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Derek's [mostly 80s] WWF
Derek K
Match Day 35
Long Island Arena
Commack, NY
Referee = John Cone

Junkyard Dog v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: in a MD 34 tag match Sharpe placed Steel under the TB and JYD was KO’d, eventually losing the match. Here, Sharpe attacked JYD as the latter entered the ropes, but the brawler loves a good fight and fought Sharpe off plus some (-3 END Sharpe). This one ended early after a JYD DDT and pin. 1:06

SD Jones v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Valentine bashed Jones’s knee with a Sledgehammer on MD 22, putting Special Delivery out of commission for a month. This one was all Valentine, who performed a Vertical Suplex, Running Elbow Drop and Belly-to-Back Suplex. He earned the pinfall after a Back Elbow Smash. 5:16

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: on MD 32 the Iron Sheik evened the series at two wins each after a Camel Clutch submission. Garea was on fire early, hitting a dropkick, earning a pin attempt after a Moonsault and applying an Abdominal Stretch. The Sheik earned a DQ point for a Leg Scissors Choke, hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and grabbed some tights on a Quick Pin Move. But it was the high flying Garea who came out on top after a Diving Crossbody and a quick 1-2-3 count by Cone (pin 1-8, rolled 8). 7:16

The British Bulldogs v The East-West Connection: each of the Bulldogs won his singles bout against his counterpart, but here we have the first tag team encounter between these teams. This match was a classic. The Bulldogs hit a double team Piledriver + 2nd Rope Kneedrop on Jesse Ventura. Adrian Adonis and Ventura teamed for a Double Shoulder Block before the action went outside, where Adonis Body Slammed the Dynamite Kid on the Concrete and Slammed him through the Announce Table. Later, Ventura applied a Body Vice on Kid, Smith hit a Running Powerslam on Ventura and Adonis hit a pair of Low Blows on Smith. The Dynamite Kid put Adonis in an Airplane Spin. The Bulldogs teamed for a Double Delayed Suplex on Ventura and nearly got the pin, but he got his foot on the ropes just in time (pin 1-8, rolled 2 but 6 6-sided). Adonis returned, hit a Shoulder Block off the Ropes, exhausted the Kid with a Flying Body Press then hit his finishing DDT. Adonis covered, Cone counted, 1-2-3, the East-West Connection wins! Final ENDs were Kid -14, Smith -7, Adonis -5 and Ventura -11. 26:58

Ricky Steamboat v World Tag Team Champion Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: these two had a No Contest on MD 30 after the Omni concessions ran out of beer and the patrons rioted. Long Island officials ensured they would not suffer the same calamity by stocking the arena extra-full of Narragansett Beer. Savage pulled out his Electric Dog Collar early and shocked Steamboat. He hit the Dragon over the head with a Trash Can. A Diving Double Axe Handle by the Macho Man sent the action outside, where each whipped the other into the Ring Steps and Steamboat Slammed Savage through the Announce Table. Back inside Savage went for his finisher, the Diving Elbow, but Steamboat rolled out of the way, Savage hit the mat hart, and Steamboat climbed to the top and hit Savage’s move on him! A succession of powerful moves, a Kneeling Facebuster, Flying Body Press and Tiger Suplex, gave Steamboat an array of pin attempts, but Savage’s shoulders wouldn’t stay down. Savage responded with a Macho High Knee and the Diving Elbow, but Steamboat kicked out. A second Diving Elbow proved to be enough and Savage got the pinfall at 14:46. These two will meet again on MD 36 when Savage and World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco defend the World Tag Team Championship against Steamboat and his partner Ivan Putski.

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Champion Pedro Morales v Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Bob Orton: Piper lost the belt to Morales on MD 31. Here, Orton tossed the belt to Piper who bashed Morales on the back with it. Piper Hit the champ with a Chair and earned a warning from the referee. Cone warned him again after he spotted an Eye Gouge. Morales Rammed Piper into the Turnbuckle and hit s a Gutwrench Backbreaker. Piper performed an Atomic Drop and Neckbreaker. The match was tied at -3 END at the 9 minute mark. The two exchanged hard-hitting maneuvers, including a Gutwrench Suplex by Morales. Piper got into it with the referee and Orton saw his opportunity to swing the match by battering Morales. But the astute Cone turned around and saw the chicanery. He immediately called for the bell and disqualified Rowdy Roddy. Morales retains. 12:09
Derek K
Match Day 36
Walsh Gym
South Orange, NJ
Referee = Mike Chioda

Ken Patera v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Patera is now a face and facing a client of his former manager. The strongman performed a Military Press early and sliced Orndorff’s forehead open twice with Closed Fists. Mr. Wonderful showed he was no slouch in the strength department with a Sidewalk Slam and Stalling Suplex. An Orndorff Power Slam exhausted Patera, and he wasn’t able to kick out of a Small Package. Pin at 8:05. Post-match, Orndorff challenged Pedro Morales for his Intercontinental Championship, and Morales accepted, but only after Morales takes care of Roddy Piper.

Tony Atlas v Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: this was a good one. MR. USA hit a Samoan Drop, Side Slam and Running Shoulder Block. The Honky Tonk Man performed Shake Rattle & Roll and a Knee Left. At the 7:30 ENDs were even at -3. HTM made his move, landing a Diving Fist Drop, Honky Tonk Hip Toss and Diving Elbow Smash. Atlas responded with a Power Slam, Headbutt and Military Press Slam. Both men were exhausted. Atlas hit his finisher (Military Press Slam) again and covered, 1-2-3, Tony wins! 12:15

Hillbilly Jim v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: on MD 33 the big Russian got the pin on the big Hillbilly after a Heenan Fireball and Volkoff Bear Hug. Jim had the first couple of big moves in this one, a Vertical Suplex and Corner Avalanche. Al Kaissey was caught interfering and banned from ringside, and while Volkoff complained, Hillbilly Jim rolled him in a Small Package, but Volkoff kicked out. Volkoff hit a Choke Slam. Jim responded with a Kentucky Clothesline. Volkoff took control with a pair of Hip Tosses then his finisher, a Russian Backbreaker. Volkoff covered, Chioda counted, 1-2-3, Volkoff wins again! 7:33

Sgt. Slaughter v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Slaughter’s first match since MD 29 when he received a brutal beatdown from Bundy and Orndorff. Bundy had control early in this one, hitting a 2nd Rope Butt Drop and Atlantic City Avalanche. The action went outside where Slaughter saw and took his chance, connecting on a Cannonball that sent the behemoth crashing through the ringside barrier and into the timekeeper’s area. Slaughter got himself back into the ring as Chioda made the count, but Bundy was unable to, and Slaughter was ruled to be victorious via count-out. 3:50

Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: we don’t need to go over the history here-the Snake cost Hogan the World Heavyweight Championship on MD 34. Here, Bundy was still ringside when Hogan made his entrance, and he delivered a nasty Atlantic City Avalanche to the former champion (-4 END). The hard-hitting began right away, as Hogan performed a Power Slam and Death Valley Driver and Roberts a Running Knee to Head and Gutwrench Suplex. Roberts built on his momentum with a Gutbuster, Short-Arm Clothesline and Knee Lift. At the 8 minute mark Roberts had a -2 END and Hogan -9. The script seemed written. Hogan rallied, hitting an Atomic Drop, performing a Body Slam and landing Hulked-Up Punches. But Jake Roberts had other idea, connecting with another Short-Arm Clothesline and applying a Sleeper. When Hogan was unresponsive, Chioda had no choice, and called for the bell. The Snake wins by submission at 12:18!

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Ricky Steamboat & Ivan Putski v Champions Randy Savage w/ valet Elizabeth and World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: the faces’ pre-match interview was interrupted by Muraco who said Hogan does NOT deserve a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship and that Jake Roberts is ahead of him in line. He has a point but you have to wonder if he should have more immediate concerns, such as this tag title defense. Putski earned the 1st pin attempt in this match after a Body Slam. Muraco performed a Quick Roll-Up and Small Package. Steamboat applied a Seated Armbar to Muraco. While the action was outside the Macho Man impressed with a Diving Double Axe Handle from the top rope. The faces teamed for a Double Powerbomb. Steamboat hit Knife-Edge Chops and a 2nd Rope Headbutt on Muraco before trying for a pin after a Head Scissor Takedown. Savage broke up the pin attempt. It was getting late. Putski hit a Running Clothesline and Polish Power Slam on the Macho Man, but Savage was able to land a Diving Elbow Drop. He covered, Steamboat couldn’t break it up, 1-2-kick out by Putski! Savage performed a Gutwrench Suplex and Blatant Choke but the bell rang and Chioda declared the match a time limit draw. ENDs were even, with Putski -9, Steamboat -3, Savage -6 and Muraco -6. 30:00
Derek K
Match Day 37
Civic Center
Springfield, MA
Referee = Jack Doan

