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My TV Pro Wrestling Cards Wishlist
I am working on running a 20 territory game (all of the main territories from the early 80's) and need some more wrestlers, managers, women wrestlers and referees. I need more mid-carders and tv jobbers and referees to flesh out my rosters.

The following lists are just suggestions for more cards, I don't expect anybody to take on the task of creating all these cards. If I knew a little bit more about the formula for creating new cards I would take a shot at creating some of them.

I have a notebooks full of wrestling stats like heights and weights and what set-up and finishers they used over the years.

I had started creating my own wrestling dice game back in 1982 based on the Avalon Hill Title Bout game and some added in brawling and grappling moves from D&D, Boot Hill and other TSR games from that time and I still have charts from it.

This is my wish list with the favorites at the top and then some other considerations separated by category:

Andy Kaufman (wrestler and manager cards)

The Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa Saed)

Wild Samoans Afa and Sika

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The Rock (Rocky Maivia/Duane Johnson)

Bam Bam Bigelow

Fred Blassie (wrestler and manager cards)

Bad News Allen Coage

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Billy Jack Haynes

Antonio Inoki

Rocky Johnson

Atsushi Onita

Hacksaw Butch Reed (Mid-South version)

Buddy Rogers


The Spoiler (Don Jardine)

Johnny Valentine

David Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Gorgeous George Wagner

Bill Watts

Dr. Death Steve Williams

Barry Windham (early 80's card)

Chris Adams

Raging Bull Manny Fernandez

Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller

One Man Gang Crusher Broomfield

Eddie Gilbert

The Grappler (Len Denton)

Chavo Guerrero, Sr.


Gino Hernandez

Purple Haze Mark Lewin

Tiger Mask

Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)

The Black Ninja Kendo Nagasaki

Jinsei Shinzaki

Prof. Toru Tanaka

Les Thornton

Scott Casey

The New Breed (Chris Champion and Sean Royal)

Tiger Conway, Jr.

Jay and Jules Strongbow

Sonny King (manager and wrestler cards)

Eddie Mansfield

The McGuire Twins (Benny and Billy)

Tyree Pride

Baron Mikel Scicluna

Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe

Shaun and Steve Simpson

George The Animal Steele

Kiwi Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) - Sheepherders cards not The Bushwackers

Kendall Windham

Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young)

Mark Youngblood

"The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty

Dynamite Jack Evans

Davey O'Hannon

The Golden Terror (Pete Doherty and Davey O'Hannon wore the mask at different times in the late 70's) - billed from Amazon Regions of South America, managed by Lou Albano, used abdominal claw for finisher

Frankie Williams

Debbie Combs - WOMEN

Leilani Kai - WOMEN

Megumi Kudo - WOMEN

Fabulous Moolah

Jumping Bomb Angels Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki - WOMEN

Princess Winona Little Heart - WOMEN

Judy Martin - WOMEN

Skandar Akbar - MANAGER

Sir Oliver Humperdink - MANAGER

"Number One" Paul Jones - MANAGER

Donald Trump - MANAGER (he would be interesting using him as heel manager in early 80's WWF battling with Vince McMahon for control of the WWF. Trump already had a business rep and 1984 was involved with the USFL. So imagine him in the early 80's WWF as a manager)

Bill Alphonso - REFEREE (Championship Wrestling from Florida version)

Johnny "Red Shoes" Dugan - REFEREE (late 70's/early 80's Wrestling from the Olympic Los Angeles)

Dick Kroll -REFEREE (WWF)

Larry Lisowski - REFEREE (AWA)

Bronko Lubich - REFEREE (World Class Championship Wrestling Texas) He had a slow reaction getting down to make the pin counts)

David Manning - REFEREE (World Class Championship Wrestling Texas)

Connie Marker - REFEREE (Indianapolis WWA)

Charlie "Scrappy" McGowan - REFEREE (Georgia Championship Wrestling)

Paul Morton - REFEREE (Memphis)

Gordon Nelson - REFEREE (Championship Wrestling from Florida)

Gilberto Roman - REFEREE (WWF)

Charlie Smith - REFEREE (Georgia Championship Wrestling)

Joel Watts - REFEREE (Mid-South Wrestling)

Tommy Young - REFEREE (Florida/Mid-Atlantic/Georgia)


Chris Candido

Carlos Colon

Steve Corino

Cactus Jack (Mick Foley)

Eddie Guerrero

Owen Hart

Danny Hodge

Killer Kowalski

Ed "Strangler" Lewis

Jushin Liger

Rey Mysterio

The Sandman

El Santo

Masato Tanaka


Rob Van Dam

Buddy Colt

Shirley "Big Daddy" Crabtree

Ultimo Dragon

Tommy Dreamer

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)

Jackie Fargo

Jimmy Golden

Eddie Graham

Dr. Jerry Graham

King Curtis Iaukea

Killer Khan

El Gran Markus

Mr. Danger Mitsuhiro Matsunaga

Moondog Lonnie Mayne

Bugsy McGraw

Gorilla Monsoon

Pak Song

Mr. Pogo

Pogo the Clown

Tiger Jeet Singh

Ron Starr

Stan Stasiak

Adrian Street

Bob Sweetan

Terry Taylor

John Tolos

Ron Wright (wrestler and manager cards)

El Gran Apollo

Steve Armstrong

Norvell Austin

Love Machine Art Barr

Jesse Barr

Brian Blair

Bulldog Brower

Bulldog Bob Brown

Necro Butcher

Eric Embry

Jose Estrada, Sr.

