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Pro Wrestling All-Stars
Card 1- Opening Night
Madison Square Garden, NY
Capacity Crowd

*-- It's 1986 and two of the biggest wrestling entities the NWA and the WWF have decided to merge as one to become the biggest entity in all of Pro Wrestling. They agreed to compete under one banner and the unify their major titles. The first show as the PWA was a Super Card called "Opening Night" to be held at the mecca of Pro Wrestling, Madison Square Garden!

Opening bout:
Les Thornton vs. Kamala, The Ugandan Warrior
Mean Gene Okerlund attempted to interview The Wizard and Friday before the match but Hillbilly Jim interrupted stating he wanted a future match with Kamala. The match itself was a massacre for Thornton as he was beaten unconscious. Hillbilly Jim hit the ring to save Thornton and laid Kamala out with a steel chair!
Result: No Contest

Match 2:
The Lobsterman vs. Ravishing Rick Rude
This was a normal match with both men getting an equal share of offense. Rude gets into trouble and Heenan interferes causing a DQ.
Result: The Lobsterman via DQ

Match 3:
Dusty Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson (w/ JJ Dillon)
Arn seemed really distracted by the crowd and was just not himself. Late in the match Dillon handed Arn a roll of quarters and he laid Dusty out. Instead of going for the pin, he looked at Dusty and then the roll of quarters in his hand... and to the shock of everyone he showed the roll of quarters to the ref who disqualified him! Dillon jumped into the ring berating Arn and trying to find out why he did that. Arn pushed Dillon aside but Dillon grabbed his arm. Arn then shoved him down and left the ring with everyone in shock.
Result: Dusty Rhodes via DQ

Match 4:
United States/Intercontinental Title Unification Match
Magnum T.A. vs. Tito Santana
This match never got underway as once again the crowd was shocked when out of nowhere Wahoo McDaniel came out and ambushed Tito Santana and laid him out in the aisle with the Wahoo Chop! The crowd was shocked and immediately turned on Wahoo. Magnum T.A. stood in the ring shocked at the actions of Wahoo. Backstage Dusty tried to find out why Wahoo did it but Wahoo assaulted him as well!
Result: No Contest

Match 5
NWA/WWF World Tag Title Unification Match
The Rock N Roll Express vs. The Dream Team (w/ Lucious Johnny V)
Hard fought match that saw Ricky and Robert win to unify the titles!
Result: Rock N Roll Express via Double Dropkick on Beefcake
Main Event"

NWA/WWF World Title Unification Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (w/ JJ Dillon)
Backstage before the match Superstar Graham is seen giving advice to The Hulkster... this was an exciting and highly controversial bout. Dillon gets involved early and tried to hit Hogan with a foreign object but Hogan dodged and Flair got nailed! Flair ended up a bloody mess and in the end Flair recovered the foreign object and tried to hit Hogan. Hogan blocked him and took the object from him! Hogan nailed Flair but the referee saw it this time and disqualified Hogan!
Result: Ric Flair via DQ
As a result of the events of the main event both titles are held up and on the next show their will be a rematch. JJ Dillon will be barred from ringside!
We also hope to get to the bottom of the Arn Anderson and Wahoo McDaniel incidents as well!
See you next time at ringside!
Pro Wrestling All-Stars
All Star Wrestling
The Spectrum, Philadelphia

Opening Match:
Junkyard Dog vs. Hercules Hernandez
Hercules offered JYD a hand shake before the match and JYD actually fell for it. Though Hercules had the early advantage the Dog made a comeback and put him out with a sleeper.
Result: JYD via submission

Match 2:
Lobsterman vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
The fans truly despise Jake here in Philly but that didnt bother him in the slightest. He used and channeled it against The Lobsterman and put him away with the DDT.
Result: Jake Roberts via pinfall

Joe Pedicino interviewed Wahoo McDaniel before his match with Dusty Rhodes. Wahoo said he is sick and tired of being pushed down the ladder for "his friends". Wahoo stated he deserved a shot at the US Title before Magnum T.A. and facing Tito Santana in the unification match. He then said Dusty shouldve stayed out of his business last week. Wahoo stated he is a proud Native and doesnt need or want the help much less the friendship of the pale skin. He stated that "The American Dream" has been the Native American's nightmare. From here on out Wahoo is looking out for himself and his people. Pedicino kept questioning Wahoo and Wahoos decided he had enough and pushed Pedicino down! Dusty Rhodes came out to stop Wahoo but Wahoo clocked him with brass knuckles!

Match 3:
Dusty Rhodes vs. Wahoo McDaniel
Amazingly enough Dusty went to the ring bloodied for his match! Dusty managed to hold his own until JJ Dillon and The Horsemen (minus Arn Anderson) came out with Dusty's wife! Dusty left the ring and pursued them! The referee counted Dusty out!
Result: Wahoo McDaniel via count out

Joe Pedicino took the time to interview Arn Anderson about what happened last week. Arn voiced his disgust at what just transpired between The Horsemen and Rhodes. Arn then explained that lately he has had a change of heart. A calling inside if you will. He has come to realise that he has far more potential than just begin Flair and DIllon's lackey. Since Ole left things havent been the same and to him Lex Luger is just not Horsemen material. Arn says he is far more than just an enforcer. Arn stated that he is going to compete for himself and out of the shadow of the Horsemen. If that makes them enemies... so be it. Arn didnt get to finish as Tully came bursting through the curtain hitting Arn with a floodlamp! Tully then grabbed a chair and hammered Arn in the head! Tully then dragged Arn to the ring for their match...

Arn Anderson vs. Tully Blanchard
Arn was too battered to fight back against Tully and fell victim to the Texas Piledriver.
Result: Tully Blanchard via pinfall

Match 5:
The Road Warriors vs. The Hart Foundation
This match went out of control quickly as the match spilled outside. All four men pummeled each other with everything not nailed down.
Result: Double DIsqualification

Match 6:
United States/Intercontinental Title Unification Match
Magnum T.A. vs. Tito Santana
Match started well until The Horsemen struck again and pearl harbored Magnum. Tito never saw the attack and eventually pinned Magnum to unfiy the titles.
Result: Tito Santana via pinfall to become the unfied champion

Match 7:
NWA/WWF World Title Unification Match
Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
JJ Dillon was barred from ringside for this one. Flair tried to illegally choke Hogan out but The Hulkster Hulked up and put The Nature Boy away with the Leg Drop
Result: Hulk Hogan via pinfall to become the PWA Unified World Champion.
PWA All Star Wrestling
01/24/86 - Boston Gardens

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Steve Lombardi
During the match Ric Flair came out on the platform to try and taunt Savage but Savage gets the win regardless. After the match Savage stated his purpose in PWA is to get the Gold.

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs. Lex Luger
Steamboat gets the win via pinfall but Luger ultimately steals The Dragon's entrance gear

Road Warriors vs, The Hart Foundation
Animal and Hawk get the victory when Neidhart hits Hawk with the Megaphone causing the disqualification

Dusty Rhodes vs. Wahoo McDaniel
Dusty is victorious when Wahoo nails Dusty with a steel chair

Arn Anderson & Magnum T.A. vs. Ric Flair & Tully Blanchard
Woman sprays perfume in the faces of Anderson and Magnum. Anderson manages to make a great comeback and put Tully down with the Gourd Buster to get the victory.
Wow, that is what I named by league too! With same roster! Awesome.
Sorry this forum is dead. If you want to talk about UQW or Face to the Mat, check out https://www.reddit.com/r/FaceToTheMat/
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