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Hockey Blast Express (One-offs)
I just received Hockey Blast Express this past Saturday (2/24) and I'm really looking forward to playing it soon!

In this thread, I'm going to post results of my first games with it. These will just be Best-Of-7 exhibition series at the Summit in Houston, TX, using regular season rules and rosters. I'll also be using the modern-day overtime and shootout rules--no ties.

First up will be the 1987 Edmonton Oilers vs. the 1987 Detroit Red Wings. In all of these series, the Red Wings (or in the case of the 1975 WHA, the Aeros) will be the home team for all seven games.

Before each series, I will do a preview by rolling up the games on the Universal Instant Results chart. I did not use the chart that came with the 1987 season, because that chart did not differentiate if a result was from regulation as opposed to when it was from overtime. The Universal Instant Results chart DOES differentiate, and it also includes the possibility of a shootout.

I also added a score generator to the chart, based on the one for Soccer Blast.

I didn't write down the individual results from each game for this "preview," but, wow, what a series! It went the full seven games, and there were four games that went to overtime, but none that went to a shootout. The Red Wings won the series in seven.

The reason that I am doing this series first is because the first pro hockey game I went to, when I was fourteen or fifteen, was an exhibition game at the Summit between these two teams from around that era. It was at this game that I learned that Gordie Howe had played for the Red Wings before he played for the Houston Aeros of the WHA. That is why the Red Wings will be the home team for all games in these series.

As an aside, in one of my Instant Results chart "preview" games, the result was 6-2 Oilers, and I think that was the actual score and result from the game that I attended!

Results from the Hockey Blast Express games of this series will be forthcoming shortly!

--Marty Klestadt
Quick note here--I've decided to do best-of-three series for these instead, since I'm fixin' to be doing thirteen series in total, and I'm just planning to get my feet wet for the game.

I'm sure that after these thirteen series, my hockey fix will be satisfied for a while.
Wow! What a first game of Hockey Blast Express for me! 1987 Oilers vs. Red Wings.

First period was pretty much a series of lulls, with both teams' players having the quality on the quality checks. 0-0 after one.

Second period was pretty exciting. Red Wings defenseman separates his opponent from the puck, and on the ensuing possession, Joe Kocur beats Grant Fuhr, and it's 1-0 Red Wings.

Later on in the period, there was another brutal Red Wings hit on the opponent, and it could have been called a penalty, but the ref (using the ref modifier) let it go. The crowd at The Summit loves it.

A bit further on, Wayne Gretzky set up Paul Coffey, but Glen Hanlon made the save, and at the end of two, it's still 1-0 Red Wings. Part of the reason the score is so low at this point is because after nine three-dice rolls, there had been zero "home scoring chance" or "visitor scoring chance" plays. This would change in the third period.

Another couple of lulls got us to ten minutes left in regulation. But then came the first "home scoring chance" roll. Mel Bridgman sets up Darren Veitch and Fuhr can't make the save. 2-0 Red Wings. Then Shawn Burr gets one past Fuhr and it's 3-0 Red Wings. Then with about seven minutes left in regulation, Paul Coffey is able to get a rebound shot past Hanlon, and the Red Wings lead is cut to 3-1.

So it's down to the last five minutes, and another quality check comes up--Coffey vs. Ric Seiling. If one of the two qualities comes up that neither or both have, the Red Wings would hold on to win. Otherwise, any of the other four qualities, and the Oilers would have a scoring chance. SPEED comes up as the quality, and Coffey has it, but it's the one quality that Seiling has as well! So no scoring chance, and the Red Wings hold on to win it 3-1! The crowd in Houston goes home happy, and so do I!

Looking forward to the next game, but I'm going to bed after I finish sending these posts.

--Marty Klestadt
Game 2 of this best-of-three also went to the 1987 Red Wings, 4-1 over the 1987 Oilers.

Gretzky scored early for the Oilers, but the scoring was all Detroit after that. Yzerman got a goal late in the first period. He got a second goal early in the second period, plus the Red Wings got a PP goal from Bob Probert and one more score shortly after from Gallant, when Grant Fuhr rolled a six when he had five SPEC SAVE stars!

No scoring in the third period. Oilers shut down a couple of late threats from the Red Wings, but couldn't get on the board themselves.

Home ice advantage definitely seemed to help the Red Wings in their 4-1 win this game.

Next series will be the (WHA) 1975 Vancouver Blazers at the 1975 Houston Aeros!

-- Marty Klestadt
Here's the Instant Results preview of the WHA 1975 Vancouver Blazers-Houston Aeros best-of-three:

Aeros take it in two games, by scores of 4-2 and 3-2.

I hope to be playing the Hockey Blast Express games of this series soon--perhaps tonight!

--Marty Klestadt
Wow. Just wow. My poor 1975 Aeros were never in this one against the 1975 Vancouver Blazers in Hockey Blast Express.

Aeros fell behind 3-0 early, then got a goal later in the first period, only to have the Blazers score again and it was 4-1 Vancouver after one.

Second period, Vancouver upped the lead to 6-1 (including a power play goal following a penalty on Gordie Howe), and then the Aeros cut it to 6-2 by the second intermission.

Not much scoring in the third period. Aeros got another goal late in the game, but it really didn't matter at that point.

Vancouver Blazers win this one 6-3. Aeros will try again in Game 2 of this best-of-three exhibition series.
Another very fun game but with a frustrating result for my 1975 Aeros against the 1975 Vancouver Blazers in Hockey Blast Express.

Basically, the luck just wasn't with the Aeros. Ron Grahame couldn't make very many saves that he would normally make, and the Aeros lost this second game to Vancouver, 7-2.