Dean Ho v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer entered this one on a 4-match win streak. Valentine went dirty early, Kicking Ho in the Groin then applying a Rear Choke, earning a warning from Doan. Ho later earned a warning for a Head Scissors Choke. Valentine followed up a Belly-to-Back Suplex with a Running Elbow Drop, resulting in a near fall (pin 1-9, rolled 10). Ho impressed with a Diving Headbutt Drop then earned a 2nd DQ point for another Head Scissors Choke. The crowd was convinced Ho was NOT choking Valentine and that the heel was conning Doan. Ho landed a couple more aerial moves before Valentine got him to the mat and applied his patented Figure 4 Leglock. The pinfall came soon after. Valentine is the victor. 11:39

The Dynamite Kid v Adrian Adonis: continuation of the feud between the Bulldogs and the East-West Connection. The patriotic crowd was not into the Kid and his Union Jack trunks (-1 heat). But he won them over quickly, sending Adonis over the ropes with a Dropkick, landing a Diving Axe Handle to the outside and Hitting Adonis with a Steel Chair. Back inside, Dynamite kept up the offensive, applying an Indian Deathlock and nailing a Snap Suplex. Adonis was in trouble but turned the tide as only a heel can, with a Low Blow, unseen by the clueless Doan. Adonis followed up with a Sit-Out Powerbomb and Release German Suplex. Kid hit a Superplex. Adonis hit a Shoulderdrop from the Top and a DDT. Both men were on the ropes when Kid performed a 2nd Superplex. He covered, Doan counted, 1-2-3, the Dynamite Kid wins! ENDs were Kid -7 and Adonis -9. 8:46

Special Delivery Jones v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Adonis was still at ringside stewing when Jones made his entrance. Adonis attacked him, battering him with the Ring Steps (-4 END). Jones started the match fast with 3 consecutive moves, including a Release German Suplex, but Koloff quickly turned the tide, catching SD with a Hip Toss then applying a powerful Bear Hug. Jones submitted at 3:07.

Junkyard Dog and Tony Garea v The Moondogs: on MD 34 the Moondogs intimidated the referee before JYD and Garea faced Koloff and Iron Mike Sharpe. Solid tag team encounter. Spot Hit Garea with a Chair. The faces teamed for a Double Back Drop on Spot then JYD landed JYD Headbutts. Rex grabbed a fistful of tights when he caught JYD in a Quick Pin Move but the attentive Garea broke it up. Garea had a near fall after a Tiger Suplex. Rex Choked Garea with a Chain and nailed a Bulldog. The match culminated with The Thump by JYD and he got the 3-count from Doan. The crowd erupted. 14:21

Jimmy Snuka v The Iron Sheik: on MD 23 the Sheik sidelined Superfly when he bashed him in the Knee with a Tire Iron. Snuka came out understandably hot, hitting Multiple Chops, a Running Clothesline and a Piledriver. The Iron Sheik was tired 3 minutes in. The Iron Sheik battled back with a Reverse Atomic Drop, Belly-to-Back Suplex and Vertical Suplex. But it was a Diving Headbutt Drop by Snuka that decided this one, and he got the pin and a modicum of revenge at 12:44.

NON-TITLE MATCH: Ivan Putski v World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Muraco berated the hapless ring announcer, demanding he be introduced as “the Magnificent World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco” (+3 END, +1 heat). Putski and his partner Ricky Steamboat wrestled Muraco and Randy Savage, holders of the World Tag Team Championship, to a time limit draw on MD 36. The oddsmakers had this one as an easy victory for Muraco. It was anything but. Putski earned an early pin attempt with a Body slam. He hit a Scoop Slam then applied a Headlock. Fuji inadvertently distracted his client, allowing Putski to apply a Bear Hug. A couple minutes later he caught the champ in a Bear Hug again. At the 11:30 mark Putski hit his Finisher, the Polish Hammer and covered. 1-2-kick out at last second (pin 1-9, rolled 10). ENDs were Putski +3 and Muraco -18. Putski had had 6 pin/sub attempts and the champion 0. Muraco rallied, applying a Boston Crab and, after Fuji used his Cane to Trip Putski, nailing his Hawaiian Hammer Finisher. The champion covered, Doan counted, 1-2-3, Muraco emerges victorious! 15:05.
Derek K
Match Day 38
Grand Prospect Hall
Brooklyn, New York
Referee = Chad Patton

Davey Boy Smith v Jesse Ventura w/ tag team partner Adrian Adonis: the Bulldogs look to continue their dominance of the singles matches between them and the East-West Connection. The crowd was excited for this one pre-match. The action went outside in the opening minute and Adonis nailed a DDT onto the barricade while Ventura distracted Patton. Back inside Ventura hit a Sidewalk Slam but it was Smith who showed his versatility, applying a Figure Four, landing a Running Clothesline and nailing a Running Powerbomb. A Smith Military Press Slam allowed him to pin the Body at 7:17.

Hillbilly Jim v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Sharpe applied a Sleeper and performed a Body Slam, Power Slam and Powerbomb. Jim connected with a Kentucky Clothesline and hit a Stalling Suplex. Captain Lou was caught grabbing the Hillbilly’s foot and Patton immediately called for the bell and DQ’d Sharpe. 7:09

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Ricky Steamboat and Ivan Putski v Champions Randy Savage with valet Miss Elizabeth and World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: these teams wrestled to a time-limit draw on MD 36. The challengers dominated this one. Steamboat had an early pin attempt on Savage after a Tiger Suplex. Twice the Dragon tried a Quick Pin Move with a Fist Full of Tights and on the second nearly got the 3-count but for Savage reaching the ropes at the last second (pin 1-5, rolled 5 but 6 6-sided). Putski tagged in and executed a Polish Running Clothesline and Polish Hammer. Muraco tagged in and hit a Running Clothesline of his own as well as a Muraco Stalling Suplex. Putski responded with a Power Slam and Putski Backbreaker. Both Muraco and Putski tagged out and Elizabeth distracted the referee and occupied Putski while the Macho Man and Magnificent Muraco double-teamed Steamboat. The faces could not be stopped though, and Steamboat performed a beautiful Flying Body Press on Savage and covered. 1-2-3, the NEWWWWWW World Tag Team Champions, Ivan Putski and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat! 10:48

Tito Santana v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the Russian attacked Santana with a Steel Pipe as he made his entrance but Tito wrestled the Pipe away and batter Volkoff on the back (-4 END). The action went outside early in the match proper, where Volkoff Slammed Tito into the Ring Steps then Head Rammed him into the same Steps. Nikolai felt some pain when Santana reversed a hold and Body Slammed him onto the unforgiving concrete. Back inside, Santana landed a Mule Kick and Running Crossbody before applying a Figure Four. Volkoff responded with a Russian Backbreaker. Al Kaissey got involved, turning on Volkoff and clocking him from behind. The Russian was out, Santana was confused but gathered his wits and covered. 1-2-3, Santana wins! What the what?!?! 8:30

Sgt. Slaughter v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: KKB was counted out on MD 36. This one was even in the 6th minute when Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff and Heenan entered the ring and battered Slaughter, drawing the disqualification from the referee. 5:55

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Pedro Morales v Rowdy Roddy Piper w/ personal bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: the normally restrained Morales attacked Piper while the latter was talking trash during a pre-match interview, going berserk (-5 END Piper). Early in this one Orton tossed a Fire Extinguisher into the ring but Morales retrieved it and Sprayed Piper in the Face. Piper KOd Patton and applied a series of illegal holds before the referee came to (-10 END Morales). At the 4:30 mark the match was even at -4 END. Piper was caught Gouging Morales’s Eye. He earned a pin attempt with a DDT. Morales then applied a Boston Crab and nailed consecutive Cannonballs. Morales covered after the first Cannonball but Orton dragged Morales off, unseen by Patton, resulting in a near fall (pin 1-11, rolled 1, in my rules when someone has a ringside associate a roll of 1 results in them breaking up the pin/sub). After the second Cannonball, unbelievably, Orton broke up the pin again, but this time the referee saw it and banished the bodyguard from ringside. Morales kept up the attack with three straight single point moves. The match was all but won. But then Piper connected with a wild Big Right Hand. Morales hit the mat hard. Piper covered, Patton counted 1-2-3, Piper regains the Intercontinental Championship!!! ENDs were Piper -19 and Morales -8. WOW!
Derek K
Match Day 39
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY
Referee = Justin King

Tony Atlas v Greg Valentine with manager Jimmy Hart: Each is on a win streak, with Mr. USA on 3 wins and the Hammer on 5. Valentine tried for a sneak attack during Atlas’s pre-match promo but Atlas was ready for him and hit him with a Side Slam. The match was solid with Valentine performing a plethora of his best moves, including a Pointed Elbow to Gut, Neckbreaker, Running Elbow Drop and Power Slam, finishing Atlas with a Piledriver and pin. 8:03

