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GV's UQ Wrestling Results
WWF Backlash Pay-Per-View Results (Attitude Era Late 90's)


Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL


Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler


Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Referees: Jim Korderas, Teddy Long , Mike Chioda, Tim White & Mike Sparks

*Opening Pyrotechnics*

Match 1

i.imgur.com/dET0xlO.jpg i.imgur.com/IdPdKYE.jpg i.imgur.com/tFhuHnr.jpg i.imgur.com/hLML5OB.jpg

The Nation of Domination (D’Lo Brown & “The Strongest Man in the World” Mark Henry) vs. Big Trouble (The Big Show & WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Boss Man)

Big Trouble earned 100 bonus heel points during a pre-match backstage promo when The Big Boss Man threatened to bash interviewer Lilian Garcia with his nightstick. The advantage was offset, however, and then some by Mr. McMahon’s corporate cronies Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco. Looking to lend a hand to McMahon’s personal enforcers, Brisco reached into the ring and inadvertently tripped The Big Show to cost Big Trouble 50 points. To make matters worse, Henry & D’Lo put a double-team beat down on The Boss Man while Referee Jim Korderas was arguing with Pat Patterson. All’s well that ends well, though. Mark Henry might indeed be “The Strongest Man in the World”, but The Big Show displayed incredible power by lifting the 360lb Henry off the mat with one hand and planting him with a Chokeslam to score the winning pinfall at 8:47.

Match 2

i.imgur.com/Mdrme8C.jpg i.imgur.com/mf1N8Ix.jpg

Stephanie McMahon vs. Trish Stratus (w/ Mae Young)

Both ladies are making their wrestling debuts tonight. Mr. McMahon has feigned support for his daughter to win this bout, but the truth is that there seems to be more than just an employee-employer relationship going on between the Boss and diva newcomer Trish Stratus. Vince secretly had Stratus train with former ladies wrestler Mae Young to prepare her for tonight’s contest. The cat was let out of the bag when Mae accompanied Trish to the ring and camped out in her corner. To add even more intrigue to the proceedings, Vince came out after the introductions and informed Referee Teddy Long that he was adding a “No Count Outs” stipulation to the match. Hmmm … Be that as it Mae (pun intended), Young’s presence at ringside paid immediate dividends. The veteran climbed up onto the apron and got into it with Teddy Long allowing Stratus to cheat and inflict 100 points worth of damage. Despite now being the underdog, Steph took the fight to her adversary and seemed to be on the verge of victory prompting Mae to interfere once more. Young appeared to stuff her hand bag with an object and tossed the loaded purse into the ring for Trish to use, but overshot her reach. Stephanie got to the bag first and clobbered Stratus with it. Unfortunately for Steph, Teddy Long caught her in the act and called for the bell. Your winner by Disqualification at 5:42 – a woozy Trish Stratus.

In a post-match interview with Lilian Garcia backstage, Trish was feeling quite full of herself and had the audacity to challenge WWF Ladies Champion Ivory to a title contest on the next RAW.

Match 3

i.imgur.com/gNXPyrj.jpg i.imgur.com/nJSunhY.jpg

WWF European Championship Match – Challenger Owen Hart vs. Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Manager Tennessee Lee)

Owen, a former Intercontinental Champion, was making his bid to unseat Jeff Jarrett for the European Title. Hart’s ring entrance drew a huge pop from the crowd to earn the challenger 100 bonus points and clearly established him as the favorite to take the contest. Owen did indeed seemed poised to reward the fans for their support and bring home the gold when he trapped Jarrett in his Sharpshooter submission hold, however Tennessee Lee (aka Robert Fuller) earned his keep to bail out the champ. Lee raced into the ring, took off one of his cowboy boots, and bashed Hart in the back with it to break up the hold and draw the DQ. Your winner by Disqualification at 9:11 – Owen Hart. Jeff Jarrett retains the European Championship.