Next series will be the 1996 Red Wings hosting the 1996 Ottawa Senators.

--Marty Klestadt
Here's the Instant Results preview of the 1996 Ottawa Senators-Detroit Red Wings best-of-three:

Red Wings take it in two games, by scores of 5-2 in Game One, and 5-4 in overtime for Game Two.

I'll be playing these out with Hockey Blast Express soon.

--Marty Klestadt
Another fun one with Hockey Blast Express, this one pitting the 1996 Ottawa Senators vs. the Detroit Red Wings in Houston.

The Senators are not a great team, and the Red Wings were an amazing team that season, and the player cards show that. But the Ottawa goalie is pretty tough on PLAY saves, and he made some in this game (he also failed to save one of those). Detroit's goalie couldn't make a couple of important saves.

After some back and forth, it was tied at 2 with five minutes left in regulation and looked like it might go to overtime. But then came a late flurry of goals. Ottawa succeeded on two scoring chances in the last several minutes, but then Detroit was able to create a scoring chance and got it to within 4-3. They pulled the goalie but could not get the tying goal.

So Ottawa takes Game One of this best-of-three 4-3. Red Wings will try again in Game Two.

--Marty Klestadt
Game Two results of my best-of-three series with Hockey Blast Express between the 1996 Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings in Houston:

No scoring in the first period. Red Wings get a goal from Steve Yzerman in the second and lead 1-0 at the second intermission.

Yzerman scores again for the Red Wings early in the third period, and the Red Wings add another a couple of minutes later to make it 3-0 Red Wings with about fifteen minutes left in regulation.

The Senators then are able to get on the board and cut their deficit to 3-1 with about thirteen minutes to go in regulation.

But there was no more scoring after that, and the Red Wings hold on to win this one 3-1 and send this exhibition series to a Game Three.

--Marty Klestadt
Game Three results of my best-of-three series with Hockey Blast Express between the 1996 Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings in Houston:

In a thrilling hockey match-up between the Detroit Red Wings and the Ottawa Senators, hosted in Houston, fans were treated to an exhilarating display of skill and strategy on the ice.

The game began with an explosive start as Steve Yzerman, the Red Wings' legendary forward, showcased his scoring prowess by netting two early goals. With Yzerman's quick strikes, Detroit surged ahead to a 2-0 lead by the end of the first period, leaving Ottawa scrambling to catch up.

Despite the Senators' efforts to rally, the Red Wings maintained their momentum throughout the second period, extending their lead to 3-1 by the close of the frame. Detroit's defensive prowess was on full display, thwarting numerous scoring opportunities and frustrating Ottawa's offensive advances.

As the game progressed, tensions on the ice ran high, with several contentious plays raising the ire of both teams and the crowd. While the referee opted to let some potential penalties by the Red Wings slide, the fans in attendance reveled in the physicality and intensity of the match.

In a pivotal moment late in the game, Ottawa's goaltender, Rhodes, faltered, failing to make a crucial save that could have kept his team's hopes alive. This uncharacteristic lapse allowed the Red Wings to capitalize, further cementing their lead and sealing the victory.

When the final buzzer sounded, it was clear that the Detroit Red Wings had emerged triumphant, securing a commanding 5-2 win over the Ottawa Senators. With Yzerman's early goals setting the tone and the team's stellar defensive play stifling their opponents, Detroit showcased why they remain a formidable force in the world of professional hockey.

So the Red Wings win the series, although it took three games over a surprisingly tough Ottawa team.

--Marty Klestadt
Here's the Instant Results preview of the WHA 1975 Toronto Toros-Houston Aeros best-of-three:

Aeros take it in three games, by scores of 4-3 Aeros in Game One, 3-2 Toros for Game Two, and 5-4 Aeros in Game Three.

I'll be playing these out with Hockey Blast Express soon.

--Marty Klestadt
Game One results of my best-of-three series with Hockey Blast Express between the (WHA) 1975 Toronto Toros and Houston Aeros:

In a thrilling clash on the ice at the Summit in Houston, hockey enthusiasts witnessed an exhilarating showdown between the Toronto Toros and the Houston Aeros. From the first drop of the puck, it was evident that this game would be defined by offensive firepower. The initial period saw both teams trading goals relentlessly, with the Toros narrowly edging ahead 4-3 by the end of the frame.

As the game progressed into the second period, the pace didn't let up. Each team managed to find the back of the net once, but the Toros maintained their lead at 5-4 going into the second intermission. The intensity only heightened in the final period as the Toros extended their lead to 6-4 with an early goal.

However, the Aeros, undeterred, rallied back with a vengeance. Mark Howe showcased his scoring prowess with a pair of crucial goals, drawing the Aeros level at 6-6. With neither team able to capitalize on scoring chances in the waning minutes of regulation, the game headed into overtime.

Throughout the extra period, both teams battled fiercely, with defensive players delivering bone-crunching hits in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Despite the physicality, the referees maintained a strict standard, but allowed the players to decide the outcome on the ice.

With neither side able to break the deadlock in overtime, the game proceeded to a shootout. The tension in the arena was palpable as each shooter took their turn in the spotlight. Gordie Howe's goal for the Aeros was matched by the Toros, keeping the shootout deadlocked.

As the shootout extended to extra shooters, it was clear that every shot could be the difference-maker. With the game hanging in the balance, the Aeros' fifth shooter executed a flawless deke, beating the Toros' goalie easily to secure a thrilling 7-6 victory for Houston, sending the home crowd into a frenzy of celebration.
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