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A Few Questions
Please excuse me. I have a few questions concerning FAR. I've had this game for close to eight years and could never get into it due to feeling that the rules seemed to confuse me more than answer any questions. But after stumbling across a video on youtube, I decided to pull it out and give it a whirl? So again, please excuse me.

1. At the start of the event, you determine a random challenger for the pole sitter according to the red/white die roll. Then add +1 to the pole sitter's race rating? The winner of that challenge is the new leader?

2. Next you roll red/white die to determine the five random drivers and check their MECH rating? Those that fail the MECH check are considered to have DNF'd? If one of the five passes their check, they challenge the leader? That's how I'm interpreting the scoresheet.

3. Then roll once more for another random challenger prior to green flag run?

4. Then under green you roll for the random five and they challenge the leader?

5. Under PIT CREW it's more random driver selection and leader challenges? Those that fail get a lapped marker?

6. Under PENALTY, you're rolling against each driver's PIT CREW rating? Those who fail get one green LAPPED marker?

7. Then you have two random driver challenges to the current leader prior to CONTACT?

8. CONTACT is more random drivers rolling against their CONTACT rating? Those that fail are collected and DNF? Those that pass, are good so far?

9. The stops under caution roll against their PIT CREW rating? Those that fail are given a LAPPED marker according to their LAPPED status? If one driver passes, is he automatically the leader or does he challenge the leader? The challenge is how I played this.

10. After the stops under yellow and the last challenge is completed you move into the closing laps action phase?

The next few questions concern the Fifth and final phase

11. You then roll for each MECH., CONTACT, PIT CREW & GREEN to see if they occur?

12. If the MECH event happens, how is that conducted?

13. If CONTACT doesn't occur, do you still roll for the one random challenger before moving to the pit crew event?

14. Under the Pit Crew closing lap action it states 'Event Void if Pit Stop under Caution have taken place. Is this referring to the stops under caution in the closing laps phase? That's what I'm interpreting?

15. If NONE of the actions in the closing laps action phase take place, do you conduct the final challenge. Or is the leader at the end of phase four the winner?

16. If only one or no action occurs, is the final challenge conducted as per the rules?

17. If the Pit Stops Under Caution is the last action to occur, is the race considered to have ended under caution? And do you conduct any final challenges?

Other questions.

18. In the rules, it states that a driver can only be chosen once per game. Is that referring to being chosen by the die roll? That's the interpretation I'm reading.

19. In the closing laps action, if an action (i.e., pit crew) doesn't occur, can you still roll for the random car in order to conduct a challenge?

Thank you for your assistance. And again, please forgive the questions.

Never mind. This game is too confusing to play. It's going back on the shelf.
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