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1983 USFL with FSPF
Week 10 Scores
Breakers 13 Express 8.....LA is 5-5 and struggling
Panthers 52 Wranglers 16.....Michigan hangs a half a hundred on Arizona and is 9-1
Stars 33 Gold 3.....Mora and Philadelphia rebound nicely
Invaders 19 Bandits 13....Oakland is just 1 game behind the LA Express
Blitz 29 Federals 15.....Blitz are 8-2
Stallions 30 Generals 16......Stallions are 6-4 and HOT
Week 11 Schedule
Express at Stallions......two teams trending in opposite directions
Wranglers at Bandits......Tampa needs to avoid falling below .500
Blitz at Stars.....Huge game for Blitz if they could pull it out
Gold at Breakers.....Boston is trying to stay in the playoff race
Generals at Panthers.....Michigan's offense has been rolling lately
Federals at Invaders.....Oakland looking to keep pressure on the Express
Week 11 Scores
Stallions 19 Express 6.....4 straight losses by LA and Stallions are 7-4
Bandits 31 Wranglers 7....TB is 6-5 and Arizona is 2-9
Blitz 17 Stars 0.....Both teams are 9-2
Breakers 20 Gold 12.....Boston 7-4 and Denver is 3-8
Panthers 33 Generals 14......Michigan is 10-1 and has best record in league
Invaders 42 Federals 9.....Oakland tied with LA for Pacific lead at 5-6
Week 12 Schedule
Invaders at Bandits....Oakland trying to get to .500
Breakers at Federals.....Breakers looking to stay in division and wild card race
Blitz at Generals.....Chicago looking to stay in the lead for the wild card
Express at Gold....A Denver win would have them just one game back if TB wins
Stars at Wranglers....don't look for Philly to drop 2 in a row
Stallions at Panthers.......A win by the Stallions gets them in the Central Division race
Week 12 Scores
Bandits 21 Invaders 14
Breakers 30 Federal 13
Blitz 26 Generals 13
Gold 9 Express 7
Stars 33 Wranglers 3
Panthers 23 Stallions 22
1983 USFL Standings Through Week 12
Atlantic Division
Stars 10-2
Breakers 8-4
Federals 2-10
Generals 1-11
Central Division
Panthers 11-1
Blitz 10-2
Stallions 7-5
Bandits 7-5
Pacific Division
Express 5-7
Invaders 5-7
Gold 4-8
Wranglers 2-10
Week 13 Schedule
Stallions @ Gold.....Gold are very much alive for Pacific Division title
Express @ Invaders....Winner takes lead in Pacific
Generals @ Federals.....NJ tries to climb out of dead last....in the entire USFL
Stars @ Breakers....A win by Philly really puts separation between them & Boston
Wrangler @ Blitz.....Chicago is looking to keep heat on Michigan
Bandits @ Panthers.....Tampa Bay needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt
Week 13 Scores & Notes
Gold 33 Stallions 7....Denver assures staying within reach of Pacific lead
Invaders 15 Express 13....Oakland takes lead in Pacific
Generals 27 Federal 23....NJ pulls even with Federals
Stars 23 Breakers 6.....Stars put hurt on Breakers playoff hopes
Blitz 63 Wrangler 3......W. O.....W!!!!!
Panthers 25 Bandits 19.....Michigan goes 12-1, but only a 1 game lead over Chicago
Week 14 Schedule
Federals @ Gold....a good chance for Denver to stay in Pacific title hunt
Generals @ Invaders.....Oakland is hoping to not trip up here
Wrangler @ Express....L.A. needs to win and stay in sight of Pacific top spot
Stallions @ Bandits....both teams' playoff hopes are on life support
Panthers @ Stars......a possible championship showdown preview
Blitz @ Breakers....Boston needs a win badly to stay relevant in playoff race
Week 14 Scores
Gold 23 Federals 7....Denver is 6-8, Feds are 2-12
Invaders 19 Generals 13....Oakland is 7-7, NJ is 2-12
Express 20 Wranglers13....LA is 6-8, Arizona is 2-12
Bandits 30 Stallions 20....Tampa Bay is 8-6, Birmingham is 7-7
Stars 26 Panthers 9....Both are 12-2 as Philadelphia handles Michigan surprisingly easily
Blitz 26 Breakers 20.....Chicago is 12-2 and Boston falls to 8-6
Week 15 Schedule & Game Notes
Breakers @ Stallions....an important game for both teams in their quest for a winning season
Federals @ Wranglers....Loser has great shot at worst record in the league
Panthers @ Express....Panthers look to rebound after their beatdown to Stars while LA is in a hot battle for the Pacific
Stars @ Generals.....Philadelphia wraps up the Atlantic this week
Bandits @ Blitz....Game of the week with Chicago battling Michigan for Central crown
Gold @ Invaders....a Gold win and LA win over Michigan creates a 3-way tie in the Pacific division
Week 15 Scores
