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Kellogg's Playing Card Football 03/26/2019 DaveP -- 317 0 --
Kellogg's Playing Card Football This is the old football game played with a normal deck of playing cards. It is from the same company as the Playing Card Hockey game in the hockey game files. I played this to death when I was younger.
JTD Games NCAA Football 03/27/2019 DaveP -- 248 0 --
JTD Games NCAA Football This is my quick play NCAA football game. You'll find almost 700 college teams rated for the 2003 season. All divisions are covered from I-A all the way to non-affiliated schools like Trinity Bible College.
Highlight Maker Football 03/28/2019 DaveP -- 317 0 --
Highlight Maker Football Highlight Maker Football is a board game which provides a full "highlight reel" of scores, great defensive stops, agonizing turnovers, and rare plays for whatever matchup you can think of. By Soren Narnia.
Calculator Football 03/30/2019 DaveP -- 331 0 --
Calculator Football Chris Rowe's Calculator Football.
59 Second NCAA Football Simulator 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 201 0 --
59 Second NCAA Football Simulator Just in time for the off-season, I wanted to upload a program from 2010. It's a simple, but realistic approach to simulating a college football game. Includes 119+ College Football teams rated from the 2010-11 season (The Cam Newton Era).
59 Second NCAA Football 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 211 0 --
59 Second NCAA Football This the first edition of 59 Second NCAA Football. All the Division 1-A Conferences are rated, and ready for play. Be sure to read the Manual, and take note of the Low-Mod Rule, Rouding, and Overtime charts. All teams are sorted by conference.

Hope you
Dice Football (not Gen 1400) 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 405 0 --
Dice Football (not Gen 1400) This is a game I was working on before I stopped earlier this week. It takes the game of football and boils it down to a series of dice rolls and charts for each play.
Dream Season Football 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 220 0 --
Dream Season Football DREAM SEASON FOOTBALL lets you quickly play out a full NFL season for your favorite team.
Gridiron Chaos 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 163 0 --
Gridiron Chaos GRIDIRON CHAOS simulates a high-scoring, statistically daring NFL game featuring more long gains, huge losses, crushing penalties, freak plays, and sudden changes of fortune. By Soren Narnia.
Gridiron Gauntlet 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 174 0 --
Gridiron Gauntlet In Gridiron Gauntlet, you’ll follow the NFL through an entire season, tracking every team’s march toward the Super Bowl. Instead of simulating the season game by game, you’ll watch the trends, dramatic moments, and key victories and losses that will sepa
Heroes and Rallies Football 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 260 0 --
Heroes and Rallies Football Like Heroes and Rallies Baseball, this football sim is a hybrid of a quick-play and down-by-down game. Stats and strategy take a back seat to rapid fire results and the ability to rate your own lineups in no time at all. By Soren Narnia.
Lucky 7 Arena Football 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 276 0 --
Lucky 7 Arena Football I made an Arena Football game just because THERE ISN'T ANOTHER SINGLE ONE! (may have been true when the file was created in 2006)
NFL MVP 08 - Fast Action Charts 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 228 0 --
NFL MVP 08 - Fast Action Charts A new coming of age game, NFL MVP 08 uses real stats from the 2007 season, and incorporates them into individual player cards. The fast action charts are used to determine the outcome of the plays.
Pro Football History (PFH) 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 324 0 --
Pro Football History (PFH) Rewrite your own Pro Football History. You decide everything from number of teams, to which cities they will play in, to which players will be used.
Rapid Roll Football 04/01/2019 DaveP -- 432 0 --
Rapid Roll Football The challenge: To create an entertaining football simulation whose rules and charts can be printed out on a single piece of paper, front and back. This game features a dice system which resolves every play with just a single roll. By Soren Narnia.
Game Of Inches 04/08/2019 rhansen -- 399 0 --
Game Of Inches Another gem from Soren Nania.
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