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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
Hi Everyone,

Here are my UQ Wrestling match results that were previously posted on the old Tabletop-Sports forum. I hope that you enjoy them. Smile

Thank you !

WWWF All Star Wrestling TV Taping - Hamburg Fieldhouse, Hamburg, PA. Att: 1,514.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Wee Willie Weber & Dick Woehrle

McMahon Voiceover: "The following televison program requires participatory viewer discretion."

McHugh: "Ah, now, Ladies & Gentlemen, this is All Star Wrestling promoted by Phil Zacko... supervised by the State Ath-a-letic Commission... Howard McCall is Chairman... Bob Patterson, Secretary. The officials assigned by the State Ath-a-letic Commission, the Chief Deputy Commissioner in charge, Nick Santoro... the doctor in attendance at ringside, Dr. George Zaharian... the timekeeper at the bell Mike Mittman... the referees for this hour of wrestling, Wee Willie Weber and Dick Woehrle... and my name is Joooooooooe McHugh.

The opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my right, from Panama City, Panama, weighing 220 lbs, Steve King. And his opponent, being led down the aisle by his manager The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, from Buzzards Creek, Oregon, weighing 271 lbs, Stan "The Man" Stasiak."

1. Stan Stasiak pinned Steve King with a questionable low knee to the groin at 4:21.

McHugh: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my right, from Turkey, weighing 260 lbs, Ali Baba. And his opponent, in the corner to my left, hailing from Krakow, Poland, weighing 285 lbs, "Polish Power" Ivan Putski."

(Putski takes the mic from McHugh and shouts "Polish Power !!" as the crowd roars.)

2. Ali Baba over Ivan Putski via Count Out at 6:51. Baba grabbed Putski by the tights and threw him awkwardly OOR. Polish Power landed head-first on the floor and could not recover in time to make Referee Dick Woehrle's ten count.

Voiceover Promo

McMahon: "Wrestling returns to Poughkeepsie at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center this Friday night, May the 25th. Scheduled to appear in Poughkeepsie, the popular Indian Chief Jay Strongbow will see action as well as Hollywood Fashion Plate Fred Blassie's latest find from the Yukon, strongman Louis Cyr. That's this Friday night, May the 25th, in Poughkeepsie. Great seats are still available !"

McHugh: "Ah now, Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my right, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing 256 lbs, here is S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones. And his opponent, accompanied in the ring by his manager Fashion Plate Fred Blassie, from the Wilds of Canada, weighing 265 lbs, The Wolfman."

3. The Wolfman pinned S.D. Jones with a lateral press in the corner and both feet on the ropes for leverage at 6:17. The Wolfman appeared to be biting S.D. Jones on the throat during the pinfall as Jones flailed away on the mat and bellowed in agony.

Interview Segment

McMahon: "Joining me at this time, Captain Louis Albano along with his tag team combination of "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant and his brother "Luscious" Johnny Valiant, who are having their problems as of late with one Louis Cerdan and Mr. Tony Parisi. The Valiants will be facing the tandem of Parisi and Cerdan later this month at Madison Square Garden."

Albano: "McMahon, I came out here several months ago and told you that the Valiant Brothers were the finest tag team combination that I have managed to date. They are poetry in motion. They are the roughest, the toughest, the greatest tag team in the world today. Just look at them. Speed... Agility... Power... Determination.... Intestinal fortitude... The will to win.... Physically fit.... Mentally competant... have you ever seen a greater tag team combination ? Answer me that, brother ?"

McMahon: "They are impressive, not withstanding, Mr. Albano, but are they ready for the likes of Cerdan and Parisi ?"

Albano: "Are they ready ?? Are they ready ?? Tell 'em Jimmy !!"

Jimmy Valiant: "Wooooo... Mercy, Daddy !! The Valiant Brothers, Baby, the Valiant Brothers !! We're taking the whole scene, Daddy !! We're bringing home the gold !! Mercy !!"

Johnny Valiant: "Studio 54, Jackson !! Madison Square Garden !! Lock up your daughters, New York City, because the Valiant Brothers are in town, Daddy-O !!"

Albano: "I am the Manager of Champions, McMahon !! I have the wisdom !! I have the tutelage !! I am the Guiding Light !!"

McMahon: "I'm sorry, Mr. Albano, but we are out of time. The Valiant Brothers take on Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi in just two short weeks at Madison Square Garden. Don't miss it !"

McHugh: "Ah, now Ladies & Gentlemen, the following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my right, from the Isle of Malta, weighing 275 lbs, Baron Mikel Scicluna. And his partner, from the Amazon Region of South America, weighing 240 lbs, the Golden Terror. And their opponents, in the corner to my left, introducing first from Aukland, New Zealand, weighing 242 lbs, Tony Garea. And his partner, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 248 lbs, Larry Zbyzsko."

4. Garea & Zbyzsko over Scicluna & the Golden Terror at 6:15. Garea with the Octopus (Abdominal Stretch) submission hold on the Terror.

McHugh: "Ah, now Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall or to curfew. Introducing first, in the corner to my right, from Venice, Italy, weighing 256 lbs, Dominic Denucci. And his opponent, being led to the ring by his manager Louis Albano, from Germany, weighing 282 lbs, here is Hans Shroeder."