Stallions 31 Breakers 28.....Boston loses its 3rd straight...both teams are 8-7
Federals 34 Wranglers 11....Federals look like they are avoiding league wide cellar
Panthers 34 Express 17.....Panthers still battling for top record in the league with Stars and Blitz
Stars 29 Generals 0......Stars are 13-2 and Generals are the opposite, 2-13
Blitz 24 Bandits 16......Blitz are 13-2 and Bandits are 8-7
Invaders 20 Gold 7......Invaders have a 2 game lead in the Pacific with 3 games to go
Week 16 Schedule & Game Notes
Wranglers @ Gold....Denver must win to keep slim playoff hopes alive
Blitz @ Stallions.....Chicago is battling Michigan for Central Division crown and Birmingham will present a challenge
Express @ Generals.....L.A. is in a must win game and NJ offers a soft target
Bandits @ Breakers.....a good game between two solid teams that will be home for the playoffs
Invaders @ Stars.....Philly should win. If they do, the Express or Gold could get back in the race if they win
Federals @ Panthers....Michigan has the easiest game of the 3 vying for top record in the league
Week 16 Scores
Gold 27 Wranglers 12.......Gold are 7-9 and still alive in the Pacific
Blitz 16 Stallions 15.....Chicago escapes and moves to 14-2
Express 15 Generals 14.....Express squeeze by and stay alive in the Pacific
Bandits 30 Breakers 30.....The game was as great as we thought it would be
Stars 44 Invaders 5......Stars D is in championship form...only a FG in last 8 quarters
Panthers 31 Federals 19....Washington battled for a half, trailing 10-9
Week 17 Schedule & Notes
Wranglers @ Generals.....both 2-14 teams hope to make each other finish dead last in the league
Breakers @ Invaders.....A huge game for Oakland
Stallions @ Stars......Philadelphia is hoping for #1 overall playoff seed and Birmingham can be dangerous
Express @ Federals..... Express need a win and an Oakland loss to pull even for Pacific division lead
Panthers @ Blitz.....a lot riding on this....Central Division title, #1 overall seed, wild card.....two 14-2 teams
Gold @ Bandits.....Gold must steal a W in Tampa Bay and hope for an Invader loss.
Week 17 Results
Generals 13 Wranglers 8.....Generals climb out of dead last
Breakers 20 Invaders 17....Breakers clinch winning season
Stars 16 Stallions 9.......Stars still fighting for #1 seed
Express 13 Federals 13....L.A. blows a great chance to tie for division lead
Blitz 39 Panthers 19......Panthers were flat, Blitz were not and probably captured Central
Bandits 23 Gold 9......Denver's playoff hopes are on life support. TB clinches winning record
Week 18 Schedule & Game Notes
Bandits @ Stallions....Birmingham tries to avoid a losing season
Wranglers @ Panthers.....Michigan should bounce back rather well
Gold @ Express...LA win and Oakland loss gives Express the division
Generals @ Breakers.....Breakers look to finish strong
Invaders @ Blitz.....Oakland can clinch division with win. It won't be easy!
Stars @ Federals..... Philly should get to 16-2
Week 18 Scores
Stallions 16 Bandits 9......Stallions finish at .500
Panthers 29 Wranglers 12.....Panthers rebound and finish 15-3
Express 20 Gold 2.....Denver offense laid an egg and it wasn't golden
Breakers 30 Generals 26....NJ fought hard. Word is that a rich guy wants to buy
Blitz 26 Invaders 16.....Express squeeze by to win Pacific Division title
Stars 19 Federals 0.....Got to check tie breakers between Chicago and Philly for #1 seed
Final Atlantic Division Standings
*Real life record in parenthesis
Stars 16-2. (15-3)
Breakers 10-7-1. (11-7)
Federals 3-14-1. (4-14)
Generals 3-15. (6-12)
Stars were the class of the division from start to finish. Boston was 5-1 but only managed to win 5 of their next 12. New Jersey certainly underperformed while the Federals slipped by them by a tie vs. LA. The Stars get the only playoff spot from the Atlantic.
Final Central Division Standings
*Real life record in parenthesis
Blitz 16-2. (12-6)
Panthers 15-3. (12-6)
Bandits 9-8-1. (11-7)
Stallions 9-9. (9-9)
The Central Division was the best in the league by far with no teams finishing with a losing record. The Michigan offense was dynamic at times and must find its top form again before the playoffs. Chicago was strong on both sides of the ball. The Bandits were just an above average team while the Stallions were right there with them. The Blitz and Panthers will represent the Central in the playoffs.
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