestler could make it back in the ring in time to avoid Referee Toru Tanaka’s count. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 10:57

7. Bulldog Bob Brown; Count-Out win over Tom Zenk. Zenk added extra points after the fans gave him a big ovation. Zenk was controlling the match until the action went OOR. Brown enjoys OOR Action but in this match he was being thrown to the Steps and Posts several times. Zenk was about to re-enter the ring when Kim Duc and Buddy Wolfe smashed him with a Trash Can and Chair. Evidently Duc and Wolfe were not happy with the result of the last match and decide to take it out on Zenk. Referee henry Van Loon had been dazed from a smash by both wrestlers a little earlier. Duk and Wolfe helped Brown get back in the ring. Van Loon counted Zenk out. 9:42
Big Fatty’s & Three Tomatoes presents;
WWF TV Wrestling (1985-86)
WLNH-TV Chan 9
River Valley KOC Hall – Lebanon, NH Att: 1,132

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi & Chuck “Popeye” Richards
Referees; Terry Yorkston & Tarzan Tyler
Ring; Maggie Dubois
Interviews; Dr. Thornton Poole; DAL (Doctor of Applied Linguistics)

1. Klondike Mike; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Aldo Marino. Mike was able to use his weight advantage, 320 Lbs. to 210 LBS, to control the game but overmatched Aldo. To his credit Marino was able to used several dropkicks to down Mike but he could not hook in his Drop Toe Hold finisher. After getting back on his feet, Klondike used a Running Splash and then a Guillotine (sometimes he calls it “ Rich Man’s”) Leg Drop to get the Pin. 4:25

2. Matt Borne; Backbreaker Slam Pin over Jose Luis Riviera. Riviera almost caught Borne for a pin after executing a perfect Double Underhook DDT but Referee Tarzan Tyler was out of place to start the count and what would have been a three count went for naught. Borne retaliated with a Skull Crusher then a falling Knee to the Throat. The Powerful Borne finished the match with a Backbreaker Slam. 6:04

3. Velvet McIntyre won by DQ over Monster Ripper Bertha Faye with Harvey Whippleman. The Monster Ripper gained some points on her total by attacking Velvet while she was being interviewed by Dr. Thornton Poole; DAL. Monster used a Trash Can Lid to beat on Velvet trying to injure her for the up & coming match. Bertha entered the arena carrying Harvey on her shoulder while listening to the booing. When Velvet came down the aisle Bertha and Harvey were shocked butMcIntyre the craft veteran was not about to be denied. Monster used he weight advantage to try and gain the advantage but Velvet had an answer for every move. Velvet caught Bertha with a Victory Roll and it would have been a sure pin. Harvey immediately jumped in the ring, pushed Referee Terry Yorkston aside and broke up the hold. Yorkston immediately called for the DQ. 7:11

4. Unpredictable Johnny Rodz; Diving Head Butt Pin over Bob Markus. Rodz like Iron Mike Sharp is very popular in this area. It may be that the fans recognize him from the many TV appearances so when they see him in person he is a sort of “hero.” Johnny did not disappoint the fans. Markus put on a good show with Whips to the Rope and several Body Smashes but in the end it was Rodz who prevailed. Following a Flying Elbow Smash Johnny hit Markus with a Diving Head Butt for the pin. 4:31

5. Blue Blazer; Moonsault Pin over Hafhif Khan. These two exciting wrestlers are newcomers from Stampede Wrestling. They have a minor feud. The fans immediately show hatred for Khan. Hafhif performed a Flying Forearm and a Falling Cranium Crusher that put him in charge. The Blazer who performed several aerial moves countered with a Running Skull Crusher that laid out Khan in the middle of the ring. The Blazer followed with a Moonsault for the pin. 8:19

6. The Hillbillies (Cousin Luke and Uncle Elmer) beat The Red Demon & Mr. X. Mr. X was able to use his speed to gain an edge with Dropkicks to the chops and The Red Demon came close to a pin after one of the Dropkicks when he followed with a Demon Drop on Cousin Luke. The pin was broken by Uncle Elmer who found enough quickness to reach his partner. Cousin Luke used a Mule Kick on Mr. X and tagged Uncle Elmer who performed a Leg Drop Pin. The Hillbillies danced to some fiddle music and the crowd joined in with clapping. 9:18