5. Hans Schroeder over Dominic Denucci via Count Out at 9:05. Albano was a constant annoyance at ringside, blowing a whistle and getting in cheap shots as Schroeder distacted Referee Wee Willie Weber. Denucci finally had enough and chased Albano back to the dressing room for the count out.
WWWF (circa mid to late 70's) - Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY. Att: 17,431.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca
Ring Announcer: Buddy Wagner
Referees: Billy Caputo & Gilberto Roman

1. "The One Man Riot Squad" Dick "The Bulldog" Brower (w/ Captain Lou Albano) pinned Steve King with a Diving Knee Drop off the top rope at 1:33.

2. "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz surprised "Flying" Fred Curry with a Roll Up at 4:43 while Curry was helping Referee Billy Caputo get back to his feet after being knocked down in the action.

3. Dino Bravo & Dominic Denuccis defeated the team of "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe & "Dynamite" Jack Evans at 4:03. Bravo pinned Evans with the Airplane Spin.

4. Haystacks Calhoun pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna after a Corner Avalanche at 6:30. Scicluna accused Referee Gilberto Roman of a fast count.

5. The Valiant Brothers (Jimmy & Johnny w/ Captain Lou Albano) defeated Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf at 9:04. Johnny Valiant snuck into the ring and hit White Wolf with a Swinging Neckbreaker while Referee Billy Caputo was preventing Strongbow from interferring. Jimmy then made the cover for the pin. Loud "Boos!" and cups thrown into the ring at the victorious Valiants.

6. "Crazy" Luke Graham (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) over "Polish Power" Ivan Putski at 11:43. Luke got a knee up on a corner charge and pinned Putski in the corner while grabbing the ropes for leverage. Antonino Rocca was very upset when replays showed that Luke's knee hit Putski below the belt.

7. In the Main Event, Bruno Sammartino defeated Waldo Von Erich (w/ Hollywood Fashion Plate Classy Freddie Blassie). Bruno dominated throughout the match and reversed Von Erich's German Helmet smash while Referee Billy Caputo was down on the mat. Sammartino got the hated Von Erich to submit to his Bear Hug at 12:43.
Edited by GV on 03/23/2022
WWWF (circa mid to late 70's) - Westchester County Civic Center, White Plains, NY. Att: 4,867.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino
Ring Announcer: Gary Michael Cappetta
Referees: Jack Lotz & Tony Altimore

1. "Crazy" Luke Graham (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) over Johnny Rivera at 7:12. Luke pinned Rivera after a taped thumb jab to the throat. The fans chanted "Crazy Luke" throughout the match.

Ringside Interview - Vince McMahon

McMahon: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're trying to get a word with the Grand Wizard of Wrestling and his protege, "Crazy" Luke Graham if you will."

Wizard: "He is not crazy, McMahon !! Luke is as sane as the Superstar and I are !!" (The Wizard has to cover Luke's ears as the fans persist in chanting "Crazy Luke" )

McMahon: "It does not appear to me, nor to this capacity crowd here this evening, Grand Wizard, that Lucas Graham has all his faculties about him."

Wizard: "What does this mindless rabble know, McMahon ? I don't care what they think about anything !! All I know is about winning and that's just what we did here tonight !! Strongbow, the Polish fireplug Putski, Howdy-Doody Backlund and that spaghetti bender Sammartino had better watch out !!

2. "Chief" Jay Strongbow beat Jose Estrada via submission with the Sleeper Hold at 2:22.

3. George "The Animal" Steele defeated "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw by submission with the Flying Hammerlock at 5:12. Prior to the match, The Animal chased Gary Cappetta out of the ring before he could finish the introductions.

Ringside Interview - Vince McMahon

McMahon: "Ladies and Gentlemen, joining us now one Captain Louis Albano along with George "The Animal" Steele."

Albano: "Take a look at my champeen, McMahon !! George "The Animal" Steele !! A throwback to the Cro-Magnon Man of the Mesosaurus Era !! Look at the green tongue !! Look at the coat of fur !! Look at the rolls of flesh behind the neck !!

Steele: "Hey !! Hey, you !! (Steele gnaws on a turnbuckle pad that he tore off during the match. His tongue is covered with the foam stuffing.)

McMahon looks over at Steele and makes a sour face. "Mr. Albano, why is the tongue whipping about in a lizard-like fashion and why is it green?"

Albano: "The Animal has been diagnosed with a rare pituitary gland disorder by Dr. Rodney Papoofnick, McMahon. He is receiving electroshock treatments on a weekly basis."

Steele: "Hey, you!!"

McMahon: "It is true, is it not, Mr. Albano, that Dr. Papoofnick has a reputation of being somewhat of a quack in the medical profession ?"

Albano flies off into a rage. "McMahon, you've got the brain of a dehydrated bebe !! If we put it in a parakeet it would fly backwards !? How do you like that, Bumble Bee ??"

With that Albano storms off with the Animal in tow.

4. Mil Mascaras pinned "Butcher" Paul Vachon with a Diving Cross Body off the top rope at 8:19.

5. The teams of Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka (w/ Hollywood Fashion Plate Classy Freddie Blassie) and Steve Travis & "High Chief" Peter Maivia were both Counted Out at 9:35. Maivia and Tanaka battled it out on the floor and completely lost track of Referee Tony Altimore's ten count.