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: A Diving Crossbody gave Garea the pin and 3-2 lead in the series on MD 35. Garea applied an Abdominal Stretch and had a Quick Pin Move early, but the Sheik escaped. The action went outside where Garea Slammed the Iranian into the Ring Steps and the Iron Sheik Body Slammed Garea onto the unforgiving concrete. Back inside, the Sheik nailed a Power Slam and earned a pin attempt with a Flying Body Press, but Garea kicked out. Then the Hart Faction, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man and Hart Foundation stormed the ring and pounded Garea. The Sheik was DQd (giving Garea the 4-2 win in the series, a bit anticlimactic) and Junkyard Dog tried to make the save but was pummeled (he will be out injured for 3 weeks). 7:23

World Tag Team Champion Ivan Putski v Randy Savage with valet Miss Elizabeth: There is a lot going on here with a rematch for the tag belts scheduled for MD 42. The Macho Man tried a sneak attack pre-match but Polish Power thwarted it and delivered a Vertical Suplex. This one was over early as King got stunned after being in the middle of a collision. Savage covered Putski but was KOd by Putski’s tag partner Ricky Steamboat, who had run to the ring. The Dragon placed Savage on top, helped King back to his feet and pointed at the cover, and King counted 1-2-3, giving Putski consecutive pinfall victories against the Macho Man. Putski has to have the mental edge going into the title defense. 4:09

The British Bulldogs v The East-West Connection: On MD 35 the heels got the victory in the 27th minute. The heels were in control here, double-teaming for a Body Slam and Knee Drop on the Dynamite Kid, Adrian Adonis performing Short-Arm Scissors and a DDT and Jesse Ventura a Knee to Back and Turnbuckle Smash. But then Ken Patera jumped onto the apron brandishing a Branding Iron, swung it wildly, missing Kid but connecting with Adonis. Kid made the easy cover as Smith fought off Ventura and Patera got the hell out of dodge. It looks like Patera has reverted to being a heel, after an unsuccessful stint as a face. 8:10

Sgt. Slaughter v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: On MD 38 Orndorff and Heenan joined King Kong Bundy in a beating of Slaughter. The military man dominated this one, earning the pinfall after a Chest Breaker. Of note, King was hit during a whip to the ropes and replaced by Bruno Lauer.

Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: Not only did the Snake turn on Hogan and cost him the World Heavyweight Championship, he put the Hulkster down with a Sleeper on MD 36. With the champion Muraco having no interest in giving Hogan a rematch, another loss for Hulk would see him drifting further and further away from a title shot. That did not happen. Hogan put Roberts into a Canadian Backbreaker Rack, hit a pair of Stalling Suplexes and Body Slam, and got the pin after a second Body Slam. He didn’t even bother with the vaunted Leg Drop. Maybe next time, as I doubt he is done with Jake. 8:39
Derek K
Match Day 40
Worcester Memorial Auditorium
Worcester, MA
Referee = Tim Fuller

Tito Santana v The Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: HTM caught Tito in a Sleeper early but the face escaped. Santana applied a Figure 4 and hit a Running Clothesline. The action went outside where, to everyone’s surprise, the normally cowardly Hart cocked his fist and swung wildly! He missed Santana and connected with Honky’s jaw, laying him out. Santana shrugged, rolled him into the ring and got the easy 1-2-3. 3:36

The Dynamite Kid v Ken Patera: The Strongman unsuccessfully interfered in the Bulldogs/EW Conection match on MD 39. Here, Patera caught Kid with Swinging Neck Breaker early. Dynamite applied an Indian Deathlock and Patera just made it to the ropes (Sub 1-4, rolled 3 but 6 on the 6-sided). Dynamite landed a European Uppercut. Then all hell broke loose as the East West Connection and Davey Boy Smith descended into the ring area. Double DQ. 7:36

Tony Garea v Greg Valentine with manager Jimmy Hart: Boy was this a good one! Garea had the first pin/sub attempt with a Single Leg Boston Crab at the 10 min mark when ENDS were Garea 0 and Valentine -7. The exhausted Hammer was able to break the submission hold. Valentine battled back, performing 7 of the next 9 moves, all single pointers, before Garea surprised him with a Tiger Suplex, earning the match’s first pin attempt at 15 minutes. A minute later Garea applied an Octopus Hold and covered, but Valentine kicked out. The Hammer rallied, applying a Figure 4 Leglock, performing a Michinoku Driver and landing Knife-Edge Chops. At 18:30 ENDs were even at -16. Garea applied another Octopus Hold and this time really locked it in. Valentine couldn’t escape and was forced to concede, ending his 6-match win streak. 19:21

Jimmy Snuka v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Koloff overhead the commentators praising him pre-match and came in overconfident (-3 END). Snuka nailed an early Moonsault but the Russian performed 6 consecutive moves, including a Cobra Clutch, 2nd Rope Knee Drop and Sleeper Hold. Snuka came off the ropes for a Missile Dropkick. Koloff applied a Bear Hug and hit a Shoulder Smash. Superfly then took control, landing Multiple Chops, hitting a Flying Body Splash then getting the pinfall after a Knee Drop. 9:30

Sgt. Slaughter & Tony Atlas v Paul Orndorff and King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: On MD 38 Mr. Wonderful and Heenan joined KKB in a beatdown of Slaughter. Here, Bundy performed a Butt Drop from the 2nd Rope. The faces teamed for a Double DDT. The action went outside, where Orndorff Slammed Slaughter through a Table. Each tossed the other into the Ring Steps. Fuller hadn’t even started a count. Back inside, Orndorff connected with a Running Clothesline then hit a Power Slam. Slaughter tagged and Atlas came in hot, hitting a Samoan Drop then a Powerbomb. Mr. USA exhausted MR. Wonderful with a Military Press Slam and covered. Bundy was too slow to break it up, and Fuller counted 1-2-3. The faces win! 11:26

World Tag Team Champion Ricky Steamboat v World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji in a NON-TITLE bout: the Dragon dominated this match from the outset. He hit a Tiger Suplex and landed Knife-Edge Chops early. The champ was well on his way to exhaustion when Steamboat threw him out of the ring and nailed a Flying Body Press on the outside. Muraco may not have known where he was and seemed to shake off the prudent advice of Fuji to stay down as he climbed back into the ring before the referee finished the count-out. Steamboat then finished Muraco with a Body Slam, Flying Body Press, Karate Thrust and third Flying Body Press, getting the 3-count at 8:13. Steamboat and Putski have all the momentum going into the tag title match on MD 42.
Derek K
Match Day 41
Civic Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Referee = Brad Robinson

Tony Atlas v Paul Orndorff with manager Bobby Heenan: Quick match. Mr. USA caught Mr. Wonderful in an early Full Nelson but Orndorff got to the ropes to force the break. Heenan threw a Fireball that blinded Atlas, allowing Orndorff to hit his Power Slam finisher. Orndorff covered, Robinson quick-counted (pin 1-8, rolled 8) and this one was over at 2:36.

Hillbilly Jim v Iron Mike Sharpe with manager Captain Lou Albano: Sharpe was disqualified on MD 38 when Albano was caught interfering. Here, Sharpe hit some big moves early, a Running Knee Smash and Slam through Table. But after 5 minutes the match was even at 0 END for each. Iron Mike gained the advantage with a Power Slam and Body Slam. And though Jim did earn a pin attempt after a Corner Avalanche, Sharpe got the pinfall after an impressive Vertical Suplex. 10:43

The British Bulldogs v The East West Connection: The Bulldogs got the easy pin on MD 39 after Ken Patera botched his interference and hit Adrian Adonis with a Branding Iron. There was some hope here that these teams would develop a real feud, but after Davey Boy Smith pinned Jesse Ventura at 2:11 here after a Flying Body Press, I think that hope is extinguished.

Dean Ho v Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper with bodyguard Bob Orton in a NON-TITLE bout: Ho put up some resistance with a pair of Missile Dropkicks and a Hip Toss, but Piper controlled this one and put Ho down with a Sleeper. Robinson called for the bell at 10:39

Jimmy Snuka v The Iron Sheik: Superfly is still out for vengeance after the Sheik sidelined him on MD 23 by battering his knee with a Tire Iron. Both men hit some good moves early, the Iron Sheik a Short-Arm Clothesline and Body Slam and Snuka a Running Clothesline and Top Rope Body Press. Snuka nailed a Missile Dropkick and the Sheik rolled out of the ring and faked like he was done with the match. Snuka pursued him and ate a Big Boot. Back inside the Iranian performed a Reverse Atomic Drop. Snuka nailed Multiple Chops. Snuka dropkicked the Sheik through the ropes then Slammed him on the Concrete and into the Ring Steps. The Iron Sheik grabbed a Steel Chair and whacked the Islander. ENDs were Snuka -5 and the Iron Sheik -13 when it went back inside. The Sheik immediately nailed a Gutwrench Suplex and covered. 1-2-3, the Iron Sheik wins! 12:52. Fans will be excited to know that the next match between these two will be a Tehran Streetfight!

Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: these two are in a real feud after Roberts proved that he was indeed the Snake and turned on the Hulkster, costing him the greatest prize in wrestling, the World Heavyweight Championship. Here, Hogan blocked a pre-match sneak attack by Roberts (increase END by 3). The match was relatively even early, with the highlight for Hogan being a Uranage and for Roberts a Quick-Roll Up that Hogan easily kicked out of. Roberts hit what at first seemed to be an innocuous Atomic Drop, but Hogan bumped into Robinson, dazing him. Jake took advantage, grabbing a Kendo Stick from under the ring while the magnanimous Hogan attended to the referee. Roberts bashed Hogan repeatedly, until Robinson started to come to. Roberts immediately tossed the weapon to Hogan and feigned as if it were in fact he who had suffered the beating. Robinson fell for it, called for the bell and disqualified Hogan!!! 7:38. Hogan was understandably enraged backstage and complained to Mean Gene Okerland, demanding a No Disqualification match. To nobody’s surprise, except perhaps Roberts, President Jack Tunney agreed and scheduled such a bout.
Derek K
Match Day 42
Washington Avenue Amory
Albany, NY
Referee = Tom Foley

Pedro Morales v Nikolai Volkoff: Excellent opening bout. Morales picked up two early DQ points after Leg Scissors Chokes. Volkoff hit his big moves, a Power Slam, Stalling Suplex and Full Nelson Slam. Morales landed Repeated Punches to Face and a Hip Toss. At the 12 minute mark ENDs were even at -7. Nikolai hit a Russian Sickle then exhausted Morales with a Russian Backbreaker. Morales responded with a Rotating Punch to Stomach and followed it up with a Piledriver. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, pin, Morales wins! 14:30

SD Jones v Ken Patera: The action spilled out of the ring early and Foley was counting the wrestlers out when Jesse Ventura appeared and used Brass Knuckles to ensure that didn’t happen. The match continued with Connie Marker running down the ramp to take over as referee. Back inside, the strongman Patera performed a Power Slam before Jones had a pair of Special Deliveries, earning the pinfall after the second. 6:39

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH-winner earns Intercontinental Championship bout-Tito Santana v Tony Garea v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Valentine took the brunt of the offense early as Santana hit a Mexican Suplex and Running Crossbody to tire him at the 3 minute mark and Garea has a Running Forearm Smash and 2nd Rope Elbow Smash to exhaust him at 8 minutes. The Hammer then battled back, teaming with Garea for a Double Hip Toss on Santana and punishing Garea with a Neckbreaker. Valentine clobbered Santana with a Steel Chair then came down on Garea with a Bionic Elbow. Santana tried to pin Garea after a Flying Forearm but Valentine broke it up. Valentine and Santana teamed for a Double Powerbomb, exhausting Garea. Santana hit a Slingshot Suplex on Valentine but before he could attempt a pin the Hammer rolled out of the ring. Santana performed a Diving Clothesline on Garea and covered, but Garea kicked out. Valentine then surprised everyone with a Belly-to-Back Suplex on Garea and covered. 1-2-3 with Santana unable to get there in time for the breakup. Greg the Hammer Valentine wins and will face Rowdy Roddy Piper for the Intercontinental Championship. 15:58

Sgt. Slaughter v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Bundy has a pair of losses against Slaughter, a count-out and disqualification. He made quick work of the military man in this one, with an assist from Heenan. The Brain passed him an Ice Scraper, which Bundy used to rake Slaughter’s back. Bundy Whipped Slaughter into the Turnbuckle, hit a Bundy Splash and finished Slaughter with a Bear Hug and submission. 3:06

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Champions Ivan Putski and Ricky Steamboat v World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji and Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: The now-champions won the title from the now-challengers on MD 38. In the interim Putski defeated Savage in a singles bout and Steamboat pinned Muraco in a non-title match. This match was killer. Muraco came out like a barnstormer, hitting a Sidewalk Slam and Gorilla Press Slam on Steamboat in the first two minutes. The Dragon responded with a Running Knee Smash then tagged out. Putski caught the Macho Man with a Putski Running Clothesline and Bear Hug. The heels hit a Double Clothesline on Steamboat. The faces teamed for a Double DDT on Savage. Boy was this match hard-hitting! Savage had an awesome sequence on Putski of Scoop Slam, Diving Elbow Drop and Stunner, exhausting Polish Power, but he managed to get his shoulders up. Savage hit a Diving Elbow on Steamboat but the latter kicked out of the pin attempt. Muraco followed up a DDT with a Hawaiian Hammer on Steamboat. He covered, Marker counted, SLOWLY, 1-2-kick out just in time (pin 1-9 due to Marker’s downward adjustment, roll 10). Steamboat was able to tag out and Putski earned a pair of pin attempts with Scoop Slams but Muraco kicked out. Muraco nailed a Gorilla Press Slam but Putski kicked out fo the pin attempt. Savage tagged in, connected with a Closed Fist to Head, causing some color. It was the 30th minute of a 30 minute time limit match. Savage lifted Putski hit and planted him with a Vertical Suplex. He covered, Marker counted QUICKLY, 1-2-3 (pin 1-6, rolled 6) Savage and Muraco regain the World Tag Team Championship!!! ENDs at the end were Putski -13, Steamboat -15, Savage 0 and Muraco -8. 29:46
Derek K
Match Day 43
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA
Referee = Johnny Shorn

An INCREDIBLE night of professional wrestling!!!

Davey Boy Smith v Honky Tonk Man with manager Jimmy Hart: A promo of DBS doing charity work was shown on the Closed Circuit TV during his entrance, eliciting an appreciative cheer from crowd (+1 heat, +1 END). Most of the early action took place outside the ring, where Smith Slammed Honky Tonk Man into the Ring Steps and onto the Concrete. Back inside HTM applied a Boston Crab and DBS earned pin attempts with a Running Powerslam and Running Clothesline. Hart gave a Hammer to his client, who used it on Smith, unbeknownst to Shorn. Despite this, Smith applied a Bear Hug and nearly earned the submission but Honky Tonk Man broke free just in time (Sub 1-10, rolled 11). Smith then hit another Running Powerslam and went for the pin, but Shorn was distracted by Hart and Dynamite Kid (who had come to ringside after the Hammer incident) arguing outside the ring. HTM was able to reverse the pin attempt and use the ropes as leverage as Shorn turned around. 1-2-3, Honky Tonk Man wins! Great opening bout. 15:15

Ivan Putski v Adrian Adonis: The opening 6 minutes were all Polish Power as Putski performed 10 of the opening 12 moves, including a Running Clothesline and a Sleeper Hold. Adonis turned the momentum with a Low Blow then had a near fall immediately after with a Quick Pin Move with a Fist Full of Tights. Adonis hit a Shoulderdrop from Top Rope then had another near fall after a Sleeper. A DDT exhausted Putski and Adonis was able to pin him. 10:38

Hillbilly Jim v Iron Mike Sharpe with manager Captain Lou Albano: Sharpe earned a big reaction from the crowd when he mimicked Jim’s mannerisms during his entrance, especially the square dance he did upon entering the ring (+1 heat, +1 END). Sharpe whacked Jim with a Roll of Quarters in the opening minute but then the Hillbilly took control, performing a Vertical Suplex and Square Dance Irish Whip, among other moves, tiring Sharpe only 3 minutes in. Iron Mike executed a Vertical Suplex of his own then hit Hillbilly Jim with a Trash Can Lid, earning a warning from Shorn. While Sharpe argued with the referee Captain Lou battered the backwoodsman outside the ring with said Trash Can Lid, rolling him back into the ring when he was done. Sharpe immediately covered his exhausted opponent and Shorn counted to 3, giving Sharpe the victory. 8:53

Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Atlas v Paul Orndorff and King Kong Bundy with manager Bobby Heenan: There was a HUGE happening pre-match, as Bobby the Brain Heenan and Bundy announced a $10,000 Bodyslam Challenge, whereby Heenan would give $10,000 to any wrestler that bodyslammed the behemoth in a sanctioned match. Heenan even opened a briefcase filled with cold hard cash. Slaughter and Ordorff began the bout, and the military veteran dominated, applying a Camel Clutch and hitting a Stalling Suplex and Sidewalk Slam. Bundy and Atlas tagged in and the big man asserted his dominance, hitting a Bundy Bodyslam, bashing Mr. USA with a Trash Can, and teaming with Orndorff for a Double DDT. The finishing sequence saw Atlas Powerbomb and Scoop Slam Orndorff, then hit him with a devastating Military Press Slam. Bundy was unable to break up the pin and the faces earned the victory. Post-match, President Jack Tunney was so impressed that he announced a title bout for Slaughter and Atlas against the World Tag Team Champions, the Macho Man and Magnificent Muraco (also the World Heavyweight Champion). 12:45