7. Blackjack Mulligan; Claw Hold Submission over Les Thornton. Thornton earned himself a match against Blackjack when he insulted the big cowboy during another show. Thornton was a commentator for British TV. Thornton was able to gain an edge in the match first with a Jump Kick to the Back of the Head. Blackjack was stunned as he fell to the canvas. Thornton used several Flying Dropkicks as Blackjack got to his feet. Thornton tried a corner smash but missed and slammed into the post. Mulligan took over with a Bullwhip Stomp and then applied the Claw Hold for the Submission. 13:43
Nathan’s Finest & The Shake Shack presents
WWF TV Wrestling on WGLY-TV Chan 21
Gibby’s Landing – Coney Island, NY Att: 1,956

Commentators; Slick Mick Kartch & Gene Okerlund
Referees; Mario Savoldi & Mike Sparks
Ring; Johnny Hooker Interviews; Five-Spot Charlie

1. Ben Bassarab; Running Powerslam Pin over Biff Wellington. Since coming from Stampede Wrestling Ben has made a terrific impression while Biff is still trying to find his groove. Bassarab had most of the advantage in this opening match. A Diving Cross Body and an Atomic Spike took Biff out of the match and set him up for the Running Powerslam Pin. 5:57

2. Sadistic Steve DiSalvo; Piledriver Pin over The Tiger – Bob Bradley. The Tiger had the match going his way but he underestimated Sadistic Steve who feigned an injury. Bradley climbed the ropes for a Tiger Strike (Rope Leap) but landed on Steve’s waiting foot. Steve performed a Charging Bull (Spear) and then got the Pin with a Piledriver. 7:42

3. Nasty Kat LaRoux with Mad Maxine; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Princess Victoria. The Princess dominated this match and finally caught Nasty Kat in a Indian Death Lock. This was a light’s out move that would lead to a Submission but Mad Maxine was able to break up the hold. This should have been a DQ but Referee Mike Sparks was distracted by Steve DiSalvo who was at the commentator’s table yelling at Mike. Kat with help from Mad Maxine took immediate advantage of the broken hold to use a Swinging Neckbreaker that led to the Pin. 7:49

4. The Moondogs (Rex and Spot) beat Diamond Edge (Al and Keith Diamond). The Diamonds used some of their speed advantage to gain an early advantage. After Keith hit Rex with a Kick to the Back of the Head the Diamonds almost had a win but Spot was able to break up the Pin attempt. The Moondogs used a Doubleteam Rope Burn on Keith and then Spot hit Rex with a Dog Bone to the Skull. Rex lifted Al for a Backbreaker that had Al Submitting. The Moondogs gave the fans a Howling Serenade then Ring Announcer Johnny Hooker announced that the Moondogs would be returned to the pound. 10:16

5. Swede Hansen; Reverse Neckbreaker Pin over Ted Grizzly. Grizzly tried to gain an early advantage by attacking Swede before the match. Ted performed a Body Smash but Swede stepped aside and Grizzly crashed to the floor below. After re-entering the ring Grizzly tried a Test of Strength that found him failing again. Swede used a Full Nelson Suplex that set up a Skull Crusher then set up the Reverse Neckbreaker for the Pin. 8:25

6. SPECIAL STIPULATION HANDICAP MATCH – Both Opponents to Andre the Giant must be pinned before Andre gets pinned or a 10 minute time limit.

Andre the Giant; Double Body Slam PIN on Mr. Hito and Makhan Singh. The standing room crowd at Gibby’s Landing came to see Andre. Notable fans were George Vessichio, MKABear, rickert46015, acomplitan, Tony Clifton and The Finucci Brothers. Hito and Singh tried their best to get Andre off his feet by punding away at the huge man. Andre took turns at throwing first Hito and then Singh across the ring. To their credit both came back in an attempt to carry the match to the limit. Andre performed a Body Slam on Mr. Hito and the was able to pick up Makhan Singh and Body Slam him on top of Hito. It left Hito in a bad position as Singh weighs in at 320 lbs. To add to Hito’s woe is Andre falling on for a Double PIN. (Note-I used Andre’s Point Total against Hito and Singh’s combined total.) 9:12