6. In the Main Event, Bob Backlund over "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (w/ Captain Lou Albano) at 20:34. Backlund with the Delayed Atomic Spinebuster for the winning pin. Albano ran into the ring after the bout and also got an Atomic Spinebuster from Backlund for his trouble much to the delight of the fans.
Edited by GV on 03/23/2022
WWWF (circa mid to late 70's) - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. Att: 16,538.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Dusty Feldbaumer & John Stanley

1. Pinky Larson over Louis Cyr (w/ Hollywood Fashion Plate Classy Freddie Blassie) by DQ at 7:38. Cyr brought a chair into the ring and stalked Larson with it. Referee Dusty Feldbaumer immediately signaled for the bell.

2. Sylvana Sousa beat El Olympico via Count Out at 8:48. Olympico charged at Sousa in the corner and was back dropped over the top rope. Olympico took a bad bump OOR and could not make Referee John Stanley's ten count.

3. Dean Ho defeated Doug "Gashouse" Gilbert at 6:20. Ho used a barrage of Karate Chops to pin Gilbert.

4. "The Iron Greek" Spiros Arion (w/ Classy Freddie Blassie) defeated "Irish" Pat Barrett at 9:46. Blassie got in a cheap shot with his cane while Arion distracted Referee Dusty Feldbaumer leading to the pinfall.

5. The team of Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi beat the Cross Bronx Express ("The Unpredicatble" Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada) at 8:13. Rodz submitted to Cerdan's Figure Four Leglock.

6. "Olympic Strongman" Ken Patera (w/ Captain Lou Albano) pinned Gorilla Monsoon with both feet on the ropes for leverage after Gorilla missed a corner charge.

7. In the Main Event, Pedro Morales over "Superstar" Billy Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) by DQ at 28:11. Graham choked out Morales with his own ring jacket leading to the disqualification by Referee John Stanley.
AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Showboat Sports Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV. Att: 5,235.
Announcers: Rod Trongard & Lord James Blears
Referee: Gary DeRusha

1. Ali Khan defeated Jake "The Milkman" Milliman with a chair shot at 7:12 as Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee distracted Gary DeRusha.

2. D.J. Peterson pinned Dennis Stamp with T.N.T. (Diving Shoulder Tackle off 2nd Rope) at 6:03.

3. The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) and Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) - Double DQ after a wild brawl which included Badd Company's Manager "Diamond" Dallas Page at 5:49.

4. World TV Championship Match for the vacant TV Title. Nick Kiniski beat Steve "O" Olsonoski with the Piledriver at 9:51. Kiniski celebrated in the ring with his Manageress Madusa Miceli and called himself "Canada's Greatest Athlete". Iron Mike Sharpe, among others, would take exception to that boast ; )

5. Sergeant Slaughter defeated Boris Zhukov. Zhukov's manager Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee had removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle but the strategy backfired as Sarge took advantage and rammed the Russian's head to the exposed steel. Zhukov was busted open and bled profusely. Referee Gary DeRusha stopped the match due to the blood at 4:12 and awarded the match to Slaughter.

6. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen defeated "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell in the Main Event with his Brazos Valley Backbreaker (Boston Crab ) submission hold at 13:36. Hansen had weakened Blackwell's back with several chairshots after DeRusha was knocked down during the action.
AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Wisconsin Center Arena, Milwaukee, WI. Att: 11,707.
Announcers: Lee Marshall & Verne Gagne
Referee: Marty Miller

1. Tom "Rocky" Stone upset Jammin' Mitch Snow with a Chair Shot for the pinfall at 9:38.

2. "Mr. Electricty" Steve Regal pinned Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe with help from his Tag Team partner "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin at 8:44. Garvin reached in and tripped Zumhoffe coming off the ropes as Precious distracted Referee Marty Miller.

3. King Kong Brody defeated Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris with his Delayed Piledriver at 4:30. Larry Nelson attempted to interview both Brody and his manager Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee immediately after the bout. Kaisee spoke in Arabic and Brody said nothing but "Huss !! Huss !!"

4. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel DeBeers defeated "Olympian" Brad Rheingans at 8:05. Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee slid a chair into the ring and distracted Marty Miller. DeBeers planted Rheingans with his South African Facebuster onto the chair for the pin.

5. The Long Riders ("Wild" Bill & Scott "Hog" Irwin) beat the High Flyers ("Jumping" Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne) via Count Out at 3:27. With all four wrestlers battling OOR, Scott rolled back into the ring barely in time to beat the count. Brunzell was not as fortunate.

6. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin defeated Baron Von Raschke at 10:42. With Referee Marty Miller temporarily KO'd in the action, Garvin's valet Precious threw a handful of powder in Von Raschke's face. Garvin then rolled up the blinded Baron for the pin.

7. "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyzsko pinned Nick Bockwinkle in the Main Event with both feet on the ropes for leverage at 13:16.
AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Duluth Entertainment Center, Duluth, MN. Att: 6,559.
Announcers: Al DeRusha & "Slick" Mick Karch ("Slick" Mick is pulling double-duty tonight. He is the Ring Announcer as well as the Color Commentator : )
Referee: Former Heavyweight Boxing Contender Scott Ledoux

1. "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers upset "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly. Kelly was flexing his muscles and posing for the fans when Rogers surprised him with an inside cradle for the pin at 7:19.

