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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
The Blue Raven & Dorsie’s Dairy Bar presents;
Memphis/ICW Wrestling on WPKY=TV Chan 8
Mayfield CC – Pikesville, KY Att: 1,124

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Cowboy Bob Ellis
Referees; Jim Davis & Emmitt Couch
Ring; Woody Boyd

1. Dr. Bill Irwin; Anesthesia (DDT) Pin over David Oswald. Irwin who is gaining a reputation of scaring fans especially the younger crowd had his usual bag of medical supplies; Statoscope, etc that he fumbled with indicating that he was not against using some equipment to end the match if needed. David had an early chance of a pin on the Doctor after a Flying Body Press but it was downhill after the kick-out. A Bicycle Kick stunned David. The Doctor performed an Emergency Room Running Jackhammer and finished the match with the Anesthesia DDT. Irwin took the microphone and announced that “The House Call is Over”. 4:12

2. Animal Hamagucci; Neckbreaker Drop Pin over Tony “Tiger” Falk. Animal gained extra points on his total after attacking Tony before the match. Referee Emmitt Couch could have DQ’d Animal but he missed the infraction while he was talking to Liz Hulette. Couch missed a Pin also. Tony who is not against infractions of his own, used a Vicious Eye Rake and then a Backroll Press. Couch was out of position and missed what was a definite pin. This shook Animal who performed a Brain Basher to the Corner Post and then the Neckbreaker Drop for the Pin. Animal who is trying to get an ICW Title Shot against Cowboy Bob Ellis was kicking Tony who was on the canvas. Animal’s less than impressive showing may hamper his chances at the Gold. 6:49

3. Judy Martin; Drip Dry Power Bomb Pin over Candi Malloy. Judy tried a sneak attack prior to the match and she fell through the ropes. She was limping as she re-entered the ring. Candi tried to take advantage with a quick attack and had Judy reeling. Candi climbed the Turnbuckle for a Suicide Leap but missed and crashed to the canvas. Judy performed a Double Axe Handle and then her Drip Dry Power Bomb finisher for the Pin. 8:16

4. Bobby Eaton with Koko B. Ware and Bounty Hunter #2 Dave Novak) with Cashbox Jim Kent and Bounty Hunter #1 (Jerry Novak). When Koko B. Ware met Hunter #1 it ended 8in a all out brawl and Double DQ. It would be foolish to think that this match would end any differently. It was full of the Hunter’s Dirty Doubleteaming yet keep in mind that it was a single’s match. The closest any wrestler got to a possible pin was when Bobby used the Alabama Jam leap but Referee Emmitt Couch was distracted by Cashbox Kent so Jerry was able to pull Dave to safety OOR. The Brawl broke out with the Hunters, Bobby and Koko. Referee Emmitt Couch call for a Double Count-Out. 7:41

5. The Valiant’s (Luscious Johnny and Gentleman Jerry) beat the Ridge Runners (Hoot Gibson and Big Boy Williams). The Runners had the advantage in the match and had Jerry in serious trouble. Hoot performed a Bulldog followed by Big Boy’s Mother Lode Piledriver. Luscious Johnny was able to save Jerry and able to use a Foreign Object tucked in his fist to smash Big Boy in the temple. Johnny and Jerry attacked Big Boy with Foreign Objects while Referee J8im Davis held Hoot back from trying to reach his partner. Luscious Johnny performed a Brainbuster and Jerry followed with a Suplex. This was more than enough to get the pin. 12:48

6. Rugged Ronnie Garvin and Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart; Double DQ. Jimmy was protesting from the beginning. He wouldn’t shut his mouth so Referee Emmitt Couch who has had better days threatened to send Jimmy from ringside. VP of the Family Chick Donovan came to ringside to take up the case for the Mouth of the South. The match started but was constantly being interrupted by Jimmy who was really living up to his name. The Masked Super Destroyer came to ringside and everyone knew this spelled trouble. Bobby Eaton and Koko B. Ware ran to ringside to support Ronnie Garvin. The match went OOR and was doomed to never return. All of the wrestlers were brawling in the 4th row when Referee Emmitt Couch called for the Double DQ. 8:46

7. Killer Karl Krupp with Jimmy Hart won by DQ over Dirty Dutch Mantel with Jimmy Cornette and Shoo Baby (Mantel’s Whip). The match was fairly even with each wrestler having his moments. Several pin attempts were made but the kick-out’s made to attempts look less serious. Jimmy Hart found it hard to stay to his corner and was setting up some interference. At the right moment when Referee Jim Davis was dazed from a collision Hart smashed the Megaphone over Dutch’s head. Cornette was complaining to Referee Davis who was regaining his senses. As Cornette pointed to Dutch, Killer Karl laid on the canvas next to Dutch. Referee Davis looked over at the wrestlers laying on the canvas, looked at Cornette’s Tennis racket and called for a DQ against Mantel. 10:36
The Po Boy Factory & Hildegard’s presents
WWE – RAW (2016-17) on the USA Network
Von Braun C.C. – Huntsville, AL Att: 8,978

Commentators; Bryan Saxton, Cory Graves & Booker T
Referees; Danny Anfibio & Jason Ayers
Ring; Jo Jo Offerman

Byan Saxon on the Microphone; “the Current Champions are……………”

Universal; Kevin Owens
United States; Rusev
RAW Tag Team; New Day
RAW Woman’s; Charlotte Flair
Cruiserweight; T.J. Perkins

1. Woman’s Match - Nia Jax; Fireman’s Powerslam Pin over Alicia Fox. Alicia heard some booing after it was announced she was from Florida. It was odd that the fans would respond to another state in a negative way but Alabama and Florida have some issues with each other. Alicia was on the losing end of some points from her total. She could ill afford to lose points to Nia. During the match Alicia was able to catch Nia in a Necbreaker Vise and then used a Brainbasher but the powerful Jax fought back. A Samoan Drop by Nia set up the Fireman’s Powerslam and got the Pin. 7:31

2. Darren Young with Bob Backlund; Gutbuster Pin over Titus O’Neil. Titus who had developed a few rougher moves was able to gain an advantage with a Vicious Eye Ripper and then a Running Jackhammer. He hooked in for a pin but Bob Backlund pulled Darren out. Darren hit Titus with a Double Axe Handle and climbed the Ropes for a Top Rope Clothesline. The end was near for O’Neil so Backlund was yelling for A Cross Face Chicken Wing but Young used a Gutbuster that got the Pin. Backlund must have been thinking of his glory days when his Cross face was feared. He has taught this move to Darren but Young has yet to use it in a match. 7:55

3. Braun Strowman; Reverse Chokeslam Pin over Sin Cara. Sin Cara stared the match by rolling on Speed and gaining points on his total while Braun rolled on Tech and he lost points on his total. Sin Cara did what he could with his speed trying to confuse Strowman. This game plan worked well until Sin Cara Leaped from the Top Rope. Strowman caught Sin Cara in mid-air. From there the match went downhill for Sin Cara. A Headrammer to the corner post set up Sin Cara for the Strowman Reverse Chokeslam for the Pin. 4:41

4. Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth) won by DQ over Miz-Tourage (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel). Miz-Tourage is a newly formed team that The Miz brought together as body guards. Both Bo and Curtis are ambitious and must think that The Miz and Maryse is their best bet at fame. As Golden Truth entered the arena they were cheered so they responded with Handslapping and High Fives. After the match began Golden Truth had more points added to their total for terrific teaming. Miz-Tourage was left bewildered and confused by this marginal but veteran team. Goldust performed a belly to Belly Suplex on Bo Dallas. Curtis pulled Bo from a certain Pin by entering the ring. Referee Jason Ayers called for the DQ. Golden Truth performed a Noggin Knocker on Miz-Tourage after the match. 13:10

5. United States Title – Roman Reigns (Challenger); Spear Pin over Rusev (Champion) with Lana. Reigns head the cheers as he entered the ring. His popularity had been in question as of late so this was a surprise. Maybe the fans hate Rusev and Lana so much that Roman got the cheers. During the match Rusev was able to show his power with a sledgehammer to the Chest and then a Falling Knee to the Throat. Reigns was able to fight back and wasn’t to be denied. He performed a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle and finished the match with his Dreaded Spear. Roman Reigns is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW United States Champion. 15:53

6. RAW Tag Team Title - New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)(Champions) with Big E beat Enzo and Big Cass (Challengers). New Day entertained with their usual entrance that is like children’s parade. The fans love it. Then Enzo and Big Cass entered and Enzo spoke in the Mic; “I am a Certified G and a Bona-Fide Stud and you can’t beat that and Big Cass is & feet tall and you can’t beat that.” Once again the fans loved it. For a while it looked like the title would change hands as Big Cass used his power and som pretty good finesse moves to gain the advantage. Cass performed a Bridge Suplex on Kofi and Enzo was ready to use the Bada Boom Shakalaka. Unfortunately for Enzo Big E interfered and Enzo fell on his head. New Day finished the match using Midnight Hour; A Diving DDT by Kofi and then a Cutter by Xavier. Xavier pinned Enzo. The New day retains the Tag Team Title. 15:56