7. The Missing Link won by DQ over Ted Arcidi with Mr. Fuji. Arcidi used his power to try and wear down The Link and after a Rib Crusher and a Spinebuster Slam it look like Arcidi would be able to go for the win. After an Eye Rake Ted bailed from the ring. During OOR Action The Link slammed Arcidi to the Steel Steps and then to the Gong-Bell. Ted was bleeding as he re-entered the ring. Link choke Ted using the Ropes and then set up Arcidi with a falling Head Slam. Mr. Fuji knowing that the end was near tried to Throw Salt in Link’s Eyes. He missed and hit Referee Mario Savoldi. Referee Mike Sparks at ringside jumped in the ring and ruled a DQ in favor of The Missing Link. The fans were on their feet cheering for The Missing Link who had gained a massive following since discarding Bobby Heenan. 11:28
Maverick’s Saloon & Sanford’s Grub & Pub presents;
AWA House Show Wrestling (1980’s)
Grange Hall – Wheatsylvania, ND Att: 924

Commentators; Marty O’Neil & Lord James Blears
Referees; Bobby Whitlock & Gilles Poisson
Ring; Betty Ann Fitzgerald & Laura Kensington

1. The Gladiator; Coliseum Scorpion Bite Submission over Sodbuster Kenny Jay. The Gladiator attacked before the bell rang using a Forearm Smash to the Throat. The Gladiator wears leather straps on his forearms. Kenny was hurt and The Gladiator would take advantage. In spite of the early disadvantage Kenny was able to fight back and performed a Crucifix Power Bomb then a Running Knee Drop. It almost led to a pin but Referee Bobby Whitlock was out of place and didn’t see the pin. The Roman Gladiator responded with an Inverted Suplex then hooked in the Scorpion Bite (a One Legged Boston Crab. 6:22

2. Lord Zoltan; Falling Knee to Throat Pin over Tommy Jammer. Jammer had the edge in the match and after a Running Face Smash Tommy climbed the turnbuckle for a Suicide Dive. Zoltan was waiting with a fist fill of “Voo Doo Dust”. Jammer was blinded as he lay on the canvas. Zoltan used a Falling Knee to the Throat to get the Pin. 6:53

3. Sherri Martel; Diving Splash Pin over Pocahontas. Sherri was in a nasty mood as she refused a scheduled interview with Marty O’Neil for a TV promotion. Pocahontas took her place and was excellent. During the match Pocahontas used a backward Head Slam to set up an Indian Leglock. Sherri kicked Pocahontas in the face then used a Bulldog Headlock that left the Wyoming Indian dazed. As Pocahontas got up and leaned on the Turnbuckle, Sherri performed a Daving Splash that got the Pin. 7:48

4. Buddy Wolfe; Texas Cloverleaf Submission over Reverend Tiny Hampton. Reverend Tiny heard the cheers as he entered the arena. Buddy Wolfe held a fist to the fans. Wolfe who was admired for his scientific type wrestling at one time has since teamed with Kim Duk to plow a path of evil. This match had the wrestlers fighting OOR more than in and though they could have been Counted-Out, Referee Gilles Poisson allowed the match to continue. During the brawling in the aisle a fan who turned out to be Kim Duk interfered and slammed a Kendo Stick to Tiny’s back. Hampton fell to the floor. Wolfe and Duk dragged Tiny back to the ring then push him through the ropes. Wolfe re-entered and finished off the match with the Texas Cloverleaf. The fans were booing mainly at Gilles Poisson who clearly should have DQ’d Wolfe. 5:26

5. Asian Assassin Sato; Layback Suplex Pin over Armando Rodriguez. Rodriguez used his aerial tactics to gain an edge but a Top Rope Body Press found Armando crashing to the canvas. Sato took over with a Throat Drop onto the Ropes and then a Flying Knee Rib Crusher. After performing a Layback Suplex the Asian Assassin got the Pin. 4:56

INTERVIW CORNER with Marty O’Neil – Marty was interviewing Steve Keirn for a TV promotion. Marty mentioned the up and coming match that The Fabulous Ones would have with The Road Warriors who have destroyed every tag team in their path. Steve said that the Warriors were big and mean but The Fabs had the speed and know-how to overcome this obstacle. Nick Kiniski and Kevin Kelly came out from behind the curtain. Kelly held Steve Keirn while Nick slammed a Flood Lamp to Steve’s midsection. Steve Keirn was deducted 250 points for his match against Nick Kiniski. Steve was at a serious disadvantage.

