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RE; wrestling board game
I was wondering there are al;ot of great wrestling board games out there i have Legends of Wrestling , Ultra Quck Wrestling, TV Pro Wrestling and the old Pro Superstar wrestling game all great I just wondered what some of your favorites are and why Thanks
PAE Meeker91
Face to the Mat by Plaay Games. Story line is built in and it's pretty simple to rate your own cards.

I actually create my own storylines and use the highlight book as a added bonus sort of like a add on module
As with Downey games wrestling I make my own fed and add storylines to em. Like right now everyone is green as can be , I'm giving a point system and a letter grade ( everyone is borderline C then I go from there
I actually create my own storylines and use the highlight book as a added bonus sort of like a add on module
I had Superstar Pro Wrestling Game as a teen and then again as an adult, and had a lot of fun with it. I liked the way the matches flowed.
But the game I currently play is Face To The Mat from PLAAY. Mainly for the same reasons that Meeker mentioned. Plus seeing how the wrestlers' attributes affect the matches is fun too.
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