2. "Gentleman" Ken Timbs lost by DQ to Johnny "Crash" Rich at 10:35. In a pre-match interview with Larry Nelson, Rich challenged AWA TV Champion Nick Kiniski to a title match on next week's card if Kiniski got by tonight's challenger Tommy Jammer. Kiniski reportedly blew a gasket when he heard the challenge. He rushed into the ring mid-match and planted Johnny Rich with his Piledriver Finisher resulting in the DQ for Timbs.

3. Candi Devine and Sherri Martel were both counted out in OOR action at 8:42.

4. The Tag Team bout between The Original Midnight Express ("Loverboy" Dennis Condrey & "Ravishing" Randy Rose) and the Top Guns (Ricky Rice & Jon Paul Deman) resulted in a Double Count Out. Fed up with Paul E. Dangerously's constant interference, The Top Guns chased him around ringside until Condrey and Rose left the ring to protect their manager. Both teams were counted out in the confusion at 9:10.

5. Soldat Ustinov and Tom Zenk were both disqualified after both wrestlers took turns battering each other with Ustinov's Russian Flag which was at ringside. Referee Scott Ledoux had enough and called for the bell at 6:50.

Larry Nelson prematch interview with World TV Title Challenger Tommy Jammer.

Jammer : "Johnny Rich, I have all the respect in the world for you, Dude, but tonight is my night. I heard you say that you want a title shot next week ? Well, that match will be against ME, Johnny Rich, and not Nick Kiniski because I'm walking out of the Duluth Entertainment Center as the AWA World Television Champion tonight, Baby !!" (Loud pop from the crowd !!) Suddenly, Nelson and Jammer are joined by Kiniski's valet Madusa Micelli on the interview set.

Micelli : "Jammer, you're not man enough to take the belt off my Nick Kiniski tonight or any night and you know it. You're not even man enough to beat me in the ring, never mind him. Who did you payoff on the Championship Committee to get this shot tonight, that's what I want to know ?!!"

Jammer : "Now listen here, Missy, you best - Jammer is suddenly jumped from behind by Nick Kiniski !!! Kiniski grabs a potted plant from the interview set and smashes it over Jammer's head !!! A bunch of wrestlers rush onto the set to pull Kiniski off of Jammer.

Tommy Jammer will be -250 points for this title bout. (He will also be covered in potting soil ; )

6. World TV Champion "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Nick Kiniski defeated Challenger "California Kid" Tommy Jammer at 7:12. Kiniski's valet Madusa Micelli tripped Jammer coming off the ropes leading to the pinfall. Kiniski successfully retains the TV Title.

7. "Cool" Curt Hennig beat Leon "The Baby Bull" White by Count Out in the Main Event at 15:15. Madusa Micelli yet again interferred. After Hennig threw White OOR, his valet Madusa got into a verbal confrontation with "The Baby Bull". In the heat of the moment, White lost track of Referee Scott Ledoux's count.

Post- Card Announcement from "Slick" Mick Karch. "After reviewing both Nick Kiniski and Madusa Micelli's actions here this evening, AWA Commissioner Stanley Blackburn has ordered Kiniski to defend the TV Title against Challenger Johnny "Crash" Rich next week !! Don't you dare miss it, fans !!"
AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL. Att: 14,088.
Announcers: Rod Trongard & Ray "The Crippler" Stevens
Referee: Bob Warren

Trongard: "Hello everyone and welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling. We are live from the Rosemont Horizon and we have a tremendous card of wrestling for you this evening. Joining me to call all the action is my broadcast partner Ray "The Crippler" Stevens. Ray, you're no stranger when it comes to Tag Team wrestling. You've held the title several times over with such great partners as Nick Bockwinkel and Pat Patterson to name just a few. The Tag Team division is really heating up here in the AWA isn't it ?"

Stevens: "That's right, Rod. We have several great teams already here in the AWA and new ones entering, it seems, almost on a daily basis. Teams like the exciting Midnight Rockers, the Long Riders, "Diamond" Dallas Page's Badd Company, The High Flyers, and Paul E. Dangerously's Original Midnight Express are all competing for the uncrowned Tag Team championship. And I understand that the Texas Hangmen have just arrived to throw their hats into the ring as well."

Trongard: "Right you are, Ray, and we have Larry Nelson standing by with those Texas Hangmen at this very moment. Take it away, Larry."

Nelson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me now are Killer and Psycho, better known as the Texas Hangmen from Waco, Texas. From what I've been told you two are one of the meanest, roughest and toughest Tag Teams in wrestling today. And that you also don't mind breaking the rules to get your way. Your opponents claim that you should not be allowed to bring those hangman's nooses and cowbells to the ring, and that you use those masks that you wear to an unfair advantage. They say that you like to make illegal switches when the referee's back is turned because it's difficult to tell you two apart."

Killer: "The crybabies say that, Larry Nelson, because they need to make excuses when we beat them fair and square. We're rough and we're tough and we don't need to cheat to beat anybody. If you can't stand the heat, boys, then get out of the kitchen !! Tell 'em, Psycho !!"