6. Steve Keirn; Roll-Up Pin over Nick Kiniski with Kevin Kelly. Steve recoved some of the lost points by rolling on his Savy then Nick Kiniski had points deducted for having a Hidden Foreign Object that Referee Gilles Poisson found. Keirn held his own during the match although he was still feeling the pain from the earier attack. Steve would have had a Swing Neckbreaker pin but the match was settled by the UNUSUAL CHART. Kelly broke up the pin attempt and then was conferring with Nick. Steve ran over and used a Roll-Up to get the pin. The fans were on their feet loving the results as Kiniski and Kelly were protesting to Poisson. Gilles rolled up his sleeves more than willing to have a go at Kiniski and Kelly. Nick and Kevin wisely left the ring and retreated to the back stage. 8:23

7. Jesse “The Body” Ventura won by Count-Out over “Baby Bull” Leon White. The Baby Bull is one of the few wrestlers that Jesse Ventura cannot match for strength so he had to use other means to try and gain an edge. It resulted in The Bull using a choke slam on Jesse that came close to a pin. Adrian Adonis wandered to ringside and was distracting Referee Bobby Whitlock who missed the pin and only came away with a two count. Jesse taking the best road out bailed from the ring. Leon White followed and they brawled into the 2nd row. Adrian Adonis had to get into the action so he used a Folded Steel Chair to slam the Bull over his head. Leon crashed to the floor. Jesse was able to make to ring in time to accept the Count-Out win. 14:03
McKinney’s Pub & Sin City presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Porch Light Auditorium – Grand Island, NE Att: 3,368

Commentators; Lee Marshall & Ken Resnick
Referees; Scrap Iron George Gadanski & Marty Miller
Ring Announcer; Dream St. Rose

1. Pretty Boy Doug Somers with Sherri Martel; Running Shoulder Block Pin over Barnabus Buddy Lane. Barnabus made a good showing and he came close to a pin on Pretty Boy after a Head rammer and a Falling Axe-Handle. Unfortunately for Barnabus Sherri was able to break up the pin when Playboy Buddy Rose came to ringside and Referee Scrap Iron Gadanski was distracted sending him back to the locker area. Doug Somers took charge. He whipped Barnabus to the ropes and performed a Running Shoulder Block. Somers got the the Pin holding the tights for good measure. 6:08

2. Mean Mike Enos; Spinning Crucifix Pin over Rock & Roll Buck Zumhoffe. Zumhoffe came to the ring carrying a Boom Box that has become part of his makeup. He danced in the ring and entertained the fans. Buck also wears Elvis type clothing. Mean Mike who is ½ of the Destruction Crew with Wayne “The Train” Bloom was less than impressed. Zumhoffe used his speed to try and stay one step ahead of Mean Mike but Buck made a critical error. He climbed the ropes for a Top Rope Leap and then missed crashing to the canvas. As Buck got to his feet dazed he was hit with a Sledgehammer (Double Fist). The Spinning Crucifix was enough to get the pin. 4:25

3. Susan Sexton; Electric Chair Drop Pin over Magnificent Mimi. Susan took a serious fall from the ring after Mimi kicked her in the stomach. Somehow Susan climbed back in the ring and Mimi took charge. Mimi performed a Top Rope Clothesline and then decided to show off to the fans by prancing around and claiming that she was a Hollywood star. Susan had enough time to recover. She picked up Mimi for an Airplane Spin and then performed an Electric Chair Drop Pin on the dizzy Mimi. 7:59