Ricky Steamboat v Randy Savage (World Tag Team Champion) with valet Miss Elizabeth: There was a Special Stipulation for this one –if the Dragon could pin or submit the Macho Man, he would receive a title bout with Savage’s partner, the World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco, a man he pinned in a non-title singles bout on MD 40. Steamboat was strong out the gate, performing the opening 6 moves, including a Quick Roll-Up that Savage kicked out of. The Macho Man tried to turn the tide with a Blatant Choke and Scoop Slam. Steamboat hit a Flying Body Press and covered, but Elizabeth intervened, putting Savage’s leg on the ropes and calling Shorn’s attention to it. Savage executed a Hair-Pull Hangman and Steamboat a Bodyslam. Another Blatant Choke earned a DQ point for the Macho Man. Steamboat followed up a Swinging Neckbreaker with another Flying Body Press and covered, but the exhausted Savage was able to get his shoulder up. Savage then rallied, performing 6 moves in a row including a Vertical Suplex and a Piledriver. He covered, 1-2-3, Savage wins, preventing the Dragon from a World Heavyweight Championship bout. 13:38

TEHRAN STREETFIGHT – Jimmy Snuka v The Iron Sheik: This feud began on MD 23 when the Sheik took a Tire Iron to Superfly’s Knee, putting him out of commission for a month. The Iron Sheik opened the match with a pair of unsuccessful Quick Pin Moves, but Snuka wasn’t going to allow this match to end like that. Nikolai Volkoff, the Sheik’s former tag team partner, popped out from under the ring, dragged Snuka outside, and delivered a Front Kick. While the Iranian and Russian posed and pontificated, Snuka set up a Ladder outside the ring. The Sheik went through the ropes but Snuka was ready, Slamming him into the Ring Steps and then through the Announce Table. Tito Santana appeared and intervened, grabbing the Iron Sheik and allowing Snuka to nail a Knee Drop. Volkoff pulled Brass Knuckles out of his trunks and tossed them to his comrade, but they slipped through the Iron Sheik’s hands. Snuka grabbed and used them, battering Sheik’s forehead. Snuka Clotheslined the Iron Sheik over the Guard Rail and into the Audience, and things really got nuts. Snuka applied a Brain Claw but Sheik escaped and Body Slammed Snuka onto the unforgiving concrete stairs. Snuka though wowed the crowd with a Flying Body Splash from the Stair Rail. The action moved back ringside where the Iron Sheik Slammed Snuka through the Ladder Snuka had set up. The Sheik rolled Snuka back in and covered but Superfly kicked out. The Iron Sheik Slammed the Polynesian through a Table and hit a Gutwrench Suplex but was still unable to get the pinfall. The Sheik then hit a 3-move sequence of Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Vertical Suplex and Throat Thrust. Surely that would be it!?!? NO! Snuka got his shoulder up. ENDs were Snuka -24 and Sheik -23 at 18:30. Snuka hit another Flying Body Press and covered, but it was the Sheik’s turn to kick out. Finally, the pivotal move happened, a Scoop Slam from Snuka, who hooked both legs as he covered, and Shorn counted 1-2-3, giving Superfly the huge victory. 20:31
Derek K
Match Day 44
Boston Garden
Boston, MA
Referee = Ralph Hamilton

Tony Atlas v World Tag Team Champion Randy Savage with valet Elizabeth: We have a tag title bout on MD 45. Atlas performed Gorilla Press Slam and landed a big Headbutt early, and Savage hit a Release German Suplex. The action went outside where each man showed his power with a Slam on Concrete. The Macho Man Hit Mr. USA with a Steel Chair. Back inside Elizabeth distracted Hamilton allowing Savage to hit a Gutwrench Suplex. Savage went to the top rope and connected with a Diving Elbow Drop. Cover, 1-2-3, win for the Macho Man. 9:00

Special Delivery Jones v Jesse Ventura: The Body interfered in Jones’s bout with Ken Patera on MD 42. Here, Jones was sent to ropes and had a pin attempt with a Flying Body Press. A Running Clothesline had the crowd on his side. But Ventura then clamped on a Sleeper and Hamilton called for the bell at 2:02.

The British Bulldogs v The Moondogs: the Bulldogs offered pre-match handshakes but Spot responded by Piledriving Davey Boy Smith. The Moondogs opened with a double-team Double Backbreaker on Smith, tiring him. Kid came in and hit a Running Powerslam. Spot tagged in and performed a Running Powerslam before Hamilton was accidentally hit in the head by Dynamite Kid. There was no ref for a couple of minutes, which allowed Rex to Choke with Chain with impunity. Tom Hamilton finally raced down as the replacement ref. Kid grabbed some tights as he tried to pin Rex but Spot broke it up. Spot bashed Kid with a Trash Can Lid and applied a Reverse Chin Lock. A Sitout Face Crusher earned a big pop and tired Dynamite. The action went outside where Kid Slammed Spot on the Concrete. Back inside Smith tagged back in and followed up a Leaping Headbutt with a Diving Headbutt. He covered, Kid took care of an onrushing Rex, and Tom Hamilton counted to 3. 13:35

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Champion Roddy Piper with personal bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton v Greg Valentine with manager Jimmy Hart: The Hammer earned this title match after winning a triple threat bout. The early moments of this one had the wrestlers feeling each other out. Piper had a Fireman’s Carry and Neckbreaker and Valentine a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Jimmy Hart tossed the championship belt to his client then distracted Hamilton while Valentine Battered the champion with it. The first attempts to win the match came in the 11th minute after a Valentine Powerbomb and Piper Big Right Hand. Piper hit a Bulldog and covered anew. 1-2-Hart pulls the ref out!!! (the way I play when wrestler being pinned/subbed has a ringside ally, that ally breaks up the pin/sub attempt on a roll of 1 on 20-sided). Hamilton couldn’t help but notice and gave a warning but the match continued. Outside the ring, Valentine was caught when he attempted a Boot to Face and begging for mercy, but Piper Kicked him in the Groin. Hart inadvertently distracted the Hammer, allowing Piper to apply a Sleeper and drag Valentine back into the ring. Valentine was able to break the hold. At the 13 minute mark ENDs were Piper -4 and Valentine -19. Valentine rallied with a pair of single point moves followed by a Figure 4. He squeezed and tried to force a submission but the exhausted Piper was able to break out of the hold. Piper turned the momentum back with an Eye Gouge, earning a DQ point of his own. Piper caught Valentine with another Sleeper but Valentine broke the hold again (sub 1-10, rolled 17). Valentine then surprised everyone, most importantly the champion, with a devastating Neckbreaker and covered. Hamilton went to the mat and quick-counted 1-2-3 (pin 1-8, rolled ). Greg Valentine is the new Intercontinental Champion!!! 16:54

Non-title match – Sgt. Slaughter v World Heavyweight Champion (and World Tag Team Champion) Don Muraco with manager Mr. Fuji: There is a tag title match scheduled for MD 45. This one was pretty quick. Fuji was caught interfering and banned from ringside. Muraco disputed the decision with the referee and Slaughter, thinking on his feet, rolled him up in a Small Package and got the 3-count from Hamilton. Another loss by Muraco in a non-title bout. He hasn’t defended the title yet and seems determined not to do so. 5:03

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH – Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: These two enemies wasted no time, battering each other from the outset. Hogan had a pair of early Body Slams and Roberts a Running Clothesline and Bulldog. Hogan connected with some Hulked-Up Punches. A new wrestler, Steve Keirn, appeared on the apron and distracted the referee, allowing the Snake to wield an Iron Pipe, which Hogan took away from him and used. Never mind the fact that this is a No DQ bout and a distracted wasn’t needed. This is professional wrestling; everything doesn’t need to make sense, just like real life. Hogan took advantage of another Keirn distraction to pick up and Body Slam Roberts, resulting in a near fall. Roberts rallied with three straight single point maneuvers and set up for a DDT, but Hogan reversed and hit an Atomic Drop. He covered, Hamilton counted, 1-2-3, Hogan wins! Solid match but it didn’t get as nasty or bloody as one hoped, so I don’t think this feud is quite done. 9:52

It should be noted that throughout the night a new event entitled Wrestlemania was marketed. It is to take place on MD 50 at Madison Square Garden.
Derek K
Match Day 45
Referee = Charles Robinson
Waterbury Police Activity League
Waterbury, CT

Dynamite Kid v Honky Tonk Man with manager Jimmy Hart: HTM was joined by Greg Valentine and the Hart Foundation for a sneak attack on Kid on the entrance ramp (-5 END). In the match proper, Dynamite Kid had a sweet early sequence of Front Dropkick, European Uppercut, Pendulum Backbreaker and Top Rope Kneedrop, tiring HTM in the 4th minute. Hart tossed a Fan’s Beer Bottle to Honky Tonk and he used it on Kid’s head. A little while later he Smashed his Guitar over Dynamite, drawing a warning from Robinson. Hart Tripped Dynamite on a whip to the ropes and Honky Tonk immediately covered. Robinson quick-counted (pin 1-8, rolled 8) and HTM got the pinfall victory. 8:47

Brutus Beefcake v King Kong Bundy with manager Bobby Heenan: This was Beefcake’s first bout since he landed awkwardly executing a Flying Elbow against Bundy on MD 26. There was an elaborate entrance by Bundy, with Heenan reminding the crowd of the $10,000 Body Slam Challenge and flashing the briefcase allegedly filled with the cash. Finally, the match began, and Brutus rolled Bundy up in a Small Package and Robinson [again] quick-counted (pin 1-3, rolled 3) and the match was over in 34 seconds, with Beefcake the surprising victor. And embarrassed Bundy pounded on the ropes and an apoplectic Heenan complained to the ref while Beefcake got out of dodge.