Psycho: "That's right, Larry Nelson. We'll take on anybody, anywhere, anytime. We're from Waco, Texas, and we come up north to put a hurtin' on you Yankee dogs. They say we gotta start on the bottom because we're new here. Well, my partner and me are gonna make an impression here tonight starting with those girly-boys the Midnight Rockers !!"

Nelson: "Well, there you have it, wrestling fans. Let's go down to ringside for our first bout of the evening."

1. Boris Zhukov of Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee's Army pinned Jake "The Milkman" Milliman with his Shoulder Breaker at 7:11.

2. The popular Steve Olsonoski defeated "Playboy" Buddy Rose at 10:30. Rose leaned over to consult with his valet "Sensational" Sherri Martel who was at ringside and was cradled by Steve O for the surprise pin.

Trongard: "Oh My !!! Ray Stevens, I've just been told that there's been an attack backstage !! Paul Diamond of Badd Company has been busted open and laid out in the dressing room by the Texas Hangmen !! Diamond is clutching his knee and writhing in agony. He is being attended to by his manager "Diamond" Dallas Page and the ringside physician. We'll try to get more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, Diamond's partner Pat Tanaka is in the ring to face Greg Gagne in singles competition."

3. A concerned and distracted "Sensei" Pat Tanaka beat Greg Gagne by disqualification at 8:59. Tanaka connected with a Thrust Kick on Gagne and covered him to make the pin. The Texas Hangmen suddenly rushed into the ring and put the boots to Tanaka. The Hangmen then put their noose around Tanaka's neck, hung him over the top rope, and bashed him repeatedly with the cowbell until Gagne drop kicked both of them out of the ring. Gagne then attended to Tanaka. It seems unfair that Referee Bob Warren would DQ Gagne for the Hangmen's interference, but the decision will stand.

4. The Texas Hangmen (Killer & Psycho) defeated the Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) at 7:39. An enraged "Diamond" Dallas Page ran out to ringside mid-match and tried to hit Hangman Psycho with the cowbell, but missed and hit Marty Jannetty instead. Psycho then made the cover on Jannetty for the pin.

5. Rick Martel defeated Mr. Saito with his Quebec Crab (Boston Crab ) Submission at 7:55 despite Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee's constant interference.

6. In a special Grudge Match, Mad Dog Vachon beat King Kong Brody with his Piledriver at 10:04. Most of this bout took place OOR with both wrestlers battering each other with whatever objects they could get their hands on at ringside. Brody set up Vachon for his Piledriver, but Mad Dog backdropped out of it before connecting with his own for the pin.

7. In the wild Main Event that saw both wrestlers busted open, "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeated Stan "The Lariat" Hansen by Count Out at 16:21. With Referee Bob Warren temporarily KO'd in the action, Wahoo DDT'd Hansen on the concrete floor OOR. Hansen could not recover in time to make groggy Bob Warren's ten count.

Post Card Interview with Larry Nelson and a ballistic "Diamond" Dallas Page.

Page: "Texas Hangmen, you said you wanted to make "an impression" on the AWA !!! Well you got my attention and you got Badd Company's attention !!! The problem is, you didn't finish the job, boys !!! You know what they say - Pay back is a *bleep* !!! We're coming after you, Texas Hangmen, and you best have eyes in the back of those masks !!!"
Hi George, Thanks so much. These are fun to read

It's my pleasure, Alan ! Enjoy !

WCCW (Circa Mid 80's) - Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX. Att: 12,871.
Announcers: Bill Mercer & Marc Lowrance
Ring Announcer: Marc Lowrance
Referees: Bronco Lubich & Rick Hazzard

1. Brian Adidas defeated El Gran Diablo with a Russian Legsweep at 3:24.

2. "Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/ Jim Cornette) over Johnny Mantel with a Shoulderbreaker at 3:12.

3. Mike Von Erich defeated Kelly Kiniski at 7:30. With Referee Rick Hazzard knocked down in the action, Kiniski brought a 2x4 into the ring and stalked Von Erich with it, however Mike was able to Drop Kick the board into Kiniski's face and make the cover. A woozy Rick Hazzard crawled over to count the pin.

4. Texas TV Title Tournament Match. "Cowboy" Scott Casey (w/ Sunshine) over "Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez (w/ General Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 7:21. Akbar slipped Perez a roll of coins behind Referee Bronco Lubich's back. Perez then KO'd Casey with a loaded punch for what appeared to be the winning pinfall, however Sunshine pointed out the dimes spilling out of Perez's hand. Upon seeing the coins rolling around on the mat, Referee Bronco Lubich reversed his decision and awarded the match to Casey instead by disqualification.

5. Texas Tag Team Tournament Match. The Simpsons (Steve & Shaun) defeated "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer & "Maniac" Matt Borne (w/ Percy Pringle III) by Count Out at 10:21. In OOR action, Shaun Simpson was able to reverse Buzz Sawyer's head smash to the time keeper's bell. Busted open and blinded by his own blood, Sawyer was unable to find his way back inside the ring by Referee Bronco Lubich's ten count.