4. Freebird Buddy Roberts and Handsome Johnny Starr; Double DQ. Starr tried to act mean by tipping over the Press Table and shaking his fist at the fans. The match was fairly even with Roberts holding a slight edge. The action went OOR where both wrestlers took turns at Step Slams and Throws into the Post. The match went to the UNUSUAL CHART where both wrestlers entered the ring with a weapon. Starr had a Trash Can and Roberts had a Folded Steel Chair. Referee Marty Miller called for the DQ against both wrestlers. 7:39

Ken Resnick announces AWA Champions at present time are;
AWA Champion; Vacant Verne Gagne vacated the title. It will be decided next month at the Chicago Stadium; Nick Bockwinkle vs Sgt. Slaughter.
American Champion; Larry Zbyszko
AWA Hardcore Champion; Bruiser Brody
TV Title; Brad Rheingans
International Champion; Billy Robinson
AWA Tag Champions; Blond Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens)

5. The Alaskans (Jay and Mike York) won by DQ over Dr. Jerry Graham Jr. & Bulldog Don Kent. Dr. Jerry and Bulldog Don were up to their usual antics. A match with these two seldom has scientific moves and this match proved to be no different. The Alaskans were able to get in some good tag moves but had to constantly fend off Eye Rakes, Rope Burns and Low Blows. Don Kent had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to beat on Mike York. When Jay tagged in the ring Dr. Jerry smashed the Gong-Bell over his head. Referee Scrap Iron Gadanski who allows a lot of leeway had enough and called the match. 14:16

6. Mr. Ryuma Go won by Count-Out over Mad Dog Vachon. Mr. Go was booed as he entered the arena while Mad Dog heard the cheers. Vachon who uses the motto “I Take No Prisoners” has a rough style of wrestling but he appeals to the fans. Vachon had the upper hand in the match but was warned about biting. This went to the UNUSUAL CHART. After a Piledriver on Mr. Go Mad Dog certainly had the pin. Larry Zbyszko was at ringside yelling something to Vachon. Mad Dog bailed from the ring and started fighting with Zbyszko. Mr. Go was able to get to his feet in the ring. Vachon was Counted-Out. 10:42

7. Bob Backlund; Atomic Knee Drop Pin over Soldat Ustinov with Sheik Adnan El Kassie. This was scientific moves vs power moves. Backlund had the Russian confused by performing pure wrestling moves. Ustinov was able to fright back with a Backbreaker that Backlund somehow reached the ropes for a break. Soldat got frustrated and tried to hit Backlund with a Chain. Sheik Adnan at the same time Threw a Fireball that blinded Ustinov by mistake. Backlund immediately used the Atomic Knee Drop to gain the Pin. 11:58
Mad Jack’s & B B’s Lawnside Bar-B-Que presents;
AWA House Show Wrestling (1980’s)
Heggs Hall – Rachael, KS Att: 1,382

Commentators; Lord James Blears & Roger Kent
Referees; Gary DeRusha & Don Lewin
Ring; Frenchy Winkler Interviews; Tina Vitale

1. Moose Morowski; The Claw Submission over Jake “Milkman” Milliman. Moose gave a scary but fabulous interview for a TV promotion. He had extra points added to his total although the egotistical Moose claims he didn’t need extra points. Jake had some offense going during the early match and downed moose with a Flying Elbow Smash. Moose responded with a Vicious Eye Rake that saved him from a near Pin. During a distraction Moose Smashed a Chair over Jake’s head and then applied The Claw for the Submission win. 5:06

2. Steel Tiger Spike Huber; Hard Hat Slam Pin over Jerry “O” Oski. Jerry who is the unmasked Invader has been using his real name lately but his luck has been limited. Oski was revenge against Jay Strongbow Jr. who unmasked The Invader a few months back. Oski claims that Strongbow has been avoiding him. Jerry should have been thinking about this match because Spike took advantage of Oski’d mental distraction. Huber who is very strong used power moves to set up Oski. After a Spinning Neckbreaker Huber performed a Hard Hat Slam to get the Pin. 6:39