Tito Santana v Paul Orndorff with manager Bobby Heenan: Tito was impressive at the outset, hitting a pair of Dropkicks, a Top Rope Body Press and Running Crossbody. Robinson took a bump and had to be replaced by Earl Hebner. Mr. Wonderful got a couple of good moves in with a Hip Toss and Body Slam. But Santana was undeterred, and forced a submission with a Figure 4. Not a good night for the Heenan Stable. 10:59

Dean Ho v Adrian Adonis: The key moment in this one happened early, when Adonis’s tag team partner came to ringside and tossed Brass Knuckles into the ring, only for Ho to grab and use on Adonis (-10 END). Ho landed a Leg Drop, applied a Full Nelson and got the pin after a Flying Shoulder Block. 4:42

Ricky Steamboat v Ivan Koloff with manager Captain Lou Albano: Each wrestler played to his strengths, the Russian showing his power and technical savvy with a Backbreaker, Headlock and Leg Grapevine, and the Dragon his athleticism with a Running Knee Smash, a pair of Huracanranas and a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. The action went outside the ring and into the crowd, where the grapplers brawled and Hebner eventually counted to ten, resulting in a double count-out. Expect this program to continue. 5:16

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Atlas v Champions Randy Savage with valet Elizabeth and [World Heavyweight Champion] Don Muraco with manager Mr. Fuji: This was the best match of the evening and the fans were into it. The faces teamed for a Military Knee to Gut and Side Slam combo. The heels nailed a Double Powerbomb. Muraco used his tag team belt to bash Atlas on the back then performed a Stalling Suplex. Slaughter sent Muraco into the air and onto his back with a Back Body Drop. Slaughter then took a pummeling, taking a Double DDT a Scoop Slam/Muraco Scoop Slam combination and a Savage Gutwrench Suplex. He used his savvy to avoid a pin. Slaughter was able to tag out and Mr. USA came in extremely hot, performing a Military Press Slam, Side Slam and then taking the tag team belt from Savage, who looked to be about to use it, and bashing him over the head with it. Savage went down, Atlas covered, 1-2-3-, Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Atlas are you new WWF World Tag Team Champions! 13:08

President Jack Tunney announced that EVERY belt would be on the line at Wrestlemania, including that of World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco, who has yet to defend the title, not least against former champion Hulk Hogan (busy with Jake the Snake Roberts at this time anyways)
Derek K
Match Day 46
Boys Club
Pittsfield, MA
Referee = Jackson James

Ivan Putski v Nikolai Volkoff: This was a hard-hitting affair. Putski performed 5 of the opening 6 moves, including a Polish Press Slam and Polish Power Slam. The big Russian then executed the next 13 moves, including a Gorilla Press Slam, Stalling Suplex and Hip Toss. Volkoff finished off Putski with a Front Kick and pin at 9:36.

Hillbilly Jim v Iron Mike Sharpe with manager Captain Lou Albano: Sharpe got the pinfall on MD 43 after Albano battered Jim while Sharpe distracted the referee. Here, Hillbilly Jim demonstrated an impressive move set, hitting a Country Boy Dropkick, performing a Vertical Suplex and nailing a Michinoku Driver. He applied an Arm Triangle Choke and had a near fall after a Hillbilly Leg Drop (pin 1-15, rolled 17). Sharpe tried to battle back and earned a pin attempt with a Body Slam, but a second Hillbilly Leg Drop was too much and Jim got the pinfall at 8:14.

Jimmy Snuka v Ken Patera: This was a good match. Snuka hit a Missile Dropkick. Patera Kicked Snuka in the Groin, earning a warning from James. Patera removed the Turnbuckle Cover and bashed Snuka’s face into it, drawing blood. Patera hit a Piledriver, Snuka a Knee Drop. A Swinging Neckbreaker and Stalling Suplex gave the strongman the advantage, but Snuka evened the match at -5 END at the 9:00 mark with a Scoop Slam. It was anyone’s match to win. The action went outside where Snuka Body Slammed Patera on the Concrete. Back inside Superfly climbed to the top rope and hit a perfect Flying Body Splash. Cover, count, 1-2-3, Snuka wins! 10:41

The British Bulldogs v The Hart Foundation with manager Jimmy Hart: On MD 45 the Hart Foundation joined Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine to pummel Dynamite Kid pre-match. Here, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart tried a sneak attack on the Bulldogs pre-match, with the Mouth of the South pouring Thumbtacks on the entrance ramp. But the Bulldogs were ready and it was they who Bodyslammed the Hart Foundation on the Thumbtacks. The Bulldogs opened hot with Dynamite hitting a Front Dropkick, the two teaming for a Double Clothesline and Piledriver and 2nd Rope Kneedrop combination and Kid landing a Diving Headbutt. Bret Hart had to be feeling woozy and tagged out. The Anvil came in and hit a Slingshot Splash. Later he delivered a Gutbuster to Davey Boy Smith. The Hitman returned and had a pin attempt with a Sunset Flip but Kid broke it up. The Dynamite Kid returned and earned a pin attempt with a Bridging German Suplex. Jackson James quick-counted (pin 1-6 with his +1 modification, rolled 6) and the Bulldogs got the victory. 8:55

Pedro Morales v Roddy Piper with personal bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: The winner here gets an Intercontinental Title shot at Wrestlemania on MD 50. Piper earned an early pin attempt with a DDT and earned a warning from James after an Eye Gouge. At the 8 minute mark the match was even at +1 END. Orton swung wildly with a Steel Chair but connected with the man who was supposed to be protecting (-4 END). From there it was all Morales, who earned a near fall after Repeated Punches to Face, applied a Boston Crab, performed Gutwrench Suplex, landed a Cannonball, and finally got the pin after a Caribbean Lift. The match went 19:57 and ENDs at the end were Morales -3 and Piper -34. Post-match, Piper attacked the winner with a Kendo Stick. So it is likely these two will meet again, but it is Pedro Morales who will be wrestling for a championship at Wrestlemania.

HANDICAP MATCH – Hulk Hogan v Jake the Snake Roberts and Steve Keirn: Hogan has been battling Roberts ever since the Snake turned on him and cost him the World Heavyweight Championship on MD 34. Keirn became involved on MD 44 when he interfered in the No DQ match between the two. Now, if these guys were jobbers, we all know how this would go down, Hogan would squash them. But Robert and Keirn are not jobbers, and this was a very competitive bout whose outcome was in doubt until the very end. Keirn applied Figure 4 early and Hogan had an early Quick Roll-Up. Keirn distracted James allowing Roberts to Throw Salt in Hogan’s eyes. Keirn landed a Flying Dropkick. Outside the ring, Roberts connected with a Short-Arm Clothesline. A Short-Arm Clothesline inside the ring soon after in the 14th minute exhausted Hogan. A DDT by Roberts looked like it could spell the end for Hogan but he got his shoulder up. Another DDT a minute later had to be it but Hogan kicked out of the pin attempt. Hogan Power Slammed Roberts then set up and landed the vaunted Hogan Leg Drop. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, Hogan wins! ENDs were Hogan -18, Roberts -6 and Keirn -2. 16:20
Derek K
Match Day 47
Westchester County Civic Center
White Plains, NY
Referee = John Cone

Davey Boy Smith v The Iron Sheik: The Sheik rolled out of the ring as the bell rang to start the match. DBS took the bait and pursued only to be met with a Kick to Stomach and Power Slam outside. Back inside the Sheik earned a pin attempt with a Flying Body Press and a sub attempt with the vaunted Camel Clutch. A minute into the match and Smith was tired. The Iron Sheik performed a Vertical Suplex but then was caught in a Small Package, which resulted in a near fall (pin 104, rolled 3 but 6 6-sided). An illegal Leg Scissors Choke resulted in a DQ point for the Iron Sheik. Smith complained to Cone about the Iranian’s cheating, but then was pushed by the Iron Sheik into the referee. Cone didn’t see the push and disqualified Davey Boy Smith! 3:45

Dean Ho v Jesse Ventura: The crowd was pumped for this one, injecting energy into each wrestler (increase ENDs by 4). On MD 45 Ventura introduced Brass Knuckles into the match between Ho and Ventura’s tag partner Adrian Adonis, but it was Ho who used the foreign object. Here, Ventura bashed Ho with a Loaded Fist (Roll of Quarters). Ho had a 6-move run including a Moonsault but a Ventura Body Slam resulted in a pinfall at 5:30.