6. Texas Title Tournament Match. The bout between "Handsome Half Breed" Gorgeous Gino Hernandez (w/ Nicola Roberts) and Kevin Von Erich was ruled a No Contest at 14:32 after Referee Rick Hazzard was KO'd during a mid-ring collision between the two competitors. Hernandez and Von Erich continued to battle as the ring filled with wrestlers from the back trying to separate the two.
WCCW Results (Circa Mid 80's) - "America's Most Famous Wrestling Arena" The Sportatorium, Dallas, TX. Att: 5,167.
Announcers: Bill Mercer & Stella Mae French
Ring Announcer: Marc Lowrance
Referees: Bronco Lubich & "Reliable" Ralph Pulley

1. Red River Jack (Bruiser Brody as a babyface under a mask) defeated "Lone Star" Rusty Brooks with a huge Big Boot to the mush off the ropes at 3:23.

2. The Grappler (Heel Len Denton under a mask) pinned Spike Huber after a kick with a loaded boot at 7:57.

3. Jose Lothario and "Wild" Bill Irwin was ruled a No Contest by Referee Ralph Pulley after Irwin attacked Lothario from behind before the bell and laid him out with a vicious chair shot.

4. Texas TV Title Tournament Match. "Killer" Tim Brooks over Brian Adidas at 7:29. In an Unusual Result, Adidas celebrated prematurely after he thought he had pinned Brooks, however it was only a 2 count by Referee Bronco Lubich. The wily veteran Brooks took advantage of the moment and rolled Adidas up from behind for the pinfall to advance to the next round.

5. Texas Tag Team Tournament Match. The Pretty Young Things (Norvell Austin & Koko Ware) upset the Von Erichs (Mike & Lance) via Count Out at 9:01. With Koko distracting Referee Ralph Pulley in the ring, his partner Norvell Austin pulled Brass Knucks out of his tights and KO'd Mike Von Erich with a loaded punch on the floor. Mike was unable to shake the cobwebs out to make Pulley's subsequent ten count. PYT advances while the Von Erichs are eliminated from the tournament.

6. Texas Championship Tournament Match. The popular Iceman King Parsons defeated "Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/ Nicola Roberts & "Gorgeous" Gino Hernandez) at 15:21 to advance to the next round of the Texas Championship. Gino reached into the ring and accidently tripped Adams causing him to stumble right into the Iceman's flying Butt Bump for the winning pinfall.
WCCW Results (Circa Mid 80's) - The Oil Palace, Tyler, TX. Att: 8,094.
Announcers: Bill Mercer & Marc Lowrance
Ring Announcer: Doyle King
Referees: David Manning & Bronco Lubich

1. The Zulu Warrior over Thor by DQ at 5:57. Referee David Manning caught Thor throwing a handful of powder into the Zulu's eyes and signaled for the bell.

2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (w/ Nicola Roberts) defeated Private Terry Daniels via Count Out at 7:26. In OOR action, Jake clotheslined Daniels over the barricade railing and into the front row of spectators. Terry could not shake out the cobwebs in time to make Bronco Lubich's ten count.

3. Kevin Von Erich pinned "Wild" Bill Irwin with a High Flying Cross Body Press at 10:29.

4. Crusher Yurkoff (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) over "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas at 7:45. Yurkoff attacked Tony during a prematch interview with Marc Lowrance and busted him open with a foreign object. Tony insisted on wrestling the match despite his injury. Yurkoff concentrated his attack on the gash on Tony's forehead with repeated head butts and stiff punches. Referee David Manning had no choice but to call the match due to blood as Tony could barely see.

5. TV Tournament Match. "Master G" George Wells eliminated "Crippler" Rip Oliver (w/ Jim Cornette) with an Inside Cradle at 13:56. Rip sat up on his knees in disbelief after the pinfall.

6. TV Tournament Match. The Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey w/ Jim Cornette) over the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) via Count Out at 13:56. In OOR action, Cornette bashed Bobby Fulton from behind with his tennis racket while "Beautiful" Bobby kept Referee Bronco Lubich occupied in the ring. Fulton could not make the ref's subsequent ten count. Said Bill Mercer after the bout, "If I had a dollar for every time Fulton got hit by that tennis racket in his career, I could retire in luxury."

7. Texas Title Tournament Match. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/ valet Precious) eliminated tournament favorite Kerry Von Erich via Count Out at 11:10. In OOR action, Von Erich chased Precious around ringside due to her constant interference. Garvin came to his valet's defense by intercepting Kerry and then running him into the ring post. Kerry could not recover in time to make Referee Bronco Lubich's ten count.
WCCW (Circa Mid 80's) - The Sportatorium, Dallas, TX. Att: 5,088.
Announcers: Bill Mercer & Stella Mae French
Ring Announcer: Marc Lowrance
Referees: Bronco Lubich & David Manning

1. Jose Lothario over Sean Cody by DQ at 6:44. Referee Bronco Lubich caught Cody smashing Lothario in the chops with Marc Lowrance's microphone and immediately called for the bell.

2. "Killer" Tim Brooks defeated Dave (aka D.J.) Peterson at 4:29. Peterson missed a corner charge and ran full steam into Brooks' raised boot. Brooks insured the pin with a foot on the ropes for added leverage.

3. Brian Adidas beat Kelly Kiniski by submission with his "Oriental Tool" (Thumb to the throat) at 6:10. Adidas learned the submission hold during a recent WCCW tour of Japan.