7. Cesaro with Sheamus; Crossface Cradle Pin over Karl Anderson with Like Gallows. This could have been a tag team match because the in ring action was matched by the OOR action. Sheamus and Luke spent the entire match fighting OOR. The fans watched the matches like they were watching a tennis match. Back and forth. Anderson was able to hold his own using several rough moves; Grinding Face Claw and a Running Knee Lift that had Cesaro falling through the ropes. Cesaro fought back with a Corkscrew Dive and then set up the finish with Neutralizer (Slam) then the Crossface Cradle for the Pin. 11:15

8. Universal Title – Kevin Owens (Champion) with Chris Jericho; Pop-Up Power Bomb Pin over Sami Zayn (Challenger). Zayn wasn’t fooled by the offered handshake that Kevin offered. Sami gave Kevin a pop to the chops. Sami was able to daze Kevin by performing Helluva Kick to the head. Sami followed with a Torpedo Clothesline that looked like it may get the pin but Jericho was able to interfere without getting caught. During OOR Action Sami was doubleteamed then got Choked on the Guard Rail. Back in the ring Kevin performed an Avalanche and then finished the match with his Pop-Up Powerbomb for the Pin. Kevin Owens retains the Universal Heavyweight Title. 14:04
Dizzy’s Bistro & The Flying Saucer presents;
WWE Smackdown on USA Network
Verizon Arena, Little Rock, AR Att: 15,612

Commentators; David Otunga & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; John Cone & Ron Zapata
Ring; Greg Hamilton Backstage Interviews; Andrea DeMarco

Greg Hamilton on the Micro phone; “The following are the Smackdown Champions……….”

WWE Champion – A.J. Styles
Intercontinental – The Miz
Tag Team – Heath Slater & Rhyno
Smackdown Woman - Natalya

1. The Hype Bros. (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) beat The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor). This was a fairly even matchup with neither team seeming to gain an advantage. The Ascension used some Doubleteaming; Splash that eventually had Mojo dazed. Konnor followed with a Headcracker on Rawley that seemed like curtains. Zack was able to help his partner kick out and then the Hype Bros. used a combo on Viktor; Zack performed a lariat followed by Mojo’s Spinebuster for the Pin. Konnor spent more time complaining about the Hype Bros. methods and ignored his partner who was laying on the canvas and could have been seriously hurt. 11:14

2. Jason Jordan with Chad Gable; Hoosier Daddy DDT Pin over Simon Gotch with Aiden English. Jordan who is ½ of the American Alpha Tag Team with Chad Gable was facing Gotch who is ½ of The Vaudvillains with Aiden English. Gotch is convinced that he is ready to vie for the WWE or Intercontinental Belt or the WWF Belt along with the Tag Belts carries a huge ego and lets everyone know. He dresses like a 1910 vaudeville stage player. He is very colorful. Gotch ran into frustrations early in the match when he tried to Suplex Jason. Simon simply didn’t have the strength to complete the move on the stronger Jordan. Simon had a chair and tried to smash Jason over the head but the move got reversed. Referee Ron Zapata was distracted by Aiden and missed Simons illegal move but then saw Jason use the chair. Zapata ignored Jason’s move because he somehow sensed that Gotch was the culprit. Jordan performed an Olympic Slam and then finished the match with the Hoosier Daddy DDT. Aiden English was screaming at Zapata while he attended to his partner. 8:42

3. Baron Corbin; End of Days (Lifting Reverse STO) Pin over Jack Swagger. Jack was able to keep a Foreign Object hidden (small piece of metal pipe) until Referee John Cone was out of place to see an infraction. Swagger caught Baron on the chops with a punch. Corban fell to the canvas and Swagger hooked in an Ankle Lock. Somehow Baron was able to crawl to the Ropes and Swagger had to release the hold but not before he got in several punches. Corban still limping went into action and performed a Gourd Buster. He followed with a Backward Head Slam as Swagger was getting to his feet. Corban finished the match with End of Days (DDT). 8:42

4. Smackdown Tag Title – Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) (Chalengers) won by Count-Out over Heath Slater and Rhyno (Champions). Most of the action match was OOR. Unfortunately for the Champions it spelled their doom for this match. Fandango found a 2 x 4 under the ring and was able to hit Rhyno over the head. Rhyno was the legal man along with Tyler Breeze. While Slater tended to Rhyno, Breeze slipped back into the ring and accepted a Count-Out win. Heath Slater and Rhyno retain the Smackdown Tag Title. 12:34

5. Becky Lynch and Carmella; No Contest. Becky was able to control the match and would have ended it after locking in a Dis-Arm-Her (Arm-Bar). Alexa Bliss who is no friend of Becky’s came running to the ring to save Carmella. Mickie James who has recently returned to the WWE followed Alexa. The 4 women were fighting in the ring when Referee John Cone called the match a No Contest. David Otunga argued on the mic that Alexa interfered first so Carmela should be DQ’d but Bradshaw claimed it was a good decision. 6:33

6. Bray Wyatt; Sister Abigail (swinging Reverse STO) Pin over Erick Rowan. The former Wyatt Family member Rowan was being interviewed by Andrea DeMarco backstage when Luke Harper ran in a smashed a tire Iron to Erick’s arm. Erick had serious damage and several hundred points deducted from his total. Erick chose to compete in this match although Commissioner Daniel Bryan would have found a replacement. Rowan did stun Wyatt during the match and had several pin attempts after a Sledgehammer that took the breath from Bray. Wyatt worked on the damaged arm and weakened Erick. A Falling Axe Handle onto the arm had Rowan grimacing. Wyatt finished the match with Sister Abigail. 9:12

7. Intercontinental Non-Title Match – The Miz (Champion) with Maryse; Skull Crushing Finale Pin over Apollo Crews. The fans gave Crews a big ovation. Apollo isvery popular but of course The Miz is also hated so the ovation irritated Miz and Maryse. Crews had a definite shot at a pin after a Gorilla Press Slam that had The Miz hurting. Maryse got into the show by spraying Mace to Apollo’s eyes. The Miz used several uppercuts to the chops and then performed a Skull Crushing Finale for the Pin. 9:45

8. WWE Title – A.J. Styles (Champion) and Dean Ambrose (Challenger); Double Count-Out. This as expected was a very even match. Ambrose used a Knee Trembler Lift to weaken A.J. The the action went OOR where both wrestlers traded Head Slams to the Steel Steps. Back in the ring Styles used a Falling Cranium Crusher to daze Ambrose. Ambrose used a Spinebuster Slam to almost pin Styles. Styles electrified the fans with a Superman (450° Splash) but could not get the pin. The action went OOR again where neither wrestler could beat the count. A.J. Styles retains the WWE Title. 17:39
PepperJax & The Farm House presents
WWE-NXT Wrestling (2016-17)
Ralston Arena – Omaha, NE Att: 4,346

Commentators; Mike Rome & Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Scott Armstrong & Ryan Tran
Ring; Andrea DeMarco Interviews; Kayla Braxton

Andrea DeMarco on the microphone; “The current NXT Champions are………..”

NXT Champion – Shinsuke Nakamura
Woman’s Champion – Asuka
Tag Team Champions – The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson)

1. No Way Jose and Tito Sabatelli; Double Count-Out. These two showed a lot of in ring moves before falling victims to the OOR extended action. Sabatelli used a Diving Knee Smash and then locked in a Sharpshooter. Jose was able to reach the ropes but it was very close. Jose answered with a Double Knee thrust and a Half Nelson Suplex but his legs were weak from the Sharpshooter and the moves didn’t have the full impact. After the action went OOR neither wrestler had the strength to re-enter. Referee Scott Armstrong counted them out. 6:45

2. Women’s Match – Peyton Royce; Legsweep DDT Pin over Aliyah. Aliyah was in control of the match and went to the top rope for a dazzling ending. She performed an Arabian Night Moonsault but Peyton was able to move out of the way. Aliyah crashed to the canvas changing the direction of the match. Peyton performed a Flying Elbow Drop and then the Legsweep DDT to end the match. 5:12

3. Sanity Club (Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe) with Eric Young and Nikki Cross vs Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight and Otis Dizovic); No Contest. Heavy Machinery a new team that was being interviewed by Kayla Braxton was attacked by Sanity Club. Knight and Dizovic are a hefty team weighing in at 650 lbs but were outnumbered by Young, Fulton, Wolfe and Killian Dain. Several wrestlers helped break up the brawl. The bad feelings were too much for Heavy machinery and another brawl broke out prior to the match as the teams were heading for the ring. Scott Armstrong called the match a No Contest although Sanity Club and Eric Young were clearly up to their usual game. 0:00

4. Buddy Murphy; Murphy’s Law (Running Brainbuster) Pin over Tye Dillinger. The was a terrific match-up with the never stop action. The match was back and forth with neither have a clear advantage. Tye was able to use his Perfect 10 (Face Breaker) but Murphy was able to kick out of several pin attempts. Murphy retaliated with a Throat Slam Suplex but Dillinger had enough to avoid a pin. Dillinger performed a Top Rope Clothesline then Murphy kicked out at the 2 ½ count. Murphy caught Tye with and Eye Rake then Murphy’s Law that ended the match. 9:56