Tony Garea v Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine with manager Jimmy Hart in a NON-TITLE BOUT: Garea defeated Valentine on MD 40, prior to the latter becoming Intercontinental Champion. Valentine hit a Vertical Suplex early then earned a warning for a Rear Choke. Garea applied a pair of Abdominal Stretches and seemed to get the champion close to submitting (1-3, rolled 2 but 6 6-sided). The match was tied at -2 END at the 5:30 mark. Each man performed some single point maneuvers and Valentine hit a Power Slam. The match could go either way, and the champion ensured it went his way when he was handed a Roll of Quarters by his pal the Honky Tonk Man and used them on Garea. Cover, count, Valentine wins. 8:42

Ricky Steamboat and Ivan Putski v Iron Mike Sharpe and Ivan Koloff: Putski gave a shoutout to locals but it was perceived as pandering (-1 heat). Putski dominated the proceedings early, intercepting and using a Souvenir Baseball Hat tossed into ring by Albano, nailing a pair of Power Slams, Bashing Koloff with a Chair and teaming with Steamboat for a Double Russian Leg Sweep. Sharpe and Steamboat tagged in and Sharpe hit a pair of Full Nelson Slams and locked in a Figure 4, only for Tony Atlas to appear and KO Canada’s Greatest Athlete (-10 END). A Jumping Judo Chop by Steamboat earned a pin attempt but Sharpe used his Savvy. Koloff and Putski returned and Albano interfered to his clients’ detriment again, tripping Koloff and giving Putski a pin attempt, broken up by Sharpe. Iron Mike tagged back in and earned a pair of pin attempts with a pair of Piledrivers, the first broken up by Steamboat and the second kicked out of by Putski. The Dragon tagged back in, hit a Flying Body Press and covered. Koloff was met by Putski and couldn’t break it up, Cone counted, 1-2-3, Steamboat and Putski win! 15:25

Tito Santana v Randy Savage with valet Miss Elizabeth: Santana earned the first and only pin attempt of the match with a Flying Forearm Smash. Savage used his Savvy. Tito hit a Mexican Suplex and Randy a Macho High Knee. Elizabeth tripped Santana. Savage was caught executing a Blatant Choke. The match went outside and then into the crowd, where the combatants brawled and ignored Cone’s exhortations to return to the ring. Double count-out! World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco appeared and attempted to attack Santana but Tito was ready and bashed the champion. Savage backed off. 10:07

Brutus Beefcake v King Kong Bundy with manager Bobby Heenan with a $10,000 Body Slam Challenge still in effect: Beefcake made King Kong Bundy feel about wee big when he rolled him up in s Small Package and got the 3-count in the opening minute on MD 45. Bundy made him pay here. Heenan tripped Beefcake to start the match then tossed Bundy the Briefcase filled with Cash, which KKB used to batter Brutus. Bundy hit a Body Slam and covered but Beefcake kicked out. Brutus got some offense in with a Running Clothesline and a pair of single point moves, then tried a Suplex and failed. Bundy hit an Atlantic City Avalanche and Bundy Splash in succession but couldn’t get the 3-count. Beefcake tried another lifting maneuver and inevitably failed. A second Bundy Splash was the last move of the match, as Bundy got the 1-2-3 at 7:40. Bundy and Heenan retain the $10k.
Derek K
Match Day 48
Agricultural Hall
Allentown, PA
Referee = Mike Chioda

Hillbilly Jim v Iron Mike Sharpe with manager Captain Lou Albano: Jim had a dominant win on MD 46 to even the series at 2 wins each. Both guys showed their power, Jim with a Vertical Suplex, Stalling Suplex and Power Slam and Mike with a Full Nelson Slam, Vertical Suplex and Body Slam. Sharpe also demonstrated his willingness to bend the rules, Spraying Cologne in the Hillbilly’s Face (“maybe if that hillbilly took a bath once in a blue moon he wouldn’t need cologne,” the Captain was overheard telling the audience near the ring). The Hillbilly threw Iron Mike out of the ring then nailed the Hillbilly Leg Drop on Sharpe on the concrete, Jim rolled back into the ring but Mike couldn’t make it. Count-out! Post-match, Sharpe offered a handshake, Jim accepted, and Sharpe Kicked him in the gut. 9:39

Tony Garea v The Honky Tonk Man with manager Jimmy Hart: HTM slipped Greg Valentine a roll of quarters on MD 47 in the latter’s bout against Garea. This was a classic “steal the show” kind of match. The Elvis impersonator twice used a Nightstick on Garea early. Garea tried for a submission with an Abdominal Stretch and Honky had a pin attempt with a Flying Body Press. A Small Package by HTM resulted in a near fall as Garea got his hand on the ropes just in time. ENDs were tied at 0 at the 6 minute mark. In the 9th minute the action started coming fast and furious. Garea followed up a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash with a Running Knee Smash. HTM nailed consecutive Scoop Slams. Soon after it was a Diving Fist Drop and Shake Rattle & Roll by Honky. It looked like the end for Garea (1-14 pin) but he kicked out of the pin attempt at the last second (rolled 15). Garea caught HTM in an Octopus Hold but the Mouth of the South broke it up. Garea earned a pin attempt with a Piledriver but Honky kicked out. Honky Tonk Man hit his finishing Shake Rattle & Roll a second time, and AGAIN it resulted in a near fall (pin 1-15, rolled 17). Garea then applied a Sharpshooter and HTM was unable to escape, submitting at 14:57.

Ricky Steamboat v Ivan Koloff with manager Captain Lou Albano: On MD 45 these two grapplers brawled into the crowd, resulting in double count-out. Here, they gave everything they had again. Koloff demonstrated his brutality by using a Baseball Bat and a Chain on Steamboat. The Dragon showed his wide array of talent with a Head Scissor Takedown, Power Slam and Moonsault. In the 11th minute Koloff twisted his ankle (subtract 1 from his control the remainder of match). Steamboat softened him up with a Slam through Tabe and Knife-Edge Chops. He had pin attempts after a Kesagiri Chop and Kneeling Facebuster but both attempts resulted in near falls. Koloff landed a Russian Sickle and covered but Steamboat kicked out. At the 15:30 mark ENDs were Steamboat -12 and Koloff -20. Albano was caught trying to pass the Baseball Bat again and banned from ringside. Chioda also gave Koloff his second warning. Undeterred, Koloff went for the Choke with Chain again while Albano argued with Chioda regarding the ban. The Russian hit a Running STO and covered, but again Steamboat got his shoulder up. Time was running out. Steamboat discombobulated Koloff with a pair of Monkey Flips then Body Slammed him. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, Steamboat wins! 19:00

The British Bulldogs v The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff: This one never got underway as The East West Connection, Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura, attacked the Bulldogs on the entrance ramp, hitting their finishers. The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith were unable to make it to the ring. Chioda ruled it a count-out.

Jimmy Snuka v Roddy Piper with bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Superfly opened out, hitting a Flying Body Press, Multiple Chops and Backbreaker in quick succession. Soon after he had a pin attempt after a Moonsault. Piper rallied, performing a Neckbreaker and Piledriver before catching Snuka in a Sleeper. The referee called for the bell and awarded the submission victory to Piper. 5:06

STEEL CAGE MATCH – Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: Each man had his Head Rammed into the Cage early, but only Roberts produced color. Hogan performed an Atomic Drop and Stalling Suplex and 5 minutes into the bout Roberts was tired. Hogan earned a pin attempt after a Power Slam. Roberts surprised the Hulkster with a Springboard Bulldog, wowing the crowd. A second Power Slam by Hogan resulting in a near fall. Roberts was now bleeding profusely after being Throw into the Cage. Hogan set up for his finished but the Snake caught him with a Gutwrench Suplex, following it up with a Release German Suplex. Hogan Threw Roberts into the Cage again and Roberts’s face looked like a 5 year old’s after eating a huge cheeseburger slathered in Heinz at the family picnic. But this was certainly not ketchup but blood. Roberts managed to nail hit finishing DDT but Hogan used his savvy to avoid the pin. Soon after Hogan performed the Hogan Leg Drop and it was lights out as Roberts was unable to kick out. Hogan wins! 12:56

President Jack Tunney was in attendance to promote Wrestlemania (MD 50). He announced that the Sheik and Volkoff would receive a title shot against the World Tag Team Champions Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Atlas, drawing some gasps from the crowd. But those in attendance were delighted when he also announced that World Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco would FINALLY defend his title, against no less an opponent as former champion Hulk Hogan!
Derek K
Match Day 49
Hamburg, PA
Referee = Jack Doan