4. The TV Tournament Match between Al Madril and the Grappler (Len Denton under a mask) never took place. Al was jumped from behind by the Grappler in the locker room prior to the bout. Madril was too injured in the attack to compete.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. The Dynamic Duo ("Gentleman" Chris Adams & "The Handsome Half Breed from Highland Park" Gorgeous Gino Hernandez w/ Nicola Roberts) eliminated The Youngbloods (Chris & Mark) at 11:20. Nicola bashed Chris Youngblood in the head with her high-heel shoe while Adams distracted Referee David Manning. Manning turned around in time to see Gino Hernandez making the cover on Youngblood and counted the pin.

6. Texas Title Tournament Match. "Ravishing" Rick Rude (w/ Percy Pringle III) defeated Kevin Von Erich via Count Out at 11:26. Percy Pringle was a menace throughout this bout. Fed up with his constant interference, Von Erich chased the manager around ringside until he was blind-sided by a Rude cheap shot from behind. Kevin got tangled up in the TV cables and could not get back in the ring in time to make Referee Bronco Lubich's ten count.
NWA (Circa Mid 80's) - The Omni, Atlanta, GA. Att: 16,325.
Announcers: David Crockett & Tony Schiavone
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referee: Tommy Young

1. "Flyin" Brian Pillman over Zan Panzer at 2:31 with Air Pillman (Slingshot Springboard Clothesline off the top rope).

2. King Curtis Iaukea (w/ Sonny King) defeated the Italian Stallion by submission with the Asiatic Spike (Thumb to the Throat) at 1:26. The uncontrollable Iaukea refused to release the hold and was nearly disqualified by Referee Tommy Young seconds before finally letting go.

3. Lazor Tron beat Ed "The Bull" Gantner (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) at 10:33. Gantner was cradled while conferring with his manager on the apron.

An Interview segment backstage with Tony Schiavone and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich was interrupted by an irate Arn Anderson who took exception to Rich's inflammatory comments regarding the Four Horseman and Ric Flair in particular. "Double A" tried to smash Wildfire with a folding chair, but the attack was thwarted and reversed by Rich. As a result, Arn Anderson will be -250 points for his upcoming match with Bill Dundee.

4. "Superstar" Bill Dundee defeated "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ J.J. Dillon & "The Rock" Ole Anderson) with a Roll Up at 8:49. After the pin, Ole Anderson ran into the ring and joined Arn in a beatdown on Dundee. Tommy Rich made the save.

5. Jack & Jerry Brisco beat the Assassins 1 & 2 (w/ No. 1. Paul Jones) at 10:31. With all four men battling in the ring and Referee Tommy Young desperately trying to restore order, Paul Jones tried to whack Jerry in the head with a trash can lid during the chaos but ended up accidently hitting Assassin #1 (Jody Hamilton) instead leading to the pinfall.

6. The Great Muta (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) over Kevin Von Erich at 8:42. The match appeared all but over when Von Erich clamped on his Iron Claw Hold in the middle of the ring, but Muta sprayed the mysterious green mist into Kevin's eyes and blinded him for the pin.

7. In the Main Event, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (w/ J.J. Dillon) defeated Tommy "Wildfire" Rich at 15:16. Rich had "The Nature Boy" cradled for the win, but Referee Tommy Young was preoccupied with J.J. Dillon. Arn Anderson raced into the ring during the distraction and reversed the cradle by putting Flair on top for the pin.
NWA (Circa Mid 80's) - James White Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN. Att: 7,961.
Announcers: Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referee: Sonny Fargo

1. Cougar Jay over The Spoiler (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) by DQ at 9:44. The hated Spoiler battered Cougar Jay unmercifully for over nine minutes, refusing to pin him by yanking his head up several times at the count of two. He then tossed Jay out of the ring and whipped him face-first into the steel ring post. Referee Sonny Fargo had seen enough and signaled for the bell. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Spoiler tipped over the gurney as Cougar Jay was being stretchered out.

2. "All-American" Ron Simmons pinned "Wild" Bill White at 5:00 with a Roll Up after White had missed a charge into the corner and found nothing but turnbuckle.

3. Johnny Ace over Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young) via Count Out at 6:36. Sweet Brown Sugar got into a confrontation with Manny Fernandez who had joined the announcer's table to do guest commentary for the match. Sugar completely lost track of the referee's ten count during the heated exchange.

4. "Hand's of Stone" Ronnie Garvin defeated "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez at 5:15. A bitter Sweet Brown Sugar hung around ringside after his match with Johnny Ace to constantly harass Fernandez. The distracted "Ragin' Bull" walked right into Garvin's KO Punch for the pin.

5. The Tennessee Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden w/ Miss Sylvia) beat the Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) at 6:32. Steve Armstrong was perched on the top tope to deliver a Missile Drop Kick onto a woozy Robert Fuller, but was pushed off by Miss Sylvia as Referee Sonny Fargo was being distracted by Golden. Armstrong took an awkward fall and was cradled by Fuller for the pin.

6. "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff (w/ Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khruschev) pinned “The Total Package” Lex Luger at 13:44. This should have been billed as a "Handicap Match" as it seemed at times as if Lex Luger were battling all three Russians. Luger needed eyes in the back of his head due to the constant interference of Nikita's Uncle Ivan and Krusher Khruschev. The distractions eventually paid off when Luger was blind-sided by Nikita's Russian Sickle for the pin.