3. Terry Gordy; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Gorgeous Gary Young. Gary got into an argument with a fan who was showing a Poster of The Freebirds. Gorgeous Gary wanted to rip up the poster but was stopped by Gordy who wanted to get on with the match. Young had points deducted from his total because of Gordy’s action. This irritated Young into some foolish mistakes in the ring against Terry. During OOR Action Terry slammed Gary against the Steel Steps then followed with a Whip to the Post after Young failed to hit Terry with the Gong-Bell. Back in the ring Gary had been weakened from the OOR Action and a Rib Crusher set him up for the Belly to Back Suplex Pin. 7:41

4. Bunny Love and Heidi Lee Morgan; Time Limit Draw. This went the limit with continuous action. Aerial Moves, Cross Bodies, Trading Slams with a Trash Can Lid and finally a Sleeper Hold that Bunny hooked in on Heidi just as the time ran out. This was wrestling at its best when they both used legitimate moves. The fans gave these two a standing ovation as the match came to a close. Unfortunately Bunny didn’t want to let up on the Sleeper Hols and was told by Referee Don Lewin that he would call the match a DQ. Bunny who is married to fan favorite Paul Christy had developed a rough style as of late. 10:00

5. Curt Hennig; Inverted Atomic Drop Pin over Jay York. York the larger of the two Alaskan brother tag team was able to get an early advantage but the clever Hennig mounted a comeback. This happened after Jay tried a Suicide Death Leap holding a Foreign Object in his fist. Hennig moved out of the way causing York to crash to the canvas. Hennig grabbed the piece of metal that had been held in Jay’s fist and now was on the canvas floor. Curt thought better about using it and performed an Inverted Atomic Drop to gain the pin. 7:12

6. Greg Gagne won by DQ over Pat Tanaka. This was a fast high flying match with Gagne having the advantage. Tanaka, ½ of Bad Company, with Paul Diamond usually relies on his partner and doubleteaming as a bailout. He became frustrated and used a razor blade or sharp object to seriously cut Greg. With the blood flowing Gagne’s vison was hampered allowing Tanaka to take charge. Referee Don Lewin had no choice but to call the match awarding Tanaka the win because of Too Much Blood and Gagne unable to continue. Referee Gary DeRusha, at ringside, immediately came in the ring aand conferred with Referee Don Lewin. They looked at a small piece of Razor Blade that had been dropped that DeRusha now held. Gary pointed at Tanaka and Lewin immediately reversed the decision. Tanaka who had been flexing to the fans went ballistic but his tantrums fell on deaf ears. 9:16

7. Adrian Adonis and David Sammartino; Double Count-Out. Adrian seemed to take this match lightly looking at Sammartino as the over puffed rookie son of the great Bruno. Adrian was in for a surprise as David used his power combined with some excellent technical moves to wear down Adrian. Lucky for Adonis that his tag partner Jesse Ventura came to ringside. David performed a Whip to the Ropes on Adrian and Jesse pulled Adonis from the ring. David followed OOR and was brawling 1 on 2. Jay Strongbow Jr. came running from his interview to help David. With the odds now even the brawl went up the aisle and to the backstage. Referee Gary DeRusha counted both wrestlers out. 11:53
The Wooden Angel and Roadhouse 19 presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WSVW-TV Chan 31
Steel Valley YMCA – Midland, PA Att: 1,148

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon & Mr. T.V. Jackie Pallo
Referees; Jim Kordaris & Bulldog Don Drummer
Ring; Nellie Thursday

1. Phil Lefleur; Sitout Powerbomb Pin over Goldie Rogers. Roger who is ½ of the Hard Knox Tag Team with Rusty Brooks tried to show how tough he is by tipping over the Press table as he came to the ring. LeFleur who is a newcomer from Stampede was not impressed. In fact Phil and Goldie knew each other from shows in Canada. The match was back and forth until Goldie tried to use a Chair to gain the advantage. Lefleur Dropkicked the Chair into Goldie’s face setting up the eventual end. After a Flying Elbow Smash Phil performed a Sitout Powerbomb to get the Pin. 6:48

2. Rene Goulet; Brain Claw Submission over Mario Mancini. The fans were well aware of Goulet’s past and he is certainly considered a Heel but they also didn’t know Mancini. Bottom line is that the Heel Goulet became the fan’s choice in this match. Mancini got a near pin after a Flying Body Press but the clever Goulet was able to kick out. Rene used a Rope Walk and Jumping Elbow Smash to set up Mario. After Goulet hooked in the Brain Claw the match was over by Submission. 5:40

