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Looking for a recommendation

I am in the market for a good tabletop football simulation, but struggling to find the game that meets my needs.

I want a game that is designed for cross-era play and has enough past seasons to do those matchups.

Ideally, I’d love to see the Canton Bulldogs of 1920s take on the 2000s Patriots. If that’s unrealistic, I’d like to at least see the 1948 Eagles battle the 1994 Cowboys.

I also want the game to show individual stats at the end. I want to know how many receiving yards Jerry Rice compiled and tally the sacks of Aaron Donald.

So ideally, I’d like players to have individual cards.

Lastly, I’d like a game that has some sort of all-time great, all-time franchise or HOF set. Since that’s probably unlikely, something that I could put together easily if I buy enough sets.

I want Reggie White chasing Tom Brady. I want Deion Sanders covering Frank Gifford. I want a backfield that could include Jim Thorpe and Red Grange.

I’ve played Strat, but not thrilled with it.

Does anything close to what I described exist out there?
Brian Martin
There are plenty of football games out there that are great. Finding one that fits all of your needs might be difficult. I know there aren't alot of games that come with individual cards. APBA and Statis-Pro come to mind. But, If you try some games and accept them for what they are you might actually enjoy them. I would suggest you try a couple of games every so often. Depending on your finanacal status,Maybe buy a game or two every football season to get an idea of what you may like. The Downeys have 4 great play by play games. Goal, Gridirion Wars, Means Genes and Fast action football. Theres also APBA,Statis-Pro, Second Season. And inside Blitz. Good luck. ---Brian
Second Season from PLAAY would seem to check a lot (if not most) of the boxes on your list.

They don't have a ton of seasons, but they do offer a How-To Guide, so you could make your own teams if you have the stats. They have Great Games, Great Teams sets as well as All Time Franchise Greats sets.

They don't have individual cards, but each player is individually rated on the team sheets. They all can (and do) get involved, even the linemen.

Most of what you've described as scenarios could happen with Second Season.
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