5. Johnny Gargano; Hurts Donut (STO) Pin over Bronson Mathews. Gargano had a great interview with Kayla Braxton that gave Johnny extra points on his total. Mathews started the match with a flurry and came close to a pin after using a Stinger Splash on Gargano. Gargano played possum and Bronson made the mistake of taking his eyes off the clever Johnny. Gargano hit Mathews with a Jumping Spin Kick the performed the Hurts Donut for the pin. 4:45

6. NXT Women’s Title – Asuka (Champion); Asuka Lock (Chicken Wing) Submission over Billy Kay (Challenger). Billy was interrupted by Asuka in an interview with Kayla Braxton. Billy got upset but according to the interpreter for Askua Billy Kay was using time and avoiding going to the ring. Billy had a few good moves that resulted in near pins; Flying Clothesline and Multiple Dropkicks. In the end though it wasn’t enough. After Askua performed a Crucifix Drop she hooked in the Chicken Wing with Body Scissors that got the Submission. Asuka retains the NXT Women’s Title. 9:21

7. Eric Young with Nikki Cross; Spike Piledriver Pin over Hideo Itami. Itami is cheered probably because the fans hate Sanity Club and Eric Young in particular. Itami had a pin chance after performing a Busaiku Knee Smash. Young was dazed but after kicking out he booted Itami from the Ring. Hideo fell to the floor where Nikki Cross hit him over the head with a Bottle. Itami was able to crawl back in the ring but Young was waiting. Eric used a falling Knee Cruncher and then the Spike Piledriver for the Pin. 12:51

8. NXT Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura (Champion) won by DQ over Andrade “Cien” Almas (Challenger). Kayla Braxton had a bad day finishing with this interview of Nakamura. Almas interrupted by ramming a table at Nakamura. The table skidded by the Champion’s body but was enough that Nakamura had points deducted from his total. The Champion had the best of the match and delighted the fans with a Top Rope Springboard after a Running Face Smash on Almas. Andrade bailed from the ring and re-entered with a chair. He pushed Referee Ryan Tran aside and tried to hit Nakamura. Ryan Tran called the match a DQ against Almas. Shinsuke Nakamua retains the NXT Championship. 10:45
Vicky’s Viking Room & The Vault presents;
WWE Wrestling House Show (2016-17)
Grange Hall – Wheatsylvania, ND Att: 1,212

Commentators; Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards
Referees; Darrick Moore & Drake Wurtz
Ring; Beulah McGillicutty Interviews; Babs Jansen

1. O1K (Irish Airborne)(Dave and Jake Crist) and The Haters (Sal and Vito Thomaselli); Double Count-Out. O1K was awarded extra points as the match progressed because of their constant tagging and keeping the Haters off balance. This frustrated Vito who had a Hidden Foreign Object. Referee Darrick Moore caught him and gave him a severe warning. It could have been a DQ. Eventually the match action went OOR where the two teams fought up the ramp, down the hall and out the side door. Both teams were Counted-Out. 10:24

2. Rob Conway; Iron Fist (Loaded Glove) Pin over Luster the Legend with Christina Von Eerie. The fans didn’t know who to cheer for with both wrestlers having heel backgrounds. They finally settled on Rob because Christina went out of her way to insult the crowd and scare the younger fans. She also tried her best to help Luster as the match went along. A trip here and there and even tried fingernails to the eyes when the Referee was distracted. Luster used a Vicious Rope Burn to temporarily blind Rob then used a Thumbscrew to the Throat that looked like it may lead to the end for Conway but he recovered and went on the offense. Rob performed a Slingshot Suplex and then the Loaded Glove Iron Fist that got the Pin. 7:42

3. Gran Metalic; Corkscrew Senton Pin over Airya Daivara. This was a good Cruiserweight matchup with Daivara getting the early advantage. A Spinning Neckbreaker by Airya lead to his locking in a Camel Clutch but he couldn’t get Metalic to submit and Gran eventually reached the ropes. Gran performed a Samoan Driver that he calls the Metalic Driver and then the Corkscrew Senton for the Pin. 6:10

4. Women’s Match – Ember Moon and Liv Morgan; Double Count-Out. Liv performed a Jumping DDT that came very close to an early pin but Ember was up to the task of avoiding the fall. Ember performed an Eclipse (Diving Stunner) and she almost got the pin. Liv back on her feet used a Reverse Roundhouse Kick that sent Ember through the Ropes and down to the floor. Liv followed with the intention of adding to the hurting Ember. Ember wasn’t hurt and fought back OOR. The brawl was intense and neither paid attention to Referee Drake Wurtz count. It was a Double Count-Out. 8:16

5. Lance Archer; Texas Tornado (Roundhouse) Pin over Beer City Brawler. The Brawler showed his nasty side during the entrance. He argued with fans and ripped up a program that a young girl held. The fans booed but the Brawler had extra points added to his total for living up to his expected persona. The Brawler used a Skull Smasher and a Falling Hammer to weaken Archer but the veteran wasn’t to be denied. Lance used a Jump Kick to the Back of the Head to stun the Brawler and then the Texas Tornado Roundhouse to KO Beer City as he got to his feet. 6:22

6. Rich Swann; Five Star Splash pin over Noam Dar. Dar showed the fans his attitude by tipping over the press table on his way to the ring. The poor press people are always feeling the wrath of the nasty wrestlers. Of course I doubt if any of the nasty wrestlers ever have good press so their actions like tipping over furniture matter very little. This was a very good match with two Cruiserweights of equal abilities. Dar tried a Suicide Leap that would have ended the match but he missed and crashed onto the canvas. Rich performed a Fantastic Voyage (Suplex) that probably had Noam KO’d. Rich climbed the ropes for the Five Star Splash Pin. 8:36

7. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt) won by DQ over The Shining Stars (Primo and Epico). The teams traded moves in the match but the Hardy’s were having the best of the match. The Stars were showing frustration. Jeff used a Flying Forearm to down Primo while Matt was at the Top Rope ready for a Leap of fate. Epico ran into the ring, pushed Referee Darrick Moore aside and pulled Primo from harm’s way. Referee Darrick Moore called for the DQ. 12:49
Hairless Joe & Lonesome Polecats Kick-a-Poo Joy Juice presents;
Memphis/ICW Real Wrasslin on WDPC-TV Chan-Tree
Jubilation T. Cornpone Hall – Dogpatch Att: 436 (Sole Out)

Commentators; Bonnie Blackstone & Austin Idol
Referees; T.D. Steele & Count Billy Varga
Ring; Mr. Haney Interviews; Fred Ziffel with Arnold
Timekeepers at the Bell; Earthquake & Typhoon McGoon

1. V.P. Chick Donovan; Figure Four Leglock Submission over Ed “Dizzy” Hogan. Chick praned around the ring hearing boos from the fans except from Earthquake & Typhoon who encouraged Donovan. Chick who was a clean respected wrestler at one time has become a member of Jimmy Hart’s family. In fact Chick is the Vice President. Chick had the advantage in the match and set up the finish with a Bombs Away DDT. The Figure 4 was unnecessary icing on the cake. Jesse Barr was being interviewed by Fred Ziffel with Arnold ran to the ring to help Chick beat on the helpless Dizzy. They ran off when the 400 lb. Moose Cholak came into the hall for his match. 4:15

2. Moose Cholak; MMMMOOOOO Splash Pin over Colonel Yan Ky. The Colonel tried to gain an advantage by throwing Salt into big Moose’s eyes. Yan Ky then slammed a trash Can over Cholak’s back. Moose was bothered by the Salt but didn’t seem fazed by the Trash Can. In fact he gabbed the Trash Can and slammed it to the Colonel’s body. He set up the finish with a Double Knee Thrust then propped Yan Ky up for the MMMMOOOOO Splash finisher. The fans were on their feet including Earthquake and Typhoon. 6:22

3. Peggy Lee Pringle; Choke Slam Pin over Despina Montagas. Peggy Lee, the sister to Percy, is every bit as nasty as he brother. She began the match by throwing Despina through the ropes headfirst to the floor below. Despina tried to make a comeback from this but she was hurting. Montagas best chance was a pin attempt after performing a Flying Forearm. Peggy Lee responded with a Running Skull Crusher and then a Jumping Legdrop. The Choke Slam was mainly for show. 7:40

4. Roy Rogers; Flying Elbow Smash Pin over Gypsy Joe. Gypsy had a plan but it went sour. He started by attacking early and should have had the upper hand when Earthquake and typhoon McGoon rang the bell thinking it would be an advantage for the rough style Joe. Roy who is Johnny Rich anticipated the early attack and responded with a Spinning Kick. Rogers went on the attack eventually using a Gut Wrench that set up the Flying Elbow Smash when Gypsy got to his feet. 6:12

5. Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda; London Bridge Pin over Jerry Jarrett. Street offered a handshake to start the match but Jerry has seen this false gesture on too many occasion so he responded with a Forearm Uppercut. Jerry controlled the match using Armdrags and Legsweeps until Miss Linda smashed a Loaded Purse over Jerry head. Jarrett collapsed to the canvas. Exotic Adrian used a Suicide Leap from the Turnbuckle to set up for the London Bridge. 8:43

6. Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant and Jim “Claw” Mitchell; Double Count-Out. Jimmy had his usual dancing entrance that had everyone cheering the popular wrestler. Bonnie Blackstone addressing Ausin Idol; “Boogie seems more popular than you.” Idol answered; “You may be right. Maybe I need to do something about that.” Mitchell had a good interview with Fred Ziffel and Arnold so he had points added to his total. The match was fairly even and eventually went OOR. Chair, Tables and Trash Cans were used. Jimmy finally hit Mitchell with a Hootch Jug that a lady handed him. The Claw was out cold. Jimmy stated signing autographs and did pay attention to Billy Varga’s Count-Out of both wrestlers. 9:56

7. The Zamboui Express (Elija Akeem and Kareem Muhammed) with J.J. Dillon; Count-Out win over The Batten Brothers (Brad and Bart). This was speed vs power and in the ring it was a very good match. Eventually the action went OOR where The Zamboui are more comfortable. J.J. Dillion got into the action giving the Zamboui a 3 on 2 advantage. Bart was fighting with J.J. while Elija and Kareem used a Double Splash to the Steel Steps on Brad. Elija slipped back in the ring as Brad was counted out. 13:54
The Faltering Fullback & Moolie’s presents
WWF Wrestling (Raw Roster)
02 – London, England Att: 17,826

Commentators; Lord Steven Regal & Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Chad Patton, Dan Engler & Tito Santana
Ring; Jo Jo Offerman

1. TM 61 (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne) beat The Bollywood Boys (Gurv and Harv Singh). The Singh’s pranced around the ring trying to impress the large London crowd but the fans were in no mood for nonsense so the booing began. During the match The Boys tried a Double Moonsault on Shane that resulted in a Double Miss and Splat!! TM 61 reacted immediately with a Thunder Valley (Nick using a facebuster and Shane a DDT on the helpless Harv. 8:54

2. Rob Terry won by DQ over Bully Ray. These two have a long history of dislike stemming from the days at Impact. Tonight was simply a continuation. The match looked like it would end quickly after Dudley used a Bubba Bomb but Terry was able to kick out of attempted pins. The frustration started to set in for Bully Ray. Terry performed a Gourd Buster and a Jumping Leg Drop that Bully Ray barely kicked from. Bully Ray bailed from the ring and returned with a Folded Steel Chair. A warning from Referee Dan Engler irritated Bully and he threw the chair across the ring. It hit Engler in the leg. Referee Engler called for the DQ. 7:46

3. Tyler Bate; Tyler Driver Pin over Brennan Williams. Bate, the very popular UK wrestler, used his speed to gain the advantage on Williams who is a newcomer mainly wrestling House shows prior to this large arena show. Unfortunately Williams big chance came when Bate was laying on the canvas. Brennan tried to use a Cranium Crusher Head Drop to finish the match. It finished the match but in favor of Bate who moved as Williams crashed to the canvas. A Flying Forearm preceded the Tyler Driver for the Pin. 4:57

4. Tajiri beat Neville in a Cruiserweight match. This contest went to the UNUSUAL CHART to determine the finish. This was an even contest until Referee Dan Engler was dazed from a fall to the Turnbuckle Post in a collision. Neville took advantage and immediately kicked Tajari in the groin. Neville then used a Superplex to set up the pin before Engler recovered. Tyler Bate was at the commentator’s table and ran in the ring. He smacked Neville in the chops, turned the wrestler’s over and bailed. Referee Engler woke to see Tajari pinning Neville. This was not a popular decision with Neville. 9:09

5. Woman’s Match – Charlotte Flair; Figure 8 Leglock (Bridging Figure 4) Submission over Dana Brooks. Both of these wrestlers are notorious rule breakers but they hate also hate each other. Charlotte was able to kick out of several pin attempts by Dana; Running Ax Handle and a Crucifix Power Bomb. Charlotte was finally able to answer with a Bombs Away DDT and then the Figure 8 Leglock. Charlotte didn’t want to let up but the threat of DQ by Chad Patton convinced her. 11:14

6. Tito Santana replaced the injured Dan Engler as Referee. Cruiserweight Match – T.J. Perkins; 720° Tornado DDT Pin over Gentleman Jack Gallagher. This was a crowd pleasing match of two speedsters. Gallagher performed a Jumping Kick to the back of the Head and then a Flying Dropkick for a 2 ¾ count that had the pro Gallagher fans disappointed. Perkins responded with a Torpedo Clothesline and then the 720° for the Pin. 10:44

7. Seth Rollins; Turnbuckle Bomb Pin over Luke Gallows. Luke has a rough style and he tried to wear down Seth using his normal moves. He threw Set head first to the floor from the ring then followed OOR with slams of Seth’s head to the Guard Rail and the Ring Post. Seth was bleeding as they re-entered the ring. Rollins was more in his element in the ring as he responded with Avada Kedavra Kick and got the pin with the Turnbuckle Bomb. 16:28

8. U.S. Title – Roman Reigns (Champion); Spear Pin over Chris Jericho (Challenger) with Kevin Owens. Owens was able to get a Steel Tray and he used it on Reigns’ skull as Roman was entering the ring. The match was fairly even although Reigns had to fight off Owens almost as much as he did Chris Jericho. Owens was trying to enter the ring and tripped causing Jericho to fall into a Face Wrecker by Reigns. As Owens and Jericho tried to regroup Roman hit then both with a Spear and then pinned Jericho. Jericho and Owens got into a big argument that was still going on in the ring as the show closed. Roman Reigns retains the U.S. Title. 15:56
Di-Shul-Dong/Cheng Lung Xing Xie Wangfu presents;
WWE Wrestling – Smackdown Roster on
Shanghai Oriental Television 东方卫视
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China Att: 17,992

Commentators; Mauro Renallo & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; Jason Ayers & Scott Armstrong
Ring Announcers; Lia Chang & Greg Hamilton

1. Luke Harper; Spinning Sideslam Pin over Sheldon Benjamin. Benjamin had Luke in trouble on a few occasions but Harper was able to avoid a pin after Sheldon used power moves; Slam Suplex and a Crucifix Drop that had the crowd “oohing” after the kick-out. Harper countered with a Discus Clothesline that had Benjamin gasping for air. The Spinning Sideslam was more than enough to get the Pin. 4:56

2. Kane; Tombstone Piledriver Pin over Curt Hawkins. Kane had the fans excited with his pyro-tech fire blasts. Hawkins wanted attention so he paraded around gesturing that he would put Kane down. During the match Hawkins was able to use the Ropes to Choke Out Kane and then had several pin attempts after a Spinning Back Kick. Kane responded with a Falling Head Slam and then pleased the fans with the Tombstone Piledriver. 6:18

3. The Vaudvillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) beat The Spirit Squad (Kenny Dykstra and Mike Mondo). The Spirit Squad had the advantage for most of the match while The Vaudvillians tried to cheat time and again. They say what goes around comes around and it finally did for the pretend actors. Kenny performed a Diving Leg Drop on Aiden while Simon grabbed the large Megaphone from ringside. Mondo saw Gotch with the Megaphone and was trying to get to the ring action. Referee Jason Ayers held Mondo back while Simon smashed the Megaphone to Kenny’s head. Mondo came in the ring to help Dykstra after Ayers saw turned around. The Vaudvillians used a Whirling Dervish on Mondo (An Uppercut then a Swing Neckbreaker Combo). Mondo was pinned by Gotch. The legal man was Dykstra but in the confusion Referee Ayers got confused. 10:35

4. Woman’s Match - Mickie James; Mickie DDT pin over Alexa Bliss. Alexa had developed a new rougher style in the Women’s Division but she was facing Mickie who can answer with her own rough methods. Alexa used some questionable moves; Raking the Eyes and Ropes Burns to the Eyes before Climbing the Ropes for a Twisted Bliss (Moonsault). Mickie played possum and moved as Alexa leaped. Bliss met the canvas. As she tried to get to her feet she also met a Roundhose Kick from Mickie and then a DDT that got the Pin. 7:39

5. NXT – Rezar with Paul Ellering won by Count-Out over Samoa Joe. Rezar who is ½ of the Authors of Pain Tag Team tried to avoid Joe’s submission hold by spending tome OOR. Joe can rough it out with anyone OOR but Rezar is a handful using Chairs, Trash Cans, Tables, etc. The match was decided by the UNUSUAL CHART. During the action OOR Paul Ellering got behind Joe and Hit him with a Newspaper. The usual Ellering Lead Pipe was rolled in the Paper. Samoa Joe was out cold as rezar slipped back in the ring. 8:06

6. The Uso’s (Jey and Jimmy) and the Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher); Double Count-Out. This was even for a while with The Headbangers able to perform a Stage Dive Legdrop Combo that came close to a pin. Both teams used speed to show off their skills. The Uso’s had Thrasher in trouble with a Double Samoan Splash that would have been a pin but Mosh pulled Thrasher from the ring. The OOR action led both teams up the ramp and to the back stage. Neither Thrasher nor Jey Uso could make it back to the ring. Scott Armstrong counted them out. 16:21