Junkyard Dog v Steve Keirn: JYD was making his first appearance since suffering an injury on MD 39 trying to make a save. Keirn had a Quick Pin Move early, but JYD put him away early, following up a Shoulder Block with The Thump and pin. Keirn argued that it was quick-count, and he had a point (pin 1-10, rolled 10). 5:59

Ivan Putski v Paul Orndorff with manager Bobby Heenan: The two strongmen put on a good show. Mr. Wonderful caught Putski in a Sleeper, Kicked him in the Stomach after challenging him to a Test of Strength, and Slammed him through the Announce Table. Putski performed a Polish Power Slam, a Stalling Suplex and a Powerbomb. Putski followed up a Body Slam with a Scoop Slam, exhausting Orndorff. He covered, Doan counted, 1-2-3, Putski wins! 11:15

The British Bulldogs v The East West Connection: The Bulldogs couldn’t make their bout on MD 48 against the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff because Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis surprised them on the entrance ramp and nailed their finishers. Here, this match was barely underway when a new tag team, The Rockers, appeared, and pummeled the East West Connection. Bulldogs have to be wondering if they will every wrestle a match to completion. No contest declared. 2:46

World Tag Team Champion Tony Atlas v Nikolai Volkoff: These two will be part of the Tag Team title bout at Wrestlemania. The big Russian hit a Stalling Suplex and Mr. USA a Choke Slam. The Iron Sheik came to ringside and jumped onto the apron, distracting Doan and allowing the Sheik to use a Steel Chair. Volkoff tossed the chair, the Sheik jumped down and Doan turned around as Volkoff made the cover. 1-2-3, Volkoff wins! 3:11

World Tag Team Champion Sgt. Slaughter v Iron Sheik: Same preface as above. The Iron Sheik had a couple of good moves early, a Gutwrench Suplex and Short-Arm Clothesline. But it was mostly Slaughter, who impressed with a Back body Drop, Cannonball and earned pin attempts with a Powerbomb and Body Slam. After a second Cannonball, Slaughter set up for his finisher but the Sheik caught him in a Small Package. Doan counted, 1-2-, nope, savvy. Slaughter finished him off with a Chestbreaker, Cannonball and Stomp sequence, earning the pinfall at 12:37

Tito Santana v Randy Savage with valet Miss Elizabeth: Santana produced some color after receiving a Closed Fist to Head in the opening minutes. It was all single point moves with the Macho Man hitting most of them. Santana surprised Savage and impressed the crowd with a Huracanrana. Savage responded with a Blatant Choke, for which he received a warning from the referee. Then we had a Wild Event where the referee got stunned as Savage made a cover. Ricky Steamboat appeared and KOd the Macho Man. Doak came to as Santana made the cover. 1-2-3, Santana wins! 8:36
Derek K
Match Day 50 WRESTLEMANIA!!!!
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
Referees = Chad Patton (matches 1-4) and Justin King (matches 5-8)

Special Delivery Jones v King Kong Bundy: $10,000 Body Slam Challenge match: Unsurprising dominant performance from KKB. Jones attempted a Spinebuster right away, failing. Bundy hit a Bundy Body Slam, Reverse Atomic Drop and, to rub salt in the wound, a Blatant Low Blow. Bundy earned the first pin attempt of the evening with a Body Slam. Jones had a Quick Pin Move and grabbed a very large handful of tights. KKB had a near fall after a Bundy Suplex, earned another pin attempt with a Piledriver and finished Jones off with a Knee Drop and pin at 6:10.

Tony Garea v Honky Tonk Man with manager Jimmy Hart: This match was booked after the classic bout these two had on MD 48, where Garea kicked out of two pin attempts where he was at least 70% chance to be pinned then submitted HTM with a Sharpshooter. This match was NOT a classic. Garea performed well, hitting a Top Rope Axe Handle, Vertical Suplex and Running Forearm Smash. He applied the Octopus Hold then a minute later got the 3-count pinfall after a Diving Crossbody. 5:09

The Rockers v East West Connection: The Rockers attacked the Connection on MD 49 during the latter’s bout with the Bulldogs, causing a No Contest. This would be their first official WWF match. Another quick match, with the highlights Ventura’s Piledriver and Hip Roll, Adonis’s Low Blow and the Small Package pin of Marty Jannetty by Adonis. Post-match, President Jack Tunney declared that the Connection will get a championship bout on MD 53. 4:06

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Pedro Morales v Champion Greg Valentine with manager Jimmy Hart: The match went outside in the opening minute where each slammed the other on the unforgiving concrete then Morales got Valentine a second time. Back inside, the champ earned the match’s first attempt with a Body Slam. The challenger hit a Release German Suplex and Repeated Punches to Face. At the 5:30 mark ENDs were Valentine -5 and Morales +3. Valentine hit a Back Elbow Smash. Morales got sick of Hart yelling through his Megaphone and chased him around the outside, KOing him. Valentine nailed a Running Elbow Drop and Stalling Suplex and earned another pin attempt with a Piledriver. Morales got his first pin attempt with a Forearm Smash then had another with a Flying Body Press. Fans were on the edge of their seats. Valentine went outside and grabbed the championship belt. Morales dragged him back into the ring, took the belt away, smashed him over the head and covered. Patton covered, 1-2-3, Pedro Morales is the new Intercontinental Champion!!!

Tito Santana v Jake Roberts: Santana was rewarded for all his hard work lately and Jake the Snake for his great heel turn and subsequent feud with Hogan. Roberts had a Gutbuster and Release German Suplex early. Santana landed a Dropkick and Elbow Smash. The action went outside, where Santana Slammed Roberts through a Table. Roberts had Quick Roll-Up but Santana’s Boston Crab resulted in the submission (sub 1-5, rolled 5). 7:28

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Champions Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Atlas v Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik: The champions bumped into Ricky Steamboat back stage, who wished them both good luck (increase ENDs by 2 pts). Slaughter had the first pin attempt after a Powerbomb. The referee caught the Iron Sheik delivering a blow with his Loaded Boot and issued a warning. Volkoff had a pin attempt after a Backbeaker. Slaughter applied a Camel Clutch to Volkoff, which the Sheik broke up! The Iron Sheik hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Slaughter but he kicked out of the pin attempt. Atlas performed a Military Press Slam on the Sheik but he kicked out. But it was a Power Slam by Slaughter that decided this one. The Sheik tried to break up the pin but was met by Atlas. The referee King has a +2 modification and counted fast, 1-2-3 (pin 1-10, rolled 10) and the champions successfully defended their belts. 17:54

STREETFIGHT – Ricky Steamboat v Randy Savage with valet Miss Elizabeth: As expected, this was a fun match, with plenty of action outside the squared circle. Savage Slammed Steamboat through the Announce Table and Body Slammed him on the unforgiving Concrete. Ivan Putski came to ringside and participated in a double-team of Savage (perfectly legal!), Scoop Slamming him then Steamboat Body Slammed him. Steamboat electrified the crowd with a Flying Body Press that sent both combatants over the Guard Rail and into the audience. Steamboat picked up a Chair and jammed it into Savage’s Gut. The Macho Man Slammed Steamboat’s Head into the Railing then picked him up and Tossed him into Security. Back inside, an Elizabeth distraction allowed Savage to put Steamboat into a Quick Roll-Up but Ricky reversed the maneuver. Savage kicked out. Steamboat had a pin attempt with a Top Rope Body Press. Both men were exhausted. The Dragon Smashed the Macho Man with a Table then hit another Flying Body Press. Savage kicked out of the pin attempts. After dazing Steamboat, Savage climbed to the top rope, spread his wings, and soared, coming down hard with a Diving Elbow Drop. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, the Macho Man wins the Streetfight! 14:45

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP – Hulk Hogan v Champion Don Muraco with manager Mr. Fuji: Not only would this be Hogan’s first opportunity to get his hands on Muraco since the latter defeated him (with a LOT of assistance from Jake Roberts) for the championship on MD 34, but this would be Muraco’s first title defense. The crowd was understandably amped up for this one. The champion started strong, applying a Sleeper, hitting a Shoulderbreaker and using a Fuji distraction to make a Quick Roll Up. Hogan found his footing with a Running Clothesline. Muraco was caught applying a Blatant Choke and given a warning. Muraco hit another Shoulderbreaker. Hogan clasped the champion in a Bear Hug. In the 10th minute, Hogan Power Slammed Muraco, exhausting the champion. Fuji surreptitiously handed his client a Taser. Hogan took it away and used it on the champion, who began convulsing. The referee only saw the end, Muraco convulsing and Hogan holding the Taser, and immediately called for the bell and disqualified the challenger. Muraco wins! Post-match, and on camera and broadcast in the sold out arena, Hogan confronted Muraco and demanded a rematch, which President Jack Tunney guaranteed, despite Muraco and Fuji’s protestations. 10:36
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