3. Woman’s Tag – Team America (Misty Blue Sims and Heidi Lee Morgan won by DQ over Glamour Girls (Judy Martin and Leilani Kai). The fans hated the Glamour Girls and were booing as they entered the arena. Judy seemed to be all business but Leilani took offense and was arguing with the fans. Points were added to their total as Leilani ripped up a degrading poster. This was a fairly even match until Heidi caught Judy with a Flying Forearm and Misty was about to perform a Turnbuckle Superfly. Leilani reacted quickly by grabbing a Trash Can and entering the ring. Referee Jim Kordaris called for the DQ. 13:08

4. Charley Fulton and The Duke of Dorchester Pete Doherty; Double Count-Out. The Duke performed his usual antics before and during the match. The fans have grown to expect some fun during a Duke match. Charlie on the other hand is all business so this was a clash of opposites. Eventually the match went OOR where Doherty got hold of a chair and slammed it over Fulton’s head. Charley was injured as he crashed to the floor. Pete could have made it back to the ring but was sidetracked by to the refreshment stand where he got a Hotdog and Soda. The Duke was munching on the goodies as Referee Bulldog Don Drummer counted both wresters out. 7:51

5. The Young Stallions (Jim Powers and Paul Roma) won by DQ over Terry Gibbs and A.J. Petruzzi. Prior to the match Petruzzi tried to get a 2 x 4 but was stopped by Roma and warned by Referee Jim Kordaris. The match was controlled by The Stallions leading to Powers using a Running Power Slam on Gibbs. This was followed by a Diving Elbow by Roma. Before Roma could get the pin, Petruzzi enterd the ring with the 2 x 4 that was under the ring. Referee Jim Kordaris called for the DQ. 11:32

6. Makhan Singh won by Count-Out over Bad News Allen. Allen was able to use his strength to control the match. Singh who weighs in at 335 was frustrated and bailed from the ring. During OOR action a disguised fan smashed a Crow Bar to Allen’s leg. Referee Bulldog Don Drummer was out of view and didn’t see the infraction. The fan who was masked ran to the back of the arena and as he took off the mask it was Goldie Rogers. Makhan Singh made it back to the ring and Bad News was Counted Out. 8:51

7. Tony Garea and The Executioner; No Contest. Ring Announcer Nellie Thursday announced The Executioner’s weight as 271. The Executioner grabbed the mick and yelled 217. He stared yelling at Nellie but was stopped by Tony Garea. During the match Tony should have had a pin after a Flying Body Press but Referee Jim Kordaris was out of place and missed what would have been several counts. The Executioner had a Foreign Object hidden in his mask. It fell to the canvas and Tony picked it up. Referee Jim Kordaris saw Tony with the object and called for a DQ. Bulldog Don Drummer at ringside came in the ring and talked to Kordaris who in turn ruled that this was a No Contest. It was undetermined who brought the Foreign Object to the ring. 11:53
Cozy Cabins & The Cookie Jar presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling on WMC-TV Chan 5
Field next to Goober’s Tire – Spencer, TN Att: 670

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Frank Dusek
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Charlie Rentrop
Ring; Harlan Pepper with Hubert the Bloodhound
Interviews; Buck Loughlan

Joe Pedicino at the microphone. “Welcome to Memphis wrestling at Goober’s famous Tire Mart. Remember Goober’s motto “Don’t Tread on Me.” The current champions in Memphis are; The Heavyweight Champion; Austin Idol, The Southern TV Champion; Lord Humongous, The Southern Tag Champions; The Gibsons (Ricky and Robert), The ICW/WWA Champion; Cowboy Bob Ellis and the ICW/WWA Tag Team Champions; The Manchurians (Tio and Tapu) presented by Sputnik Monroe.”