Match 4

i.imgur.com/vUsAaKN.jpg i.imgur.com/NXddb6e.jpg

WWF Tag Team Championship Match – Challengers Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight w/ Manager Tennessee Lee) vs. Champion New Age Outlaws of D-Generation X (Road Dogg Jesse James & “Badd Ass” Billy Gunn)

There is a lot of bad blood to go around in this title contest. Southern Justice, formerly known as the Godwinns, have traded in their Arkansas pig farmer overalls for corporate suits and turned heel under the tutelage of Tennessee Lee. The duo ambushed the New Age Outlaws during a backstage interview on RAW and injured Road Dogg’s knee in the process. The Dogg gained some measure of revenge by returning the favor and injuring Mark Canterbury in turn with a crutch smash. As a result, Canterbury is less than 100%. Southern Justice will subsequently lose 25 points for this championship match. Tennessee Lee made his presence felt early in the contest with a cheap shot on Billy Gunn to cost the Outlaws 100 points, however Referee Tim White suspected foul play and banished the shady manager to the back for the remainder of the bout. Without Lee at ringside, Southern Justice struggled mightily enroute to defeat. Canterbury sustained a Double Hot Shot from the Outlaws and was pinned by Gunn at 7:12. Your winners and still WWF Tag Team Champions – The New Age Outlaws.

Match 5

i.imgur.com/8sJgbSp.jpg i.imgur.com/4MaZhwX.jpg

Hell In A Cell Match – “The Big Red Machine” Kane (w/ Paul Bearer & Mysterious Urn) vs. “The Phenom” Undertaker of The
Ministry (w/ The Acolytes – Bradshaw & Faarooq)

Cage Modifiers are the only ones that come into play in this brutal contest with both combatants earning 100 points in that regard. Kane received an extra 75 points by wowing the fans when flames blazed forth from all four turnbuckles upon his command during his ring entrance. This match was ultimately decided by some outside interference gone awry. Bradshaw had good intentions when he tossed a folding chair over the cage wall and into the ring for the Phenom to use, however Kane got to it first and decked the Dead Man with vicious smash over the noggin. To add insult to injury, The Big Red Machine then followed up with his own version of the Tombstone Piledriver (The ‘Taker’s famous finishing maneuver) onto the now dented chair to pin his older half-brother at 12:41.

Match 6

i.imgur.com/SikZCFW.jpg i.imgur.com/lgPQ4IH.jpg

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match– Challenger Hunter Hearts Helmsley of D-Generation X (w/ “The 9th Wonder of the World” Chyna) vs. Champion The Rock of The Nation of Domination


Special Guest Referee: “HBK” Shawn Michaels

Michaels is the real wild card in this deck. Is there truly a rift between he and his “former” best friend and D-Generation X partner Hunter Hearst Helmsley, or is it all a clever ruse ? The Rock must surely be pondering that very same question. Triple H played his part to a tee by cutting a scathing promo on both Michaels and the Intercontinental Champ during a pre-match backstage interview with Lilian Garcia. The rant earned him 100 bonus heel points. Chyna, however, gave half of that back with an errant clothesline that floored Helmsley after the Rock ducked at the last instant. Props must be given to HBK who called it right down the middle from beginning to end and showed no favoritism toward either competitor. Although it must have grieved him to do so, Michaels had no choice but to raise Helmsley’s hand in victory after the Rock became embroiled in a heated confrontation with former Nation of Domination leader and now Ministry of Darkness Acolyte Faarooq at ringside and was subsequently counted out. Your winner at 9:10 – Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The Rock retains the Intercontinental Championship.

Match 7

i.imgur.com/ro4TeHt.jpg i.imgur.com/S6sz5Ld.jpg

WWF Championship Match– Challenger Mankind vs. Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Mick Foley has many zany alter egos. Ironically enough, his Dude Love persona occasionally partners up with the Texas Rattlesnake to form a very potent and popular tag team combination. Austin is no fool, however, and he knows better than to trust Foley in all his bizarre forms and incantations. Mankind wasted no time in cementing his heel status during tonight’s Main Event by going right after Stone Cold’s bad knees and tearing off the braces that the champ wears during his matches. Mankind’s assault left the Rattlesnake hobbling for most of the contest and cost the champ 125 points, but Austin persevered to win the match and pinned his adversary with the Stone Cold Stunner at 11:34. Your winner and still WWF Champion – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
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