7. NXT – Bobby Roode; Glorious DDT Pin over Akam with Paul Ellering. Akam tried to use his weight and strength edge to gain an advantage. He did roll on strength to give him some confidence but lost most of it when Roode took charge in the Flow of the match. Akam out of desperation tried to line Roodeup for a Runaway Cannon but hit the empty Turnbuckle post shaking the ring. Roode caught Akam with a Vicious Choke and then an Arm Trap Cross Face. The Glorious DDT got the Pin. 9:14

8. Dolph Ziggler won by Count-Out over “The Viper” Randy Orton. Ziggler was hurt during a Brawl prior to the bell but was able to recover although he was on the short edge of points. This was an excellent match with terrific moves; Bulldog lariat, Guillotine Leg Drop and a few Cranium Crackers. With the match very close the action went OOR. Ziggler hit Randy with the Gong Bell and Randy fell to the floor. Dolph was able to crawl back in the ring before Referee Scott Armstrong’s count. 17:36
The Iron Horse and Hattie’s Diner presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WNBY-TV Chan 10
Grange Hall #881 – North Bath, NY Att: 1,270

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi & Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Chuck “Popeye” Richards & Mario Savoldi
Ring; Jocko Dundee

1. George Wells; Body Splash Pin over ‘The Columbus Clipper’ Frankie Williams. Frankie, the old vet, had the upper hand for a short time. Williams even managed to stun Wells with a Head Smash to the Steel Steps when the action went OOR. Back in the ring Frankie hit George with a Rib Crusher but Wells had recovered and countered with a Spinebuster Slam. Frankie struggled to his feet only to be greeted with a Body Splash that ended the match. 7:24

2. Moondog Spot; Shoulder Breaker Pin over Al Diamond. Spot gained the attention of a lot of fans by waving his Dog Bone in the air. Quite a few fans applauded Spot. He was introduced as living at the local Dog Pound while in town. Al Diamond was able to get a near fall with a Diamond Edge Knee Drop but Spot took control after kicking out several times. A Vicious Eye Rake temporarily blinded Al. He was dazed after a Falling Face Wrecker. Then the Shoulder Breaker as Al got to his feet put him down for the count. 6:09

3. Women’s Match – Candi Devine; Brainbuster Pin over Kaye Noble. Kaye was able to get several near pins after performing a Falling Hammer then a sunset Flip. Candi was barely able to kick out. Candi countered with a Running Jackhammer that flattened Kaye. As Kaye got to her wobbly feet she was greeted with the Brainbuster. 5:27

4. Siva Afi and Tony Russo; Double Count-Out. Russo showed his rougher side in this match. Tony could not match Siva technically so he resorted to some power moves. The action went OOR where Russo slammed the Gong Bell to Siva’s forehead opening a a bad gash. With blood flowing down Afi’s Face he was still able to perform a Flying Elbow Smash that sent the big Russo tumbling on the floor. Siva couldn’t find his way back to the ring in time to avoid being Counted-Out along with Russo. 6:14

5. Steve Blackman; Guillotine Choke Submission over Jason the Terrible. Jason seems to have a lot of fun scaring young people in the crowd waving a baseball bat and covering his face with a Hockey Mask. In the ring Jason has zero technical skill and must resort to Foreign Objects. He was unable to get to the Baseball Bat so he tried to slam a chair over Steve’s head but the move got reversed. The agile Blackman used a Top Rope Bicycle Kick and then the Guillotine Choke that had Jason submitting. 8:25

6. The French Connection (Mercenary Luc Porrier and Manifique Richard Charland) with Frenchy Martin beat Barry O and Leaping Lanny Poffo. Barry and Lanny more than held their own taking control of the match. Frenchy Martin look nervous as his connection team seemed to be faltering. After Lanny performed a Sommersault Drop on Luc that would have been light’s out, Frenchy somehow was able to reach Lanny and hit him over the head with a Bottle of Wine (Red of Course) while Manifique distracted Referee Mario Savoldi. As Barry tried to help his partner Manifique hit Barry with a Heart Punch then Luc followed with a Backbreaker Drop for the Pin. Frenchy and The Connection celebrated as though they just won the title while the fans had a good chance to boo and boo again. 12:41

7. Angelo Mosca Jr. and Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fuji. No Contest. This match was all Angelo who used Hig Flying moves and speed to control the contest. A Top Rope Kick and a Flying Body Press had Chung Lee in trouble but Mr. Fuji was able to Throw Salt into Mosca’s eyes. As Angelo staggered around the ring Tiger hit him with a Fujiama Chop to the Throat. Mosca went down and was pinned. Before the announcement was made Referee Mario Savoldi came down the aisle and entered the ring. He conferred with Referee Popeye Richards. Richards seemed confused but then made a decision. Jocko Dundee on the microphone; “Due to confusion of this match the contest is ruled a NO CONTEST.” Fuji was jumping up and down and waving his fist. 10:28
Smitty’s Bar & Hirsh Jeweler presents;
Memphis/ICW Wrestling on WPIT-TV Chan 14
Parkman CC – Parkman, IN Att: 1,380

Commentators; Angelo Poffo & Downtown Bruno
Referees; Bobby Dee & Tommy Sloan
Ring Announcer; Cookie Fleck

1. Sheepherder Luke Williams; Battering Ram Pin over Joey Cagle. Referee Bobby Dee found a Hidden Foreign Object on Luke and gave him a serious warning. Joey almost had a pin after using a Olympic Roll-Up but Luke was able to kick out. In the process he took out another Foreign Object hidden in his boot. Luke hit Joey in the Chops and then used a battering Ram to the Turnbuckle Post. It was more than enough to gain the pin. 5:42

2. Steve Travis and Pat “Scorpion” Hutchinson; Double Count-Out. This match was all Steve util it went OOR. Travis showed his stuff with a Torpedo Clothesline, Flying Drop Kick and an Irish Whip. The Scorpion was reeling when he bailed from the ring. Steve followed and ended in a big brawl that took both wrestlers to the backstage. They were fighting in the Boiler Room when they were both Counted-Out. 6:04

3. Sherri Martel won by Count-Out over Suzette Ferrera. Sherri had been wrestling under the name Sherri Martine and as a valet to Austin Idol under the name Sherri Martel. Jim Cornette insulted her claiming that like a woman she couldn’t make up her mind. Since then Sherri has settled on the name Martel and unfortunately for Cornette Austin Idol has been picking off Jimmy’s stable one by one. Suzette showed how tough she can be in this match overcoming a Flying Elbow and a Catapult Splash then using a Flying Body Press to almost pull the upset in this match. The action went OOR where Sherri used a Trash Can Lid to crown Suzette. Ferrera was dazed and unable to make it back to the ring. Sherri was able to sneak in before the final count. 7:36

4. King Cobra; Cobra Bite (Nerve Hold) Submission over Mike Doggendorf. Cobra heard the boos as his reputation preceded him. King didn’t mind the boos that awarded him extra points on his total. Mike was able to hold his own and even caught Cobra in a Full Nelson. Cobra had a tough time trying to get out but finally was able to reach the ropes and save himself. King performed a Cobra Strike (Slam) and then hooked in the Bite that got the Submission. 6:18

5. Devil’s Duo (Doug Vines and Jeff Sword) with Izzy Slapowitz and Jerry Barber/Don Anderson; Double DQ. Most of this match found Barber and Anderson trying to fend off the rough moves of The Devil’s Duo. As usual Izzy Slapowitz was right in the middle encouraging his nasty team. In defense Barber and Anderson grabbed Folded Steel Chairs after The Duo did the same. Izzy during the chaos Threw a Fireball. Referee Bobby Dee called for the DQ against both teams yet somehow you knew that Referee Dee had missed some of the infractions and that Izzy’s Duo should have been the only team DQ’d. Referee Dee missed the Luke Williams infraction in the opening match and that is not like him. 8:47

6. Paul Christy beat Bull Bullinski in a Reverse Decision. Bullinski had the fans booing as he entered the arena. He argued and showed them his fist. The match was fairly even in the beginning but Christy started to have the edge as time went along. This was going to be decided by an UNUSUAL CHART. A Vendor was near ringside, got on the ring edge when Referee Tommy Sloan was dazed from a body squash. The Vendor, whose hood came down to reveal Izzy Slapowitz, handed Bull a Tire Iron. Bull hit Christy in the leg. Christy fell to the canvas and was pinned by Bullinski as Referee Sloan came arounf from being dazed. After the match Referee Bobby Dee came in the ring and conferred with Referee Tommy Sloan who reversed the pin and called for a DQ against Bullinski. Bull protested the match and was seen backstage arguing with Izzy Slapowitz. 8:15

7. Wildfire Tommy Rich; Sitout Suplex Slam Pin over Tojo Yammamoto with Mr. Onita. The flow of the match went Tommy’s way. It was his crowd and he responded. Mr. Onita was able to use a Sharp Object to cut Tommy near the forehead. This seemed to anger Rich who was wiping the flowing blood from his eyes. Wildfire used a Brainbuster on Mr. Onita after pulling him in the ring and then a Flying Forearm on Tojo before pinning him with the Sitout Suplex. The fans in Parkman were very happy. 11:53
Isa Bistro & Gilbert’s Chowder House presents;
WWE Wrestling (2016-17)
The Expo – Portland, ME Att: 3,184

Commentators; Robbie Ellis, Pete Doherty & George Vessichio
Referees; Tito Santana & Ben Bassarab
Ring; Phoebe Buffay Interviews; Joey Tribbiani

Phoebe Buffay on the microphone; “Welcome Portland. Tonight’s commentators are one of the great Tag Teams of the past, Portland’s own Robbie Ellis and Pete Doherty known as the Duke of Dorchester. Together they were the team of Matman and The Duke and are New England legends.” George Vessichio, The Cannoli King, their very good friend will join them as a commentator.