"Fantastic" Bobby Fulton

Black Gordman

Crazy Luke Graham

Armando Guerrero

Hector Guerrero

Swede Hanson

Bruce Hart

Keith Hart

Phil Hickerson

Tim Horner

Sam Houston

Hangman Bobby Jaggers

Rufus R. Jones

Tor Kamata

Don Kernodle

The Tonga Kid

Kelly Kiniski

Chief Joe Lightfoot

Ken Lucas

Al Madril

Balls Mahoney

Dutch Mantel

Frank Morrell (The Angel/The (Memphis) Spoiler)

Cyclone Negro

Ted Oates

Rip Oliver

Tank Patton

Tom Prichard

Victor Rivera

Col. Buck Robley

Pat Rose

Axl Rotten

Nelson Royal

Cocoa Samoa

Samu (Wild Samoan #3)

Bobby Shane

Tracy Smothers

"The Human Horror Film" Supreme

Ken Timbs

Avalanche Buzz Tyler

Paul "The Butcher" Vachon

Dale Veasey

Johnny Weaver

Randy Barber

The Twin Devils

Tony Falk

Carl Fergie

Bill Howard

Steve King

Keith Larsen (Rocky Kernodle)

Gene Ligon (Thunderfoot)

Frank Monte

Bill & Randy Mulkey

"Big" Bob Owens

Pete Sanchez

Don Serrano

Laurent Soucie

Bryan St. John

Joshua Stroud

"The Continental Nobleman" Joe Turco

Bill White

Bill Berger

Snake Brown

Jeff Craney

George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski

Israel Matia

Victor Mercado

Frank Moose Monroe

Tony Russo

Marvin Turner

Jason Walker

Tony Zane


Andrea the Giant

Mildred Burke

Irma Gonzales

Lola Gonzalez

Susan Green

Akira Hokuto

Bull Nakano

Awesome Kong

Vickie Williams

Mae Young

Nicole Bass

Ann Casey

Joyce Grable

Judy Grable

Mad Maxine (Lady Maxine)

Natalya Neidhart

Beverly Shade

Lacey Von Erich

Ethel Brown

Paula Kaye

Princess Bonita Little Cloud


Fallen Angel (Nancy Sullivan)

Eddie Creatchman

"The Perfect 10" Baby Doll

"The Queen of Extreme" Lady Francine

Missy Hyatt

Miss Linda Street (with Adrian Street)


"The Unofficial Mayor of Lakeland, " Bubba Douglas (Championship Wrestling from Florida early 80's)

Smith Hart (Calgary Stanpeede)

Dave Hebner (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling early 80's)

Earl Hebner (WWF early 80's)

Joe "Tiger" Higuchi (All-Japan Pro Wrestling)

Brian Hildebrand (Memphis early's 80's)

Gene LeBell (late 70's/early 80's Wrestling from the Olympic Los Angeles)

Tommy Marlin (Memphis)

Reggie Parks (Championship Wrestling from Florida)

Gary Perschmann (Pacific Northwest Wrestling)

Tom Renesto, Jr. (Memphis)

Juan Reynosa (Southwest Championsip Wrestling)

Jack Shorn (WWA Indianapolis)

George Scott (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling)

Sandy Scott (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling)

Leo Seitz (Southwest Championship Wrestling)

Bobby Simmons (Southeastern Championship Wrestling)

Frank Valois (Maple Leaf Wrestling)
Edited by tgb21502 on 06/23/2022
Derek K
Good stuff! To be fair, some of these guys have been carded (Rock & Roll Express, Ed Strangler Lewis, Larry Lisowski, Connie Marker, Antonio Inoki, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, to name a few). But overall agree, would love to see the Von Erichs (Kerry only one carded that I know), Stone Cold, The Rock and others.

Derek K wrote:

Good stuff! To be fair, some of these guys have been carded (Rock & Roll Express, Ed Strangler Lewis, Larry Lisowski, Connie Marker, Antonio Inoki, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, to name a few). But overall agree, would love to see the Von Erichs (Kerry only one carded that I know), Stone Cold, The Rock and others.

What sets are those guys in? I have all the territory sets. I tried to find out who was on the Monday Night, etc. sets to purchase but I never got a response.
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