7. In the Main Event, Tully Blanchard (w/ Baby Doll) pinned the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes in controversial fashion at 19:00. After Tully's Slingshot Suplex, Rhodes managed to get a foot on the bottom rope during the subsequent pin count but Baby Doll quickly pushed it off before Referee Sonny Fargo could see.
NWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, AL. Att: 10,571.
Announcers: Jess McGrath & Ed Capral
Guest Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referee: Stu Schwartz

1. Ron Slinker (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) over Tim "Powerhouse" Parker by submission with a Leg Grapevine at 5:42.

2. Kendall Windham pinned Snake Watson with his Bulldog finisher at 2:22.

3. "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan upset Konga the Barbarian (w/ No. 1 Paul Jones) at 5:31. Donovan used a Schoolboy Roll Up from behind on the Barbarian while he was conferring with Paul Jones in the corner.

4. Kevin Sullivan pinned Mike Graham at 9:22 after blinding him with a Fireball to the face. After the match, Graham had to be led backstage by ring attendants with a cold compress applied to his eyes.

5. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated the Kansas Jay Hawks ("Dirty" Dutch Mantel & "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers) at 4:41. The Rock & Rollers hit their patented Double Drop Kick on Jaggers for the winning pinfall.

6. Abdullah the Butcher (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) pinned "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant with a handful of tights at 13:57 after Hart tripped the Boogie Man coming off the ropes.

7. In the grueling Main Event, Mr. Wrestling II over "Terrible" Terry Funk with a Roll Up at 17:44 after Funk missed a corner charge and found nothing but turnbuckle.
NWA (Circa Early to Mid 80's) - Expo Hall, Tampa, FL. Att: 11,489.
Announcers: Gordon Solie & Buddy Colt
Ring Announcer : Dave Penzer
Referee: Teddy Long

1. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley pinned "Gorgeous" George South with a Super Kick at 3:05.

2. Don Kernodle over Stoney Burke by submission with the Cobra Clutch at 5:17.

3. The Mighty Wilbur defeated The Cuban Assassin by submission with a Bear Hug at 3:52.

4. "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson pinned the Great Kabuki (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) at 11:12. Kabuki tried to spray the mysterious green mist into Rocky's face but ended up getting Gary Hart instead. As Kabuki attended to his blinded manager, he was rolled up from behind by Johnson for the pin.

5. The Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering) defeated the Youngbloods (Jay & Mark) at 7:17. Animal pinned Mark Youngblood after "Precious" Paul hit Mark from behind with his Loaded Wallstreet Journal while Hawk distracted Referee Teddy Long.

6. Barry Windham over "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (w/ Krusher Khruschev) by DQ at 9:42. Koloff nearly had Windham beat after a Russian Sickle, but Referee Teddy Long was slow getting into position to count the pin. Khruschev hit Long with his Russian Chain in frustration thereby disqualifying Koloff. Teddy had to be helped backstage for medical attention. Buddy Colt donned a ref's shirt and left the announcer's table to officiate the Main Event.

7. In the Main Event, Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated David Von Erich at 14:25. A predominantly scientific match turned ugly as Lawler resorted to a Low Blow to double over David and then finished him off with the Piledriver. After the match, the arrogant Lawler put on his crown and strutted smugly back to the locker room to a loud chorus of "Boos !"
WWWF (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Capital Centre, Landover, MD. Att: 16,314.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca
Ring Announcer: Buddy Wagner
Referees: Wee Willie Weber, Dick Woehrle

1. Strong Kobyashi (w/ Hollywood Fashion Plate Classy Freddie Blassie) pinned Manuel Soto with both feet on the ropes for leverage at 6:46 after Soto missed a corner charge.

2. "High Chief" Peter Maivia over Tony Russo via submission with the Samoan Stump Puller at 8:35.

3. Tony Garea defeated "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe by submission with his Octopus Hold at 8:07.

4. Special Attraction Handicap Match. "The 8th Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant defeated Gypsy Rodriguez and Davey O'Hannon at 6:53. Andre caught Gypsy coming off the ropes with a Big Boot to the mush. He then Body Slammed O'Hannon on top of him and sat down on both men with a big smile on his face as Referee Dick Woehrle counted the pin.

5. The team of Dino Bravo & "Dynamite" Dominic Denucci defeated the Valiant Brothers (Jimmy & Johnny w/ Captain Lou Albano) at 11:30. With Jimmy Valiant distracting Referee Wee Willie Weber and Dominic Denucci caught in Johnny Valiant's Full Nelson, Captain Lou tried to bash Denucci with Ring Announcer Buddy Wagner's microphone. Denucci was able to escape the hold at the last second and Johnny took the full brunt of Albano's microphone shot on the jaw for the pin.

6. In the Main Event, Bruno Sammartino defeated Killer Kowalski (w/ The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) by DQ at 24:00. Kowalski constantly bickered with Referee Dick Woehrle over the Killer's ruthless tactics and frequent rule breaking during the match. Kowalski finally snapped and slugged Woehrle resulting in the disqualification.
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