1. Cliff Compton; Cliff Hanger DDT Pin over Cliff “Adonis” Mordetsky. Compton had a great interview with Joey Tribbiani and then controlled the Flow of the match. Mordetsky was able to perform a Diving Tackle then a Flying Legdrop to almost gain a pin. Compton fought back with a Skull Smasher and then the Cliff Hanger DDT in this excellent opening match. 5:57

2. Mike Bennett-Kanellis with Maria won by Count-Out over Eric Draven. Mike who split time between TNA and WWE is now using his wife’s last name of Kanellis. Bennett or Kanellis doesn’t matter because the wrestler you get is the long time heel of several Federations. In this match he faced Eric Draven a long time Indie wrestler who paints his face like Sting. Draven had the early advantage that saw Kanellis bail from the ring several times. When he was in the ring Maria was constantly trying to interfere. She helped Mike when he was about to be pinned after a Seattle Side Kick. This went to the UNUSUAL CHART. Eventually out of frustration Eric bailed from the ring to confront Maria. Mike followed and started brawling with Eric. As Eric turned around Maria hit him in the head with a Microphone. The dazed Eric couldn’t get back to the ring in time but Mike slipped in before the count. 7:16

3. Woman’s Match - Emma and Tamina (Snuka); Double Count-Out. Both women held their own with Tamina using a Vertical Splash for a near Pin and Emma countering with a Running Jackhammer. After the action went OOR it was clear that neither would make the count. They battled up the ramp and to the backstage as Referee Tito Santana counted them out. 6:12

4. Enzo Amore; G-DT (Diving DDT) Pin over Bo Dallas. Bo used a Running Missile and a Skull Crusher to get what he thought was a pin; (In fact Referee Ben Bassarab may have missed this one). Enzo made a comeback that was frustrating Bo. Bo had a Hidden Foreign Object but dropped it as Amore was performing an Air-Enzo (Diving Splash). Amore was able to perform the G-DT and get the pin. As Enzo was celebrating Bo ran over and hit him in the Chops with a Loaded Fist. Amore collapsed to the canvas and Bo stated kicking him in the ribs and face. Several of security came in the ring to stop the carnage. 8:18

5. Prince Mustaf Ali; Inverted 450° Splash Pin over The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick paraded around the ring before the match pointing his thumbs at himself indicating he was the man. The fans were booing him from his entrance while Prince Mustaf heard the cheers. Kendrick couldn’t wait for the bell and attacked the Prince. Mustaf stepped out of the way of a charge and Brian fell 5through the ropes to the floor below. It was a bad start The Brian Kendrick who lost precious points from his total. Brain was limping throughout the match but managed to hook in a Bully Choke that seemed like curtains. Kendrick’s leg was bothering him and he let up a little on the choke. Prince Ali was able to hit Brian in the stomach several times with an Elbow. As Kendrick let up completely on the hold Prince Mustaf performed a Tornado DDT then climbed the ropes for the 450° Splash Pin. 10:16

6. Killer Elite Squad (Davy Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer) and Reno Scum (Adam Thornstow & Luster the Legend) with Christina Von Eerie; Double Count-Out. The K.E.S. had a terrific interview with Joey Tribbiani giving then points added to their total. After Lance used a Texas Tornado punch on Luster the match seemed all but over. Adam was able to pull his partner from the ring. Lance followed and Davy Boy joined him in and OOR Brawl. Christina was using cups and bottles and anything she could find to help Reno Scum. The brawl went up the ramp and to the back stage, down the aisle and out the front door. 13:45

7. Finn Balor and Karl Anderson; Double DQ. The fans gave Balor a big ovation adding extra points on his total but this match that had been fairly even was settled on the UNUSUAL CHART. During a collision Referee Tito Santana was dazed and he fell to the canvas. Luke Gallows ran to the ring to help Anderson. Both Luke and Karl had folded steel chairs. Balor was able to avoid a smash and even grabbed the chair from Luke. He crowned Luke with the chair just as Ref Tito shook off the daze. Both wrestlers bailed from the ring and were using chairs on each other in the 2nd row. When Referee Tito saw Finn and Karl Anderson with the chairs he called for the Double DQ. 14:58
The Hokie Smokie & The Firehouse presents;
CWA Wrestling on WJHL-TV Chan 12
Legion St. Rec Center – Johnsoin City, TN Att:2,315

Commentators; Phil Rainey & Jim Hess
Referees; Jack Terry & George Grant
Ring; Scott Donlan

Phil Rainey on the Microphone; “Welcome to CWA Wresting. The CWA/GCW Champion’s Tourney saw the following Champions crowned”;

“CWA Heavyweight Champion (16 Wrestlers) – Oni Wiki Wiki
GCW Heavyweight Champion (16 Wrestlers) – Les Thatcher
CWA/GCW TV Champion (8 Wrestlers) – Peppy Rocco
CWA Tag Champions (8 Teams)– The Fargo’s (Jackie & Sonny)
GCW Tag Champions (8 Teams) – The Rising Sun (Mitsu Arakawa & Toru Tanaka)
CWA/GCW Women’s Champion (8 Women) – Ann Casey”

1. Alaskan Frank Monti; DDT Pin over Beautiful Bruce Swayze. Beautiful Bruce paraded down the aisle after his introduction to the song “The Look of Love” constantly pointing his thumbs to his self. It was a grand entrance but not such a grand end, for Bruce, in the match. He was able to manage a Vicious Double Rope Burn and then pulled out a hidden Foreign Object intended for a smash to the jaw. In trying to hide the object Bruce dropped it to the mat. The Alaskan caught Swayze for a Slingshot Suplex and then a DDT for the Pin. Referee Jack Terry was holding the Foreign Object (Piece of wrapped metal) after the Pin. Beautiful Bruce started yelling that it was Monti’s but Terry would have nothing to do with believing Bruce. 6:46

2. The Red Phantom; Abdominal Stretch Submission over Guy Taylor. The Phantom got angry at the fans who were booing. After entering the ring he showed his fists to indicate his anger. The Phantom had points added to his total so the booing worked to his advantage. During the match Taylor came close to a pin using a Sunset Flip but the crafty Phantom was able to kick out. The Phantom countered with an Eye Rake and then hooked in the Abdominal Stretch t9o end the match. 7:34

3. Women’s Match – Toni Rose; Crucifix Armbar Submission over Fran Gravette. Toni was ihn the middle of an interview with Jim Hess when Fran ran in and slammed a Trash can Lid to Toni’s head. Toni Rose was dazed as she fell to the floor. Points were deducted from her total for the injury but she chose to compete in her scheduled match. Fran was able to take advantage early in the match; Backward Head Slam and a Reverse Piledriver. Toni kicked out of pin attempts several times causing Fran to complain that Referee Jack Terry wasn’t counting fast enough. Toni recovered enough to perform a Flapjack Slam on Fran and then locked in the Crucifix Armbar. 8:17

4. The Scorpions (Chin Lee and Tojo Yammamoto) with Jim Lancaster and Memphis Vise (Jerry Bryant and Lou Winston); Double Count-Out. This was decided by the UNUSUAL RESULT CHART that had the team brawling OOR early and often in the match. Eventually the brawl was up the ramp and to the Custodial Room. Mops, Pails, Brushes, Brooms and even a Buffer were used as weapons. Needless to say both teams were counted out. It was difficult to remember the legal men at the time. Actually it didn’t matter. 9:24

5. Gorgeous George Jr. with Lady Satan; Running Skullcrusher Pin over Farmer Powell. The entrance of Beautiful Bruce in the opening match was a drop in the bucket to George Jr. Like his supposed father he came down the aisle to the music “Pomp and Circumstance” led by his manager Lady Satan and teo Valets who sprayed Chanel #5 on him. They repeated to spaying before Referee Jack Terry could check him for Foreign Objects in the ring. Farmer Powell holding his pet Pig chased George who threatened to leave the ring. George proved that he had talent to match his Flamboyance and Charismatics. A Flying Body Press preceded the Running Skull Crusher with lady satan doing her best to spray some Chanel #5 to Farmer Powell’s eyes. She would turn to the booing fans saying “He smells.” 4:49

6. Johnny Walker; Belly to Belly Suplex Pin over Lars Anderson. Lars who is ½ of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with Gene Anderson is a newcomer was up against the veteran Walker who is nicknamed “Rubberman.” Lars was caught with a Foreign and seriously warned by Referee George Grant. Anderson showed some power with moves that stunned Walker; Sledge Hammer and falling Ax Handle. Walker shook off the daze and used a Crushing Knee Life then the Belly to Belly Suplex that got the pin. 10:34

7. Red Raiders (Dick Dunn and Billy Garrett) and The Hines Brothers (Billy and Jimmy) with George Harris; Double Count-Out. This was a Brawl waiting to happen. The Hines Brothers like to use Folded Steel Chairs as extra arms. In fact they refer to each having a chair as other two Hines boys. Dunn and Garrett were more than prepared for the Hines’. After the match went OOR it was not about to re-enter. The fighting went to the Backstage, through the Food Court and into the Parking Lot. Both Teams were Counted Out although it could have been ruled a Double DQ. 15:58
Bridge View Tavern & Cellar 49 presents;
WWE Wrestling (2016-17)
H.W. Wiggins Center – Perkinsville, NY Att: 2,328

Commentators; Tommy Dreamer & Tazz
Referees; Steve Lombardi & Sal Bellomo
Ring; C.W. Briggs

1. Tozawa; Deadlift German Suplex Pin over Airya Daivari. Daivari got the upper hand by attacking Tozawa backstage. As a result Tozawa limped to the ring but was more than willing to compete in the match. Tazz; “It was Daivari’s best chance of winning.” The Iranian made the best of the early attack and controlled the match. After Airya climbed the ropes for a Frog Splash the tide changed. Daivari’s foot slipped and he took a Headcracking dive. Tozawa took advantage with a Sunset Flip then a Half Nelson Driver. The Deadlift German Suplex was more than enough to get the pin. 7:09

2. Nick Aldis; Diving Elbow Drop Pin over Ricky Rukus. Rukus was loudly booed upon his entrance that gained him extra points. The fans know Rukus, a local heel, who will use any method to win a match and is quite often DQ’d with his Foreign Objects. Aldis who also wrestled as Magnus is a clever veteran who controlled the flow of the match adding extra points to his total. Rukus used a Thumbscrew to the Throat to try and get the submission but the illegal moved had to be broken. Rukus still wouldn’t let up until the Referee Sal Bellomo reached a count of 9. Rukus was arguing with Bellomo, who was more than willing to get in the action against Ricky, when Nick ran over and performed a Slingshot Suplex. He followed with an Diving Elbow Drop for the Pin. 5:56

3. Women’s Match – Nikki Cross with Eric Young; Tornado DDT Pin over Mandy Rose. Cross who is the fire plug behind NXT’s Sanity along was accompanied by Sanity leader Eric Young. The Sanity Stable that includes Nikki, Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton is far from sane. Mandy Rose was able to mount an offense and came close to a pin after performing a Bed of Roses Facebuster. Eric Young was able to reach the action from OOR and threw some powder into Mandy’s eyes. Nicky immediately responded with a swinging Neckbreaker and then the Tornado DDT for the Pin. 6:25

4. Sanity Club (Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe) with Eric Young beat The Bollywood Boys (Gurv and Harv Sihra). Nikki Cross joined Eric at ringside and was instrumental in distracting Referee Sal Bellomo so that Sanity could cheat and cheat some more. The Bollywood Boys who have been known to break to rules were simply being “out-heeled.” Eric Young took liberties OOR taunting and swiping at the OOR Gurv or Harv. Eventually all four wrestlers were in the ring. Gurv was taken out with a Neckbreaker and then Harv become a victim to a Combo Death Valley Bomb. 9:08

5. Davey Boy Smith Jr.; Sharpshooter Submission over Beer City Bruiser. Davey added extra points on his total after the fans gave him a big ovation. The Bruiser had an early advantage after raking Davey’s eyes and using a Double Rope Burn. A Corner Post Head ram and then a Choke Slamhad Smith in trouble but Davey used his power to reverse the flow of the match. Smith performed a Bulldog Bomb and then caught Bruiser in the Sharpshooter for the Submission. 8:19

6. American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable won by DQ over Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango). American Alpha had the best of the match as Breezango tried to mount some offense with good tagging but was continually interrupted by a well conditioned team. Jordan and Gable showed why they are considered one of the premier teams. Eventually they caught Fandango with a Grand Amplitude; A Gable Suplex and a Jordan Turnbuckle Thrust. Tyler Breeze rushed into the ring to save Fandango. He pushed Referee Sal Bellomo aside. Bellomo immediately called for the DQ. 13:18

7. Bray Wyatt with Luke Harper won by Count-Out over Mojo Rawley with Zack Ryder. The fans were waiting for Bray’s unusual lantern entrance and they got their wish. Like him or not Bray’s entrance is eerie and exciting. This became a match that was settled OOR and not to anyone’s surprise. Zack and Luke were eyeing each other as though they wanted to join in the ring. Zack wandered over to Luke not knowing that Luke had the Gong-Bell. As Zack reached Luke Harper smashed the Bell over Zack’s head. The action in the ring was fairly even but this changed the direction of the match. Mojo bailed from the ring to help Zack. Bray followed and helped Luke doubleteam Mojo who was thrown into the steel steps and then smashed with a Chair. Bray Wyatt slipped back in the ring wile Mojo was counted-Out. 10:23
Redbud Deli & Good Ole’ Days presents;
CWA Wrestling (1965-80) WCYB-TV Chan 12
WCYB Studio – Morristown, TN Att: 952

Commentators; Bob Caudle & Buddy Fuller
Referees; Johnny Higgins & J.C. Dykes
Ring; “The Voice” Artie Decker Interviews; Tina Vitale

1. Billy Two Rivers and Chris Averoff; Double Count-Out. Averoff got the early advantage by attacking Billy before the match began. He could have been DQ’d but Referee Johnny Higgins allowed the match to begin. Chris had extra points added to his total and he set the tone for the match. Averoff who is from Greece claims that he is a cousin to Spiros Arion although Chris hasn’t had the same kind of career in the ring. The action went OOR and was destined to stay OOR. Averoff had a chair and was tying to fend off Billy’s anger as they took the action backstage. They were both Counted-Out. 5:11

2. Cowboy Parker and Tom Bradley; Double DQ. Cowboy Parker used his rough style to control the match against the house show’s Bradley who is learning the trade. Parker had a Foreign Object in his hand when he performed a Running Slam and then a Falling Knee to the Chest and a punch to the Chops. Referee J.C. Dykes was out of position to see the Foreign Object so Parker placed in in Bradley’s hand. Referee Dykes was confused by the situation so he called for a Double DQ. Cowboy Parker started yelling at Dykes and protesting the outcome. Dykes turned his back and walked away. 4:08

3. Women’s Match – Ann Jeanette; Roll-Up Pin over Sylvia Hackney. Sylvia had the best of the match and seemed to have the pin after she performed a Running Body Slam and a Suplex but Referee Johnny Higgins ruled that Ann had kicked out at the last second. Sylvia was protesting to Higgins screaming in his face when Ann ran over and Rolled her up for the Pin. Sylvia was livid and punched Ann in the head then started kicking her while she was down. Billy Two Rivers ran out and stopped Sylvia. 6:14

4. Chris Belkas/Guy Taylor beat the Exterminators. This was a fairly even match with The Exterminators having a slight edge. Many have tried to unmask The Exterminators but none have succeeded. Several fans have guessed at their identity ranging from Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Butch Malone, Barney Miller and Tarzan Baxter. A mistake led to the ending of this match. Belkas used an Irish Whip on Exterminator #2. Exterminator #1 acting quickly made the mistake of tripping his partner into a Pin by Belkas. 8:59

5. Eddie Marlin; Sunset Flip Pin over Dr. X. Dr. X was prepared for this match with a Loaded Forehead under his mask. He hurt the popular Eddie with several Head Butts then a Gourd Buster. Dr. X hooked in a Full Nelson. Somehow Eddie was able to slip out. He performed a Torpedo Dive then a Flying Leg Drop. The Sunset Flip got the pin to the delight of the fans. 9:32

6. The Blue Ridge Boys (George Gulas and Joey Rossi) won by DQ over The Dirty Dalton’s (Jim ans Jack). The Blue Ridge Boys had a brilliant promotional interview with Tina Viltale then controlled the floe of the match using timely tagging, along with High Flying Dropkicks and Double Body Presses. The frustrated Dalton’s entered the ring with a Branding Iron and a Sharp Spur. Referee J.C. Dykes called for the DQ. The Dalton’s were angry at Referee Dykes calling him several names and challenging J.C.’s team of The Infernos to a down and dirty weapons match. 13:28

7. Ken Lucas; Abdominal Stretch Submission over The Mongol. Several women in the crowd asked for autographs from Ken and on gave him a kiss. He was rewarded with extra points added to his total. The Mongol used his power to try and gain an edge during the match and was able to manage a Sledgehammer to the chest called a Mangonel that took the breath from Ken temporarily. Lucas countered with a Flying Dropkick, then a Jump Kick to the back of the Head. This was enough to allow Ken to hook in the Abdominal Stretch. 10:26
Varner’s Restaurant & Tavern presents
Memphis/ICW Wrestling on WFBV-TV Chan 23
Varner’s Grove – Frenchman Bend, MS Att: 1,306

Commentators; Paul Boesch, & Sputnik Monroe
Referees; Frank “Slip Mahoney” Durso & Col. Ted Hopkins
Ring; Lily Olay Interviews; Tony Clifton