1. Chief Thundercloud; Indian Death Lock Submission over The Hollywood Hippie. The Hippie put on a attention getting show prior to the match even calling out Andy Kaufman as being a phony Hollywood personality; “I am the real deal from the Coast. Kaufman is from New York and so is his friend Tony Clifton.” The Hippie had a few good moves in the match but after a Hollywood and Vine Throat smash he tried to pin the Chief while using the Ropes for Leverage. He was caught. The Chief responded with War Dance Chops and then the painful Indian Death Lock. The Hippie had no choice but to Submit. 5:37

2. Randy Colly; Knee Drop to Throat Pin over Vinnie Romero. Vinnie tried to use his speed and aerial attack to gain an advantage but the stronger Colley caught Vinnie during a Leap from the Top Rope. Colly took the match OOR where Romero was at a huge disadvantage. A Brainbuster to the floor OOR left Vinnie near KO’d. Colly threw Romero back in the ring then performed a Headrammer to the Post. Vinnie was out cold when Randy used a Knee Drop to end the match. Colly went on to become Moondog Rex in other Federations. 6:15

3. Women’s Match - Vivian St. John; Catapult Splash Pin over Penny Mitchell. Vivian was greeted with cheering surprising commentator Frank Dusek; “I didn’t think this crowd would even know her.” Pedicino responded; “They are not only aware of Vivian but of Penny and her less than honorable style in the ring.” Vivian had extra points added to her total. Penny gained an advantage by choking Vivian with the Ring Ropes. Mitchell performed a Spinning Back Kick that looked like a sure pin but Vivian was able to kick out at the last minute. The match direction started to change in favor of St. John who used a Flying Elbow Drop and then the Catapult Splash that got the Pin. 8:26

4. Koko B. Ware and Bounty Hunter #1 (Jerry Novak) with Cashbox Jim Kent; Double DQ. Koko had The Bounty Hunter reeling with Dropkicks and Flying maneuvers. Kent was getting frustrated so he tripped Koko on several occasions. Koko kept up the offense so Kent called Bounty Hunter #2 (Dave Novak) down to ringside. Bobby eaton who was being interviewed by Buck Laughlin also ran to ringside. Bounty Hunter #2 and Bobby Eaton entered the ring. A brawl started as expected. Referee Charlie Rentrop called for the bell and DQ’d both wrestlers. 8:32

5. The Young Lions (Steve Regal and Spike Huber) beat Terry Gibbs and the Zodiak. This was all Lions who used Top Rope Leaps and Flying Body Presses to wear down Gibbs and Zodiak. The Zodiak id desperation had a Sharp Object the he tried to use to cut Regal. Unfortunaately for Gibbs he was cut seriously by mistake. Referee Jerry Calhoun called the match for Too Much Blood. The Zodiak protested; “We had um. Gibbs isn’t bleeding that badly. I protest.” Calhoun ignored the Zodiak. Gibbs was taken out by the EMT’s into an ambulance. 9:41

6. Bugsy McGraw won by DQ over Phil Hickerson with Tojo Yammamoto. Bugsy who has become one of the most popular wrestlers took time to slap hands and greet fans on his way to the ring. This irritated Tojo and Phil who complained to Referee Charlie Rentrop. After the match started it was a power match without any finesse what-so-ever. Hickerson is about 300 lbs and Bugsy is not far behind. Bugsy had Hickerson lined up for a Running Splash when Tojo enterd the ring and hit Bugsy with a Sake Bottle. Referee Charlie Rentrop called for the DQ. 11:56

7. Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart; Meat Clever (Elbow Drop to Throat) Pin over Cocoa Samoa. Jimmy Hart was looking toward revenge in this match. Cocoa who was in Jimmy’s Family for a short time wrestling under the name Sabu the Wild Man (not to be confused with the later Sabu in ECW) had not fulfilled his contract to rid Memphis of Jerry Lawler. In fact Cocoa had become friends with Lawler, Jimmy Valiant and The Gibson’s. Jimmy wanted revenge. Before the match stated Cocoa was ambushed outside the ring (in back of Goober’s) by the Masked Super Destroyer. Cocoa chose to go to the ring and compete in the match but he was not physically ready. Abdullah was in charge from the beginning. He choked, bit, gouged eyes and used a Head Rammer through the Ropes to the grass down from the ring. Cocoa came back but was greeted with the Meat Cleaver for the Pin. 9:48
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