1. Butch Miller; Battering Ram Pin over Rocky Sortor. The popular Rocky from Saville Spain who is ½ of the Heartbreakers with Joey Cagle had his hand full with the Sheepherder Butch Miller. In fact Rocky had to keep his eyes active looking for Butch’s notorious buddies. Rocky was able to use his Dropkick that made Butch back off but any tide that was building was taken away when Butch took the match OOR. A vicious Rake to the Steel Steps blinded Rocky. Rocky turned into a Boot to the face by Luke Williams who was disguised as a vendor. Butch pushed Rocky back into the ring and used a Battering Ram to the Turnbuckle Post and got the pin. Referee Frank Durso could have called the match several times but he allowed the tainted action by Butch and Luke to continue. 4:52

2. Dirty Don Fargo; Foreign Object Smash Pin over Ron Sexton. Dirty Don lived up to his name by tipping over the Press Table on his way to the ring. Don was constantly arguing with Referee Col. Ted Hopkins and it nearly cost him the match as Sexton ran over and hit him with an Elbow Smash then came very close to a Pin. Dirty Don responded with a Rib Crusher then a Spine Cracker. The Foreign Object was needless icing on the cake. Don was lucky that Col. Ted was out of place and didn’r see the object Don put in his fist. 6:27

3. Bobby Fulton; Roll-Up Pin over The Enforcer. The dangerous Enforcer got the upper hand before the match started by smashing Fulton over the head with a Chair while still OOR. What should have been an immediate DQ was ignored by Frank Durso. In fact it was obvious to the fans that Durso purposely turned his back to the illegal action OOR. The Enforcer, who resembles Guillotine Gordon under a mask, was able to lock in a Clawhold early in the match but Bobby made him break it by grabbing the ropes. Fulton hit The Enforcer with a Flying Forearm then a Senton Bomb. As The Enforcer got to his feet Fulton ran over and performed a Roll-Up for the Pin. 7:08

4. Woman’s Number 1 Title Match - Donna Christianello; Figure Four Leglock Submission over Winona Little Heart. Winona had a great promotional interview with Tony Clifton and was awarded extra points. The early match favored Winona as she used a Flying Tomahawk and then War Dance Chops. Winona thought she had the pin a few times and let up on the action. Donna took advantage with a Vicious Eye Rake and then hooked in the Figure Four while Winona was blinded. Donna is now the Number 1 contender to Joyce Grable’s Woman’s title. 8:24

5. Lord Jonathan Boyd and Pretty Boy Carl Fergie; Double Count-Out. Boyd refused to have his schedule interview so Butch Miller part of the Kiwi Clan took his play. Lord Jonathan still lost points for this stunt. He took the microphone and started degrading the Federation that doesn’t respect his lofty position as manager to the Sheepherders. The match went OOR within a short time and it wasn’t going to return. As Fergie was brawling with Boyd on the ramp Butch Millerand Luke Williams joined and beat down Pretty Boy. Bobby Fulton and Rocky Sortor ran out to help Fergie. Referee Frank Durso’s count reached 10 and both wrestlers were counted out. 5:16

6. The Blond Bombers (Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham) with Danny Davis and The Grapplers; Double DQ. It seems as though every match of the Blond Bombers has tainted endings. This was no different. The match was fairly even as the Grapplers, who have been on the rise since their coming to Memphis Wrestling, held their own against the Bombers who will break every rule. Larry Latham was the first to bring a Chair into the ring. As a counter Grappler #2 was ready with a Trash Can. Wayne had a Tire Iron while Grapple #1 hade a wrench. It didn’t take long for Referee Col. Ted Hopkins to call for a Double DQ. Manager Danny Davis ordered his Bombers back to the dressing room rather than risk a suspension. 11:16

7. Ox Baker and Thunderbolt Patterson; Double Count-Out. Both of these legends put on a good show for the fans. In fact Thunderbolt dazed Ox with a KO Punch and Ox missed with a Heart Punch but caught Thunderbolt with a Backward Head Slam. The action eventually went OOR where Ox and Thunderbolt exchanged punches. They battled to the Food Court where most of the snacks had been sold so damage was limited. They were both Counted Out. 9:19
Nathan’s Famous & The Shake Shack presents;
WWE Thanksgiving Feast (1985)
Madison Square Garden – NY Att: 18,498

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon, John Nocero & Lord Alfred Hayes
Referees; Dr. Bill Miller & Smasher Sloan
Ring; George Vessichio & Cindi Lauper
Timekeeper at the Bell; George “Animal Steele

1. S.D. Jones and Iron Mike Sharp; Double Count-Out. The match ended in an OOR Brawl that went up the ramp and into the Boiler Room. Both wrestlers heard big ovations and received extra points. Normally Iron Mike would have points deducted but his popularity as a mid-carder seems to have eliminated the boos and replaced them with ovations of appreciation. 6:58

2. Intercontinental Title – Greg Valentine (Challenger); Figure Four Leglock Submission over Tito Santana. The Intercontinental belt has passed back and forth between these two combatants ove the past year and a half. Greg was looking for revenge and tried to help himself during a match a week ago between Tito and Pete Doherty. Greg, under a mask, came to ringside and slammed a Tire Iron to Tito’s leg. Santana chose to go on with this match but was limping and less than 100%. He was able to put on a good show and came close to pinning Valentine on a few occasion but got worn down in the process. Greg took advantage and eventually was able to lock in the Figure Four for the Submission. Greg Valentine wins the Intercontinental Title 8:23

3. Rockin Robin beat Bertha Faye with Harvey Wippleman in a reverse decision. Big Bertha; Splash over Rockin Robin. Robin had Bertha in serious trouble after hooking in a Sleeperhold. Harvey Wippleman was able to get close enough to spray some perfume into Robin's eyes. Bertha took advantage using a Smashing Forearm to daze Robin and then performed the Splash finisher for the Pin. George “Animal” Steele immediately went into the ring and conferred with Referee Dr. Bill Miller who reversed the decision. 8:15

4. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim “Anvil” Niedhart) with Jimmy Hart and the Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell); Double Count-Out. This was a fairly even match with The Bees confusing everyone with their masks on and off. Eventually the action went OOR where it turned into a complete brawl. Jimmy Hart was trying to point fingers at the Bees as a team of cheaters because of the masks. Both teams were counted out as the action went back stage. Niedhart was the legal man on the Foundation but it was questionable who was legal on the Bees. 14:38

5. Dino Bravo; Side Suplex Pin over Junkyard Dog. This was a fairly even match during most of the action. Junkyard Dog slowly took charge and had Dino lifted for a Thump (Running Slam) when The mercenary Luc Porrier entered the ring and smashed JYD in the back of the head while Frenchy distracted Referee Dr. Bill Miller. Bravo immediately reacted by lifting JYD for an Airplane Spin and turned it into a Side Suplex. 11:47

6. Don Muraco and Pedro Morales continued their long rivalry with a bruising Double Count-Out Match. Both wrestlers displayed their talents with a combination of rough and scientific moves. Muraco looked to have the match all but won after a Piledriver. He calls it a Dedicated Piledriver and was pointing at Gorilla Monsoon as Muraco performed. Muraco was shocked when Morales kicked out of a pin but Don was a little slow in his cover probably taking for granted that it was a sure pin. Morales was able hook in the Figure Four for a Submission but Muraco reached the Ropes in time. Eventually the action went OOR where both traded Slams to the Steps and smashed to the Press Table. Time ran out with both still OOR. 12:57

7. The U.S. Express (Tag Champions) beat Piper/Orndorff (Roddy and Mr. Wonderful) (Challengers) with Ace Orton. The Express used their usual quick tagging techniques to gain the advantage. Roddy Piper was getting frustrated and constantly yelling at Referee Smasher Sloan that the Express was cheating. At one point all 4 combatants were in the ring and Sloan allowed the action to continue. Ace Orton trying to help his team ran in the ring a swung his Fake Wrist Cast ??? at Mike Rotundo. Unfortunately for Orton he hit Orndorff by mistake. While Ormdorff lay on the canvas KO’d, Piper was screaming at Smasher Sloan. Barry Windham ran over and hooked in a Headlock then used a Bulldog to get the pin on Piper. The U.S. Express retain their Tag Titles. 17:27

8. Wave the Flag Match – Super Powers (Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff) with Freddie Blassie beat Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. It wasn’t enough to have Freddie Blassie at ringside yelling “Pencil Neck Geeks” but to add to the irritation Roddy Piper and Ace Orton came down and started yelling at Smasher Sloan about the previous match. During the distraction Blassie was able to reach Savage with his cane and trip him into a pin by the Iron Sheik. With confusion afoot Hulk Hogan ran into the ring to help Savage who had seriously hit his head on the mat when falling. Iron Sheik, Volkoff and Piper attacked Hogan kicking him in the head and ribs. Ace Orton brought in the Russian Flag and all four heels draped it over Hogan and Savage. The heels all ran off when The U.S. Express and The Killer Bees ran out to try and help Hogan and Savage. 18:39
Hello Friends,

These are all of Frank's UQ Wrestling results that I have been able to find in my files. I will keep searching for more. If anyone has additional match results from Frank that they wish to share, please feel welcome to post them in here.

Thank